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How to Fix a Broken Screen on a 4GS

9 Dec 2012

iphone 4s display solution
4gs iphone lcd solution
You will have to pay for the destruction. Of course, The apple company would execute excellent quality maintenance on your cellphone, but the expenses are too excellent, up to $200 in some situations. Consequently, those that experience such loss opt to buy a new one instead and consider their iPhone destroyed.
These are the aspects that often mix up individuals when their iPhone displays are broken. Some customers basically eliminate the gadgets and hold out for the new design instead of getting the current one set. But if you want to get the display changed, you can always take your cellphone to an approved The apple company mechanic.
There is, however, a third choice as well. You can fix your iPhone 4GS display on your own. Yes, this may audio overwhelming, but it is not difficult. If you just get the right gadgets and adhere to guidelines thoroughly, you will fix it without having to invest 100's of money.
In purchase to substitute your broken display, you need some gadgets. There are a lot of DIY packages available in the marketplace exclusively engineered for fixing the iPhone 4GS. Be very cautious when buying these packages since usually they are non-refundable.
Moreover, do not go for costly packages under the impact that the less costly ones maybe of a low excellent quality. Once you have the kit, create a appropriate operating area for yourself with the right quantity of illumination.
Make sure that the outer lining area you perform on is smooth and most of all, fresh. Lay your cellphone on the desk, its back again experiencing up-wards. You will discover 2 fasteners near the USB slot. Use a # 00 Philips screw driver to unscrew them.
With a pry device, eliminate the display. You can even use a slim blade knife for this objective. The display will be linked with some wires and you should be really cautious while eliminating it. An excellent way to eliminate the display without using power is to use suction power glasses.
You will also observe that the structure and display are linked with some flap that need to be raised as well. Once you do so, 6 fasteners will become revealed. Once again, use the dual zero screw driver to chill out them.
Since in the LCD is delicate, you will have to eliminate the set up before eliminating and changing the cup. Once the LCD is eliminated, begin raising the old display. The staying cup items can be eliminated, gradually, using forceps or any other cotton wool swab device.
Once the broken display is absolutely eliminated, place the new one with the same actual softness. Once the display is strongly set, begin messing the cellphone in the identical purchase as you started out it. Your iPhone 4GS should now be as good as new!

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Smartphone,Sad Battery! - Simple Tips to Save the Charge on Your Android

2 Dec 2012
Smartphone battery Charge save
Smartphone battery Charge save

All of us have our fancy, shiny, multi-tasking androids, but we all know how horrible battery energy lifespan is. With the number of applications and access the web-world it offers, they obviously need a lot of battery energy pack to run on. iPhone, Android operating system or any other Intelligent phone, only smart until it is in existence. Once it is deceased, your Intelligent phone is no good than a document weight or if it's the slimmest cellphone, might perform well as a bookmark!

Get an app:
Smartphones have a lot of applications that run in the qualifications consuming up your cost and storage as well, making your cellphone run slowly and lose cost earlier. There are enough free applications available for the Android operating system industry to destroy these qualifications applications to create your cellphone perform more time and quicker.

Display and Sound Settings:

Another basic reason for quicker battery energy drain-out is the show lighting. Change it to the half-bright method or automated method, unless you are viewing images or video clips. A couple of other things that help you preserve battery energy in this type of your android are vibration/haptic reviews notice and show timeout. Use vibrations method only while in your ring is on quiet and the smaller your show timeout time, the more time your battery energy will last.

Airplane Mode:

When you are hiking or on a travel and you know you won't use your cellphone or when you know there is now protection, switch it to the aircraft method. Instead of spending battery energy on looking for system that doesn't are available you can use the android to click images or enjoy some music. Because left alone, the Intelligent phone will keep looking for the system that doesn't are available spending the juice!


