What Are Best Smartphones features

Cell phones come in different designs and shades. The year 2019 offered different designs of android smartphones. Look ahead for the year 2020 for the best Android smartphone. From screen resolution to the battery, every aspect of the Cell phone is analyzed. The year 2020 promised to deliver a hand full of Android smartphones for the customers.

The best Android smartphones in 2020 are

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Company has not made any announcement regarding the release date. But Apple iPhone 7 will be a new Linux smartphone that will not follow the own beaten path. The release date is assumed to be September 2016
Apple iPhone 7
Linux smartphone
Apple iPhone 7 is sure to hold changes in the design with eSim, waterproof technology, and D-shaped headphone. New Linux iPhone 7 will be faster with 2 GB RAM, A10 processor, and M10 co-processor.


The LG G5 Android smartphone will be released by spring 2016 and it is not too long since we had seen the release of LG G4 in 2015.
LG G5 Android
LG G5 Android smartphone has a huge battery capacity which is 4000 mAh. The users will be able to remove the battery to charge it wirelessly.

Microsoft Surface Phones 8

The Microsoft VP, Pansy was seen working on the prototype of the model before the release date is announced. The Android smartphone is expected to release by 2016.
Microsoft Surface Phone
The physical features of the surface pro phone are S-Pen, USB-C, 5.5 inches AMOLED display, 4GB RAM, 64 and 128 GB storage, 64 bit Intel processor and 8Mp front and 21 Mp rear cameras.

One Plus 3 Phone

Android OnePlus 2 smartphone was released in the year 2015 along with one plus x Cell phone. The rumors are out about the release of One Plus 3 phone.
oneplus 3 phone
supports graphics
Android smartphone OnePlus 3 might come up with Iris-scanner but there are no signs of fingerprint-scanner. There is a chip - Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm 3.0 and Adreno 530 that supports graphics.

Samsung Galaxy s7 and Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge Comparison

There were rumors about the Android smartphone Samsung S6 Edge, and S7 is not away from it. Samsung Android smartphone never sticks to the laurels and in March 2016 the product is to be discussed in the World Cell Phone Congress.
Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
Samsung Company
In S6, Samsung galaxy s7 edge plus did not use Qualcomm but used Exynos. Samsung galaxy s7 edge plus now has begun to test Snapdragon 820. In addition, the details are that Samsung Company will use Adreno 530 LP-DDR4 Ram and 4GB or as much as 6GB RAM.

To buy the best Cell mobile phone, up-to-date about the list of Android smartphones that are present in the market. One can get the idea about Android smartphones and I will share tomorrow for further details.

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