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iPhone Deals Basic Repair Tutorial Solutions

17 Jan 2018
replacing iPhone feature
future iPhone
As irepair tech outstanding Muhammad Asif Azeemi has said: A iPhone that is vibrating with no display when powered by outsourcing this fault is a nonfunctional LCD display.
iPhone accepted  "power supply " but show vibration or sound
If your Apple iPhone shows no display (no backlight, no image when you try to charge its battery), and does not seem to be working when you insert charger show USB icon on LCD. When connected to an outscore power supply then iPhone endlessly repeats twin vibrations in 'silent' position.

When iPhone backlight Circuit or IC Failed

In iPhone circuit, You may have a backlight filter components(like a fuse). (This can easily happen when using certain replacement LCD that have an exposed backlight flex solder joint pins—pressing the digitizer into the frame will cause the exposed pins joints to short the LCD power line to ground and burn the filter and its components.) This can also be fixed as a board-level repair.

Software Problem in iPhones

If your iPhone has never been opened, the issue could be a simple iso software crash. Perform a force restart resolves it.

When LCD Cable(s) Disconnected

Your iPhone screen's flex cable connectors may have popped free after a drop. to fix your iPhone's screen check each connection and re-seat it if necessary.

When LCD Panel Cable(s) Damaged

Check LCD flex cables—in particular, the display's flex.  carefully Inspect cables for damage. replacing the LCD panel can solve the problem.

When LCD Cable Connector Sockets Damaged

There may be damage to the Screen digitizer flex cable socket on iPhone Circuit board. Check the digitizer sockets for debris, bent connector pins, and remedy the problem. If the socket connector or some pins is damaged, an advanced smartphone repair course skilled technician can replace it with a board-level repairing.

I tell you the method to repair iPhone 6 PCB step by step  with Block Diagram to know ICs in iPhone 6 is the same for iPhone 6 plus you must visit my previous article

Section iPhone Repair Knowledge

1, fault classification
1, caused the causes of iPhone
(1), the menu settings failure: failure is not, strictly speaking, if no calls are perhaps for the owner to set up call forwarding; play no iPhone is set up outbound throttling. The baffling problem, first with total reset.

(2), using failure: improper operation generally refers to the user, dislocation caused by adjustment. More common are the following categories:

1), mechanical damage. As the operation or method of application of excessive force is not correct, resulting in apple devices rupture, deformation, and the module pin loose weld failures and other causes. In addition, flip off axis, the antenna was broken and thrown split casing, water, broken screen, also belong to this type of failure.

2) improper use. When using the phone's keypad keys with the nail tip will cause the keyboard touch bare ground or even fall off; with bad iPhone charger will damage the internal charging circuit; even cause the accident; on the phone menu for illegal operation of certain functionality is turned off, the iPhone is not working; error led to SIM card password locked, the blind try to create self-locking SIM card protection.

3) improper maintenance. Apple iPhones are very sophisticated high-tech electronic products, use should be noted that in the dry, the temperature suitable for the use and storage environment.

4), the quality of failure. Some parallel imports of previous iPhones are through consolidation, converted, quality underground. Although some mobile phones are digital phones but do not meet the smartphone standard, cannot be used.

Fault Classification in iPhone

(1) does not dismantle the iPhone only to see its appearance from the mobile phone failure, can be divided into three categories:
1) The first one is not working, including the power supply can not turn connected to the phone and press the power switch without any reaction;
2) The second is not completely boot, press the iPhone to switch current can be detected, but no switch machine normal reminder: if key lighting, display lights all bright, display, character information display with ringer After the start tone adopted by such self-test;
3) The third is to boot, but the failure of some functions, such as the buttons do not show unusual, silent, do not send it.

The next part of this article will be published very soon. Keep visiting my blog for next post.

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Learn to Repair Smartphone Printed Circuit Board Step by Step part two

6 Jan 2018
As I told you in my previous article the PCB printed circuit board cannot be repaired in two situations
  1. when it burns
  2. and second When It Breaks

when it breaks the copper wire gets disturbed otherwise,
printed circuit board
copper wire inside

in the burn case,
mobile circuit

we see that how much it burns if it burns too much then you cannot repair it.and if it burns just little more then you will try to fix it.

Q: How Can It Be Fixed?