Some of the applications and games might keep in touch to internet right under your nasal area, reducing down your cellphone and consuming up battery energy. So, Wi-Fi and Wireless are better converted off when not being used, in information security perspective as well as saving the juice. No other operate uses up your battery energy lifespan the information connection does. Remain on the 2G system unless you need better and quicker system, because the higher the connection the quicker it drains-out battery energy. And moreover, auto-syncing your email and relaxing Facebook or myspace every few minutes might confirm to be very expensive!

Battery Management Apps:

Some smart applications available for your Intelligent phone that help you control battery energy utilization. These applications allow you to personalize show lighting, vibration/haptic reviews notice establishing, information connection, and also set the show timeout establishing to preserve battery energy cost.
There are asking for enhancers available in the marketplace that can get you some cost in urgent circumstances. There are some that cost your cellphone or some that you need to keep linked with energy up your cellphone. These simple asking for enhancers use dry cell
batteries or sometimes standard rechargeable battery energy.
Or simply carry an extra billed battery energy, but create sure your cellphone allows you to substitute its battery energy easily. There are certain mobile phones that don't allow the user to accessibility battery energy.

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Tips to Buying a Cell Phone That's Right for You

18 Nov 2012

online Buying Cell Phone tips
online Buying Cell Phone tips

Everyone enjoys selecting a mobile cellphone for the first time; but how do they know which cell phone is right for them? With so many makes, designs, agreements, and programs, it can be difficult determining which device meets your individual needs. Read on and learn what things to consider before purchasing a mobile cellphone. You will see what factors to think about and how to select a brand or design that fits your criteria.
Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan
It can be overwhelming determining where to start when it comes to determining the best cell phone plan; especially because there are hundreds of different mobile telephone suppliers on the market. You have to find out which type of mobile cell phone provider you are looking for.
Some mobile organizations require customers to sign an agreement that holds them to per month installments for a mandatory time frame. These organizations may provide different measures of agreements, from three 30 days agreements to 2-year agreements. Usually, the shorter period of the agreement, the greater the per month installments will be. There are always rules and conditions within these agreements, as well as overcharges, invisible expenses, and more. Be careful selecting within this group. Read agreements through and ask as many questions as you need. The more you educate yourself on the cellphone organization, the most confident you'll be determining on the best one.
Other mobile organizations provide month-to-month agreements. These cellphone organizations are called pre-paid cellphone organizations, or no-contract cellphone suppliers. Within their plans, they provide mobile assistance on per month to 30 days basis, demanding customers to pay in advance for each 30 days. The per month charge is always the same and there are never any invisible expenses or over-charges to a consideration. You simply pay a predetermined fee once per month, on your own agenda. Most of enough time, you can go to a local gas station or pharmacy and purchase another months assistance on a calling card provided by the pre-paid mobile telephone organization. This has its benefits and drawbacks, based on who you are.
It can be great not be required to a long assistance contract; however, it can be repetitive re-filling your consideration each 30 days for assistance. Pick which organization suits your needs best, and you are prepared to move onto the next step.
Selecting a Mobile Phone Model
Once you have decided on a mobile organization and strategy, you are prepared to select a mobile telephone design. There are so many different kinds of designs out there; from contact screens and hands-free, to turn mobile phones and more! Be sure to take a look around the shop and try out every mobile cellphone you see. Get a feel for what cellphone works for you. Do you prefer the touchscreen technology with endless applications? Or do you need an easy turn cell phone for work? Hold each cell phone and play around with the accessories and other choices. This is how you determine what you really need.
Deciding a Mobile Phone Budget
Once you select on the design you want, it's about a chance to exam your mobile cellphone price range before actually buying a mobile cellphone. Based upon on what organization you chose, this can be easy or complicated. An agreement organization will set a transaction per month for you; however, there are numerous possibilities for overcharges, expenses, and taxes that will create your per month installment go up and down from your expected transaction. Also, agreement mobile phones, like Blackberry's and iPhones, have greater end design mobile phones, making the initial cost of a cell phone greater. Figure out your price range, and if it is smaller than you thought before, you may want to buy a no-contract cell phone. Otherwise, be sure to select the right strategy to avoid over expenses and expenses.

