Learn Smartphone PCB 2020

We use our phones every day...but we’d never seen the stuff inside them. So we got Dan from the Android Developers team to help us break apart a Nexus 5 and break down what’s inside it – so we could break it all down in video form for you. 

as we know, now the mobile screen size of the next generation of Android phone is a larger screen smartphone. nowadays every android phone has a touch screen display. newly launched phones like galaxy s9 and Samsung galaxy note and others come with the best-operating systems. 
the common faults on mobile os are Poor Battery Life, slow charging with charging cables, wireless charging error, touch screen not working and phone overheating when using mobile data. Those all functions in the smartphone are control by additions ICs like Touch Controller IC, USB Charging Port Controller IC, Power Management IC, Application Processor, baseband processor, and Nand IC.

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