A: we will know it by using the meter!
digital meters

you will have to keep the multimeter on continuity if the phone is short it will give reading from both sides on the battery connector of the phone.
multi meter leads
battery connector of the phone

and if the phone is not short that you will not get reading on multimeter form the battery connector on the I told you the meter should be in continuity and if you are using the digital meter then put it on continuity buzzer.
meter position
digital meter continuity buzzer

placed the black lead from the meter on the positive side of battery connector and red lead on the negative side if reading shows
mobile short reading
same reading both side

by the opposite banking then it means there is a shortage in the circuit remember one thing! all the reading shows the amount of burning area in the circuit for example if the opposite shows
opposite side reading
previous reading

it means the phone is 35% short or burn Similarly if opposite shows more than

it means the phone has been burn more than the previous reading if reading is zero from battery connector both sides then phone circuit cannot be repaired ever.

I tell you the method to repair any mobile phone PCB step by step to know what is smartphone circuit board prints you must visit my previous article

Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing ( about faults comes with IC ) part two

LCD Light Control IC
LCD Light Control IC
ic position

LCD Light control IC Power Amp This is a very important IC for Transmitting signal (Tx) in your phone. This IC is work as a Tx amplifier and it gets high voltage directly from the battery.When it is damaged we can see following faults.

Signal Drop

No Network or Access

Battery low quickly

Cant make a call ( Tx does not work properly )

Power on failure

I published an article about faults comes with phone ICs if you don't read it click here

Find and Download free mobile phone circuit diagram pdf Online

iPhone, Blackberry, Htc, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Xperia, Motorola, LG, China, Qmobile, Huawei

Learn how to read it. At first, you might think that it is hard to do so, You are not going to be experts and master in smartphone repair as long as you don't know how to read it. Many of mobile phone repairman exist nowadays that do not have any knowledge about reading it. They always rely on finding free solutions over the internet and forums. Those people who give free solutions are those people who know how to read a schematic diagram. Now here's your chance to learn and do not rely on others, and be an expert and master troubleshooter when it comes to hardware problems.

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Block Diagram iPhone 6 Mobile Repair Step by Step for USB Circuit

31 Dec 2017
The data exchange system consists of:
Pmu: Integrated Nutrition
IC USB: Portal for communication between devices and processor

The U2 IC Scan Method:

It's also called the U2. The examination is being tested.
The reluctance of the iPhone 6 to be considered at the USB freight entrance points is not enough, but the poles should be changed every time on the test points until the diagnosis is correct.
Block Diagram iPhone 6 Mobile Repair
for USB Circuit

What can be deduced that ourselves on the Examination on one side:

- Black on the ground and red on the test point.what is infinite on the one hand does not mean that there is value in the opposite way, it may be infinity or very high value, and therefore a break in USB communication and you will not be able to detect it by limiting the examination on one
- Black on the point and red on the ground.
The value, on the one hand, does not mean that there is no end in the opposite direction because there may be damage in likes (the or the) or a diversion in an integrated course via Non-Polar Capacitors.
USB integrated circuit
way value data 

What can be deduced if the test is properly tested:

It is the same method of testing the iPhone 6 IC power on the battery contact points
And the same way the iPhone 6 sim is checked on the chip points.
And the same way the SD card is checked on the external memory points.
The reversal of poles is necessary to obtain results and conclusions that bring us closer to the right diagnosis.

First, let us agree that the values that appear to be sound and if we reverse the poles do not necessarily indicate the validity of the integrated, but it confirms the validity of the track (there is no leakage or short of the protection elements on this path).
The improper values are definitely indicated in the course or in the elements of protection or in integrated (the).

What can be caused by Damage: U2 IC USB

u2 ic diagram
iPhone 6 repair
not taking off the device.
slow shipping.
fake shipping.
Rapid Battery discharge.
you don't know the computer on the computer.
steady on the Itunes sign...

What is the Alternative:

IC USB iPhone 6 is the same for iPhone 6 plus

Note: scan is after the iPhone 6 battery has been removed so that the measurement results are accurate Because if there is damage to one of the logical gates or valves, it will directly affect the conductors.For the tool that measures the effort and the current choose, the idea is not different only the test we mentioned determines resistance or resistance the last to set the amp and the volts

Apple iPhone Repair Service Manual Free Book

Tips tricks and news update Trends about Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 6 Plus please explore Apple iPhone Repair book for Apple Devices problems practical solutions the example step by step articles can teach you to diagnose troubleshooting and repair any iPhone circuit and its electronic here to read and download Apple iPhone Repair Service Manual Free book
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Learn Smartphone Printed Circuit Board Step by Step with Mobile Repairing Online in 2018

26 Dec 2017
Actually, circuit and boards usually are made up of fiber. it can be also