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What Does It Mean To Unlock A Cell Phone?

8 Nov 2012

unlock a cell phone for free
Unlock A Cell Phone
When you buy a cell phone, most organizations offer an aggressive program with internet and wandering features. The program is usually cost-effective but it connections you to only one assistance agency usually under an agreement. Initially, this was a very effective technique as organizations would provide an assistance program and a reduced cell phone for clients who would be preserving on the cell phone plus getting several benefits in the assistance program. However, to ensure that these clients remained with them, the cell phone offered by the organization was closed or linked with only one SIM cards. This procedure was termed as SPC Secure of SIM Secure. Over time, intelligent developers realized out how to buy the closed cell phone and then open up it with the use of specific computer software. As a result, these revealed mobile phones generally can now be used with other organizations or SIM cards and they can be used anywhere in the world.
Advantages of a revealed phone
With a revealed cellphone, you can basically use the cell phone anywhere and with any SIM cards. For example, if you were visiting Western countries, you can now eliminate your US SIM cards and substitute it with regional Western cards to reduce costs.
A revealed cellphone can be marketed at better pay as it can be used with any SIM cards.
Disadvantages of a revealed phone
If you are buying a revealed cell phone straight from the assistance agency, you will have to pay a greater list price for it. An included issue is that you could be negating the assurance offered with the cellphone as organizations may not want you to be analyzing the equipment during the assurance period. There is also no assurance that the organization will launch you from the agreement that you finalized for the closed cell phone. Some organizations may charge you a fee in order to be launched from the agreement. Most organizations notify the customer that opening a cellphone is done at the customer's risk. This is because only one wrong step can turn expensive mobile phones into an ineffective system that completely turns down. This procedure is called bricking and the mother or father organization will not help you in fixing the broken cell phone. Another issue with the opening is that most closed mobile phones are linked with application to the assistance agency. That means if you purchased a closed cell phone from AT&T, it was designed for application updates from that organization. After opening the cell phone, there is an opportunity that the revealed cellphone will not be able to run the application from other assistance agency. There is also a possibility of improved security issues with the cell phone.
How to open up your phone?
Originally, opening your cell phone was regarded unlawful. However, now according to a legal judgment, can open up your cellphone by asking the owner for help or getting it done independently. Be cautious of just asking a regional youngster to do it because if you run into issues, you may be negating your assurance and agreement.

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mobile scrap

19 Oct 2012
mobile scrap
scrap mobile phones circuit
Mobile repair karna k liye scrap mobile phones ki zaroat phrty hai.small part ager kahrab hu jay tu woh scrap mobile circuit k nikal k lagaty hai.
in mobile phone repairing if fault is related to small components we need scrap mobile phones circuit.

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The Benifits of "Flashing" (Reprograming) Your iPhone

7 Oct 2012

flashing iphone
Flashing(Reprogramming)Your iPhone 
In the present day who isn't trying to preserve a few dollars? Most of us are for the first periods in our lifestyles beginning to video discounts (Or at least considering it) and we are planning our night time out more properly to prevent unnecessary generating to the track of 4.00+ per quart of gas.
So why is it every 1 month we dutifully plate out 100's of money to the Cellphone gods for the benefit of 30 more times with our best buddy (Que in your image while holding your iPhone)
Forget it!
Most don't know that by changing their iPhone to Pre-paid assistance they can keep all the solutions and pay a smooth $50.00 per month!
In most situations with 4g data! How many of you pay over 140.00 monthly now only to be pushed onto AT&T's 2G Advantage network?
You may yell - NO! I have to have my AT&T assistance because I have to have my calling everywhere I go and I can't manage decreased calling.
Surprise - Directly Discuss - Net10 - H2O are all AT&T Prepaid companies
The only distinction is actual 4g information and its only $50.00 per month
What's you say? Don't you believe it?
What's that you say? The guy at the Apple organization shop informed you that was illegal?
1 - It's is done a large variety of many, many periods every day all over the planet
2 - It is definitely lawful and has been decided as such by the Superior Judge of the U. s. Declares of America
While why did the Apple organization "Guinness" say I couldn't do it?
If he was all that intelligent he could basically Search engines "Is it lawful to display my iPhone" and he would easily see the inevitable TRUTH. However, he basically spews the Apple organization range that it is "illegal" in Celery Thoughts if you change your phone to another carrier
What are the disadvantages to Prepaid
1 - Every now and then the prepaid systems get filled with new customers and the information rates of speed slowly down until some of the customers change organizations or the organization purchases more bandwidth
Can you do this yourself
Some individuals can do it themselves but more often than not it is basically much more annoying for them to blunder around with all the applications that you need to display your phone particularly if it's a Dash or Verizon iPhone.

