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موبائل سافٹ ویرریپیررکرنےکےٹولزکون سےہوتے ہیں وضاحت فرما دیں ؟

30 Nov 2013
.موبائل سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ ڈیوائس سے کی جاتی ہے.موبائل سافٹ ویرریپیرنگ کرنے کے لیے مندرجہ ذیل ڈیوائس ہوتی ہیں

china qmobile سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
 سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس china,qmobile

موبائل  فون نائیٹروسوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
موبائل  فون نائیٹروسوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس

موبائل اسمارٹ فون سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
موبائل اسمارٹ فون سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس 

موبائل یٹییف سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
موبائل یٹییف سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس 

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موبائل ہارڈویرفالٹ ریپیررکرنےکےلیےکون سےٹولزچاہیے ہوتے ہیں؟

24 Nov 2013
ویسے تو موبائل ہارڈ ویرریپیررکرنے کے بہت سے ٹولز ہیں پر چند اہم ٹولز کے نام یہ ہیں۔
   ملٹی میٹر بززار کے ساتھ
موبائل ملٹی میٹر بززار کے ساتھ
 موبائل ملٹی میٹر بززار

 موبائل ہیٹ گن/ہاٹ ایئر سٹیشن سولڈرنگ آئرن کے ساتھ
موبائل ہیٹ گن/ہاٹ ایئر سٹیشن سولڈرنگ آئرن کے ساتھ
موبائل ہیٹ گن/ہاٹ ایئر سٹیشن سولڈرنگ آئرن کے ساتھ
سی ٹی سی کلینر ٹوتھ برش کے ساتھ
موبائل سرکٹ سی ٹی سی کلینر ٹوتھ برش کے ساتھ
موبائل سرکٹ سی ٹی سی کلینر ٹوتھ برش کے ساتھ
ٹول بوکس
موبائل فون ٹول بوکس
موبائل فون ٹول بوکس 
موبائل فون سکریو ڈرایور
موبائل فون سکریو ڈرایور
موبائل سکریو ڈرایور
موبائل فون پاور سپلائی
موبائل فون پاور سپلائی
موبائل پاور سپلائی 
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موبائل ہارڈویراورسوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ میں کیا فرق ہے؟ وضاحت کردیں

20 Nov 2013
موبائل کر سرکٹ یا کسی پرزہ یا آسی میں فالٹ اجانے پہ اسے ٹھیک کرنا  ہارڈویر ریپیرنگ ہے
 ہارڈویر سے مراد موبائل کے اندر سرکٹ میں فالٹ اجانے اور ان کی ریپیرنگ سے ہے۔
 .ہارڈویر فالٹ  ریپیرر کرنے کے لیے ٹولز چاہیے ہوتے ہیں
موبائل ہارڈویرریپیرنگ
موبائل ہارڈویرفالٹ ریپیرنگ

  سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ سے مراد موبائل میں چلنے والا سوفٹ ویر اور اس میں انے والے فالٹ سے ہے
 موبائل سوفٹ ویر میں خرابی انا اور اسے ٹھیک کردینا  سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ ہے۔
 .موبائل سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ ڈیوائس سے کی جاتی ہے
 موبائل سوفٹ ویرریپیرنگ
 موبائل سوفٹ ویر فالٹ ریپیرنگ

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موبائل ریپیرنگ کیا ہے؟اور کس طرح کی جاتی ہے ؟

14 Nov 2013
موبائل میں کوئی بھی خرابی آنے پہ ایسے ٹھیک کرنا موبائل ریپیرر کرنا ہے موبائل ریپیرنگ کر نے کہ دو طریقے ہیں

  •  ہارڈویر
موبائل ہارڈویر ریپیرنگ
موبائل ہارڈویر ریپیرنگ 

  • سوفٹ ویر 
 موبائل سوفٹ ویرٹولز
موبائل سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ

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How to fix iphone 5 jailbreaking activation error ?

12 Nov 2013
Update iTunes Download iOS 7.0.2 firmware
Update iTune iso application
We’re seeing a number of our visitors confirming initial mistake, it is most probably because you had set up iOS 7 try out 6, which ends on Oct 6, which means it has probably terminated or will soon expiration based on your timezone.
To fix the initial mistake you need to upgrade your iOS system to iOS 7.0.2, the newest iOS application upgrade.
Please observe it is not possible todowngrade returning to iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.4 as The apple company has ceased deciding upon the firmware pc file (except if you have an iPhone 4).
Here are some simple guidelines to fix the initial error:
Update to iTunes 11.1:
Before we start, make sure that you have iTunes 11.1 set up on your pc. You can acquire it from here or Simply just click iTunes in the selection bar and then click  on “Check for up-dates.” This is a necessary phase as iTunes 11.1 contributes assistance for iOS 7, so please do not miss it.
Back up your device:
If you are still able to availability your program, then it is a wise decision to returning up your system using iTunes or iCloud.
  • iTunes is all squared, it’s time to turn your attention to your iOS system and adhere to these guidelines.
  • Connect your iOS system to your pc using an USB wire. Delay  iTunes  open get connected to your system.
  • Simply just click program key of the iTunes Shop key in the top right area in iTunes.
Download the iOS 7.0.2 firmware pc file using the hyperlinks offered below, then keep down on the option key (Mac) or the move key (Windows) and choose the “Check for Update” key in the Conclusion en aning. Browse to the .ipsw pc computer file you had downloadable previously and choose it. On  other hand, choose the “Check for Update” straight without using having down on the Option key or the Shift key. It will obtain the iOS 7.0.2 application upgrade and upgrade your system to iOS 7.0.2.
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iphone 5 jailbreak ios linux update

