How to install Ice cream sandwich on

Ice cream sandwich samsung Galaxy S III
Install Ice cream sandwich samsung Galaxy S III

I want to set up Ice Lotion Food on my Universe S III HELP?
Correct me if Im incorrect here, but I believed the Universe S III already came pre-installed with ICS? Are you trying to reinstate your phone?

some expert answers

Android Ice cream sandwich
Android Ice cream sandwich

The New samsung Universe S3 comes with Android operating system 4 (aka Ice Lotion Sandwich) preinstalled. You either combined it up with "Jelly Bean" (which is Android operating system 4.1), or you want to set up a inventory Ice Lotion Food.
For Jam Vegetable you should delay a couple of several weeks. New samsung will most probably offer an upgrade for its newest energy equine.
Android  operating system Ice cream sandwich
Android  operating system Ice cream sandwich 

For inventory ICS, you should make reference to XDA Designers community. There you'll discover several tastes for the SGS3.

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