That is where we come in - For one low fee we can display your phone - set up your consideration (We can even keep your same number) and put you on prepaid!
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How to Repair a Broken iPhone Screen

30 Sep 2012

iPhone Screen Repair Options
iPhone LCD fault solution
iPhone LCD fault solution
1. Movie Trips - Observe Some Tutorials
Upside - The Simple Fix: If you have the tolerance and mindset to examine out how-to videos on YouTube or Vimeo, you'll discover adequate videos some of them present and appropriate to your particular model most of them beneficial.
Downside - The Difficult Part: Your iPhone display fix assistants might offer wrong or out-of-date details. Explore at your own threat.
2. Find Areas - Find Your Own Devices or Accessories
Upside - The Simple Fix: You can identify iPhone display fix Fix-It places at sites Downside - The Difficult Part: When you deliver away for parts or even buy them in individual, you'll discover a wide variety of apparatus comes. It may be in fine shape, or appear to be, but you won't truly know how suitable it is until you get it house and effort re-assembly with what you've got. Create sure you have the right iPhone display fix resources on the side. You're likely looking at buying a flathead attach driver and a useful screw-mat.
3. Time Will Tell - You May have to Hold out...
Upside - The Simple Fix: Let's say you discover the shocking truth or you discover and study an user guide, you've got the products and you've tried an iPhone display fix. Factors may go well! If you set everything in position and listen to a verifying "click," your re-assembly went well, and it could be driving for you from here on in.
Downside - The Difficult Part: You may have skipped an aspect, missing an aspect, or not obtained something you need. Now, what? You'll have to hold back and see how your iPhone works once you've gone under the bonnet and done the maintenance on your own.
4. Hand It Over - Get It Fixed by a Pro
Upside - The Simple Fix: Why mess on your own? Passing your iPhone display fix issue over to an experienced creates the most feeling. Doing so relieves any complications and the additional expenses engaged on the off chance-however unintentional that you fail anywhere in the re-assembly procedure.
Downside - The Difficult Part: The only disadvantage engaged in this choice would take the position if you discover a low top quality iPhone display fix expert. Just do your analysis first, and you're fantastic.
In summary always have an experienced identify your cellphone before creating any kind of transaction for the fix. Check out assurance, conditions & circumstances, guidelines, etc., to protect yourself and prevent any additional problems that can add to your iPhone display fix issue.

Get expert, efficient and efficient assistance from qualified specialists. Infotech Pc Alternatives is a client support motivated organization and provides assurance to make sure client care.
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Three Impressive iPhone Apps