10 Nov 2013
iphone 5 ios linux jailbreaking
iphone 5 ios linux jailbreak update
In 2007, The apple company Inc. presented the unique iPhone, one of the first cell mobile phones to use a multi-touchinterface. The iPhone was significant for its use of a large touchscreen display for direct hand feedback as its main means of connections, instead of a stylus pen, key pad, and/or key pad as common for cell mobile phones at enough time. It originally was missing the ability to set up local programs, significance some did not respect it as a smart phone.[28] However in This summer 2007 The apple company declared that the iPhone would assistance third-party "web 2.0 applications" running in its web web browser that share the look and feel of the iPhone interface.[29] A process called jailbreaking appeared quickly to provide unofficial third-party local programs to substitute the built-in functions (such as a GPS unit, kitchen clock, stereo, map book, schedule, note pad, and many others).[30]
In This summer 2008, The apple company presented its second generation iPhone with a much lower retail price and 3G assistance. Simultaneously, they presented the App Shop, which permitted any iPhone to set up third celebration local programs (both free and paid) over a Wi-Fi or cellular network, without demanding a PC for set up. Applications could additionally be searched through and downloadable directly via the iTunes software customer. Presenting over 500 programs at launch,[31] the App Shop was very popular,[32] and obtained over one billion dollars downloading in the first year, and 15 billion dollars by 2011.[33][34]
In This summer 2010, The apple company presented iOS 4, which involved APIs to allow third-party programs to multi-task,[35] and the iPhone 4, with an improved display and back-facing digicam, a front-facing digicam for video conferencing, and other developments.[36] In early 2011 the iPhone 4 permitted customers to use the handset's 3G connection as a wireless Wi-Fi hot spot.[37]
jailbreak iphone 5 ios linux
jailbreaking iphone 5 ios linux update 

The iPhone 4S was declared on Oct 4, 2011, enhancing upon the iPhone 4 with a dual-core A5 processer, an 8-megapixel digicam capable of documenting 1080p video at 30 supports per second, World phone ability allowing it to work on both GSM & CDMA systems, and the Siri computerized voice associate.[38] On Oct 10, The apple company declared that over one million iPhone 4Ss had been pre-ordered within the first 24 hours of it being on sale, defeating the 600,000 system history set by the iPhone 4.[39][40] Along with the iPhone 4S The apple company also launched iOS 5 and iCloud, untethered system initial, back-up, and synchronization,[41] along with extra functions.[42]
On Sept 11, 2013, The apple company launched the IPhone 5S that operates on the new IOS 7 os. During the discharge in Cupertino, Florida, US, a sequence of IOS7 functions was exposed that includes a reformatted notice center, the incorporation of Microsoft’s Google online search engine (in place of Google), a new Photo app, and iTunes Radio.[43] In an article released on Sept 19, 2013, the technology writer for the Quarta movement news website stated that the iPhone 5s "is easily the most powerful smart phone ever exposed."[43]
Apple set a history for starting few days revenue of a device with the discharge of its iPhone 5C and 5S cell mobile phones in Sept 2013. Chinese suppliers was involved in the record of markets for the first efforts and this provided to the revenue results.[45]
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Android sim card reader repair solution

4 Nov 2013
samsung galaxy sim card reader
samsung galaxy sim card reader
I just purchased a used New samsung Universe S GT-I9250. Everything performs excellent except of the SIM-card audience. When I brought out the Microsimcardadapter I broken two of the hooks (contacts).
My question: How fix that? Is there a way to fix it without modifying the simcardreader? Do I have to buy a new simcardreader? Where could I buy a simcardreader?

iphone sim card reader
iphone sim card reader

Some expert answers

Exact same factor occurred to me, I took it to a store but New samsung UK basically rejected to deliver the aspect to a store I took it to here in Florida. Instead they delivered a store a samsung galaxy sII increase HD sim audience, which they said was the same aspect as the one in the Universe Nexus HSPA+ GSM but when they set up it, the aspect was too extensive and basically does not perform. BTW the simreader is soldered so you would have to get a solder device if you did get the aspect. I have e-mailed and known as New samsung UK and this indicates that the aspect is not typical here in the US and that it is a filter kind sim audience. I'm still in procedure for them to let me deliver the whole cellphone to the UK and have it fixed, but they have informed me that they do not deliver returning Worldwide, so Im in stop a combine... If anyone out there can help us get the aspect please tell us...

Android sim card reader
Android sim card reader

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