howto fix iphone cameranotworking

After fixing the top side display on an iPhone 4 from AT&T and an iPhone 4S from Verizon, the top side digicam will not perform. I believe this is an iOS 7 issue. Is anybody having this issue as well after repair? I run an iPhone fix company and need to get this realized out.

I have done a lot of iPhones 4 and 4s on iOS 7, no digicam issues here, so far. wish you'll discover an answer
I am having the same issue with the back digicam after upgrading to iOS 7! I would really like some guidance on this issue, as well.
I have the same issue with an iPhone 4 which was operating IOS7. The camera app dangles when the top side digicam is toggled. Simultaneously I fixed a 4S within IOS 6 This performs ok. I will update this to IOS 7 and see if the FF Camera die
how to fix iphone 4 camera not working

On the iPhone 4, it could be that you unintentionally split off the digicam capacitor. In this picture, you'll see 2 gold spots above the yellow-colored plug
Use a routine author pen and let it dry for several efforts and the digicam will activate again. The capacitor on the 4s is in a different place, but the same fix is applicable. Just search engines its place and you'll be excellent to go.

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