19 Sep 2012
iPhone Apps
iPhone application icons

Smartphones have modified the way we stay. They have become cost-effective and are being used by a huge variety of individuals. These gadgets are included to our everyday way of life to progressively allow creativeness. Cellular phone applications too are assisting individuals to get factors done simpler and quicker. Let us analyze three awesome mobile apps here.
Digisocial: This app provides a new public media system that allows in discovering buddies and categories close by. Customers have to sign-up with their mobile variety to start it. They can also additionally sign in with their Facebook or myspace consideration. Just like other public social networking sites, Digisocial has a newsfeed that allows feedback and a texting assistance. An awesome factor about this app is, it is available for 100 % free and has no ads. However, the designers should look for a way to enhance its protection and make it take a position as an efficient public media system. Digisocial is appropriate with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod contact (3rd generation), iPod contact (4th generation) and iPad and needs iOS 5.0. This app is also available for Android operating system gadgets.
Acro-Direct: British terminology has been including a lot of abbreviations, requirements and shortened forms every day. This app allows users keep a record of all the AAC that they cope with at work, home, and everyday way of life. It allows users look for with an acronym and details all the possible expansions under the appropriate categories. As the whole data source is available off-line, Online access is not needed to use Acro-Dict. It also provides a good guide and allows users get the most out it. Acro-Direct comes with an integrated keypad, but users can also implement the iOS keypad if they want. I choose using the iOS keypad as the in-app keypad doesn't assistance a few factors. Acro-Direct is appropriate with iPhone, iPod contact, and iPad and needs iOS 4.0 or later.
Starmatic: This is the old Kodak Brownie Starmatic photography camera that has been born-again for the iPhones. This toy photography camera and the picture discussing app allow users show their photography skills and to be motivated by the awesome pictures from others. Customers can capture pictures and discuss it with the Starmatic group and there is Strap color movie to add impact to these pictures. With a charming sidebar managed UI, this app creates it very simple to use. They can also perspective, like and repost the pictures of other users. This app is awesome, but it is intensely motivated by Instagram. A few impressive updates could modify this. Starmatic is appropriate with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod contact (3rd generation), iPod contact (4th generation) and iPad and needs iOS 4.2 or later. It is a 100 % free app.
With the introduction of mobile phones, mobile apps have taken off in a big way. In a brief few decades, they have appeared from non-existence to enhance our way of life. Therefore, we are all behind the times of being thrilled about them as they have become a big aspect of how we do factors nowadays. These few applications are the ones I use consistently. Provide them with a try!
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jumper wire uses in mobile phone repairing

9 Sep 2012

uses of jumper wire in mobile phone repairing

jumper wire used in mobile phone repairing
jumper wire

jumper wire uses to make break prints in mobile phone PCB.with the help of some soldering wire and jumper wire can make copper break prints in mobile phone PCB.mobile phone circuit my woh pirnt jo mobile gairna ya shoot hu na ki waja sy break hu jatay hai jumper wier ki madat sy banaiy jaty hai.yeh print soldering wire aur jumper wire sy banai jaty hai.

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Magnifying Glass with Light

30 Aug 2012

uses of magnifying glass in mobile phone repairing

Magnifying Glass with Light
magnifying glass with light

magnifying glass lamp with light

Magnifying glass used to see small components in mobile phone (PCB) printed circuit broad. it is very useful in soldering re-soldering  components and (I.C) integrated circuit in  mobile (PCB).
Mobile repairing my magnifying glass choty components ko dekhna k liye aur nikal k laga na k liye istamaal hu ta hai.bareek slodering karna k liye bht aham tool hai.
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hot air station rework station smd

5 Aug 2012
hot air station rework station smd
hot air station analog

hot air station is very important tool for mobile phone repairing. Rework station uses to remove components & i.c from mobile phone printed circuit broad. Mobile phone circuit sy component i.c remove karna k liye hot gun istamaal hu ty hai.yeh mobile phone faults repair karna k liye 1 bht aham tool hai.
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digital power supply mobile phone checking

28 Jul 2012

Digital power supply mobile checking tips

dc power supply for mobile phone repair
digital power supply in

yeh power supply mobile phone my hardware aur software faults nikalna k liye bht useful equipment hai.
Picture my mujoid wire mobile ko power supply sy on kar k fault check karna k liye ues kiya jatay hai. 

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BGA Reballing Kit

21 Jul 2012
bga reballing kit method read the information to know more
tips to re sold BGA

bga i.c ko reball karna k liye yeh 2 paste market my aam milty hai.i.c nikal k white wala paste jali may barty hai aur phir heat gun say heat dy ty hai tu balls baan jaty hai.her i.c ki jali alag hu ty hai.

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Android Htc i phone & black berry smartphones unlocking and flashing course

15 Jul 2012

android update
in England

Android Htc blackberry iphone Android Htc i phone &  black berry smartphones unlocking flashing lesson course
United Kingdom

android,htc,blackberry aur i phone k bharty huwy istimall aur waat ki zarorat k pashay nazar yeh course aun kahteen aur hazrat k liye bht muzu hai jo mobile phone software repairing seekna chaity hai is course my hum aap ko in phones my in phones ki appications install karna bhi seekay gay. 
blackberry unlocking
Duration 3 week 
Classes timing: morning, afternoon, evening 
On line and on location both classes are available 
Email: mobilerepairingonline@gmail.com 
Mobile: +92-312-2906096

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)
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Android Htc & i phone Smart phones unlocking and flashing course

12 Jul 2012

Smartphones unlocking and flashing course

Android Htc i phone Smart phones unlocking flashing course
Android Smartphones training lesson video tutorials classes
mobile phone
iphone 4g
ipod classic models
classic model
i phone
Unlocking iclouds

  • Use of different secret codes Smartphone & Android
  • Android Phone as a Portable Wi-Fi
  • Formatting of virus affected handsets.
  • Unlocking of different handsets through secret codes and software.
  • Understanding different software faults.
  • Jailbreak
  • I phone unlocking
  • Flashing of different brands of smart phone handsets.

Android,htc aur i phone ka bharty huwy istimall aur waat ki zarorat ka pashay nazar yeh course aun kahwateen aur hazrat,students k liye bht muzo aur madad gar hai jo Smart phones software repairing seekna chaity hai.Course k sath sath shop py smart phones unlock aur flash karna ki practices bhi karwahi jay gi.

Duration 1 month
Classes timing: morning, afternoon,evening
on line and on location classes available
Email: mobilerepairingonline@gmail.com
Mobile: +92-312-2906096

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)

Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)

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mobile ringer fault checking mobile repair course classes

8 Jul 2012
kisi bhi mobile phone k ringer ya buzzer ko analog multimeter sy check karna k tariqa for more videos visit my channel at you tube name Muhammad Asif

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mobile repairing center mobile repairing classes in karachi

27 Jun 2012

mobile repairing institute in delhi
in Karachi Pakistan
apni job karna k bad jo waat aap ko mil raha hai aosay ziaya maat kary.mobile repairing course kary.ab aap shop py mobile repairing course seek saky hai.
Mobile phone hardware aur software ki basic aur advance theory practical k sath.

best mobile repairing institute
free online mobile repairing training
Course k sath sath shop py faults walay mobile phone thek karwana ki practices bhi karwahi jay gi.
munasif fee
Duration one month
Classes 5 days in week
Admission ly na k liye abhi call kary
Mobile number: +92-312-2906096

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)

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free mobile diagram circuit Sony Ericsson's k750 layout diagram in Urdu

16 Jun 2012
sony ericsson k750 circuit schematic diagram in urdu
in uk

Sony Ericsson's k750 layout diagram in Urdu to understand i.c function and faults.is diagram my yeh bataya gaya hai k kis i.c k kah function hu ta hai ager kohi i.c apna function chour dy tu mobile my kah fault ajay ga
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Uem changing tools

9 Jun 2012
Uem change tools
 integrated circuit Tools
This is the tools of changing Uem I.c integrated circuit of mobile Phone.Uem i.c is the multiple functional i.c of Mobile Phone.the meaning of UEM is System chip

Android Phones i c
replace kit
Nokia 1100/2300 uem changing dia and cutter
The dia you see in the image is to making balls of UEM I.C of Nokia 1100 / 2300.
UEM IC is the B.G.A I.C B.G.A stands for balls grid array
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cell phone repairing cell phone training mobile phone mic checking solution

23 May 2012

Method of mouth piece checking of mobile phone,kis bhi mobile phone k mic ko check karna k tareeka
سب سے پہلے موبائل کی طرف سے دبا کر کال کر کے چيک کريں۔

مائیک کی پنوں کو چيک کريں کہ وہ صحیح طرح سے اپنے انٹرفيس کے ساتھ لگ رہی ہیں يا نہیں۔

نيا مائیک استعمال کر کے چيک کريں۔

مائیک کے سرکٹ چيک کريں، اگر بريک ہوں جمپر وائر کا استعمال کريں۔

ساؤنڈ آئی سی کو ريسولڈ يا تبدیل کريں۔

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mobile repair diagram

13 May 2012
cell phone repair diagrams
Screen diagram
all mobile phone repair guide for cell phone repairing in bangladesh
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mobile repairing course in karachi

4 May 2012

2004 sy mah karachi k muktaleef centers my mobile repairing course seeka raha hu ab mah na apni shop py bhi course seekana shuro kardiya hai ahi admission lay na ya malomat k liye abhi is page ko visit kary shukireya
Mobile Course Content

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)
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mobile repairing course at shop in karachi

25 Apr 2012
Mobile Repairing Online is affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education, Skill Development Council and Trade Testing Board - Government of Sindh.

MRO Professional Training Centre in Karachi

The MRO professional training center is one of the leading Cell Phone technical training institutes in Karachi Pakistan. Having almost 10 years of expertise in Mobile Phone education, MRO has a total commitment to providing the best Smartphone learning experience with the help of latest equipment and professional teaching instructors.

Best Mobile Repairing Shop in Karachi

Mobile Repairing And Software Course On Your Door Step.we are also provide smartphone repair tuition at your mobile shop.We Provide Mobile Phones Repairing Facility & Course In Karachi Pakistan only.

mobile repair course shop in karachi
 software cell phone repairing

I start teaching mobile repairing course at my shop.
·        Introduction to Mobile Technologies (theory practical)
·        Mobile phone communication system
·        Mobile repairing tools
·        Mobile phone hardware (theory practical)
·        Basic electronics in all mobile phones (theory practical)
·        Rx & TX voice bands in mobile phones (theory practical)
·        Baseband module mobile phones data processing system (theory practical)
·        Mobile phones assembling DE-assembling
·        Soldering re-soldering (practical)
·        Hardware faults & troubles shooting (theory practical)

·        Software installations & troubles shooting (theory practical)
mah na mobile repairing course shop py seekana shuro kardiya hai complete hardware aur software practical aur practices k sath. Munasif fee duration one-month daylee classes admission ly na k Liye Abhi call kary.
PHONE: +92-312-2906096 this number is also on WhatsApp
EMAIL: mobilerepairingonline@gmail.com

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)

Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)
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Mobile repairing diagram in urdu

11 Apr 2012
mobile repairing diagrams urdu books
Cell Phone Diagram in Hindi 

yeh kitaab mah na aun kahwateen aur hazrat k liya lakhi hai jo mobile repairing seekna chaity hai.is kitaab my mobile repairing hardware aur software k baray my maloomat hai.is kitaab ko phr k aap ko mobile phone repairing seekna my bht asaani hu gi
Muhammad AsiF Azeemi

NOTE : book hasil karna ka liye nechy diya gay link py click kary
fill the application form to get Mobile repairing Book on your email
EMAIL : Mobilerepairingonline@gmail.com
PHONE : 03122906096
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mobile phone repairing book in urdu

21 Mar 2012
mobile repair book
guide training smartphones book in hindi free downloading

Yeh kitaab mah na aun kahwateen aur hazrat k liya lakhi hai jo kam waat my mobile phone repairing seakna chaity hai.is kitaab my mobile phone repairing hardware aur software k baray my bht mouzo aur moufaid malomat hai.is kitaab ko phr k aap ko mobile phone repairing seakna my bht asaani hu gi

Muhammad AsiF Azeemi

NOTE: book hasil karna ka liye nechy diya gay link py click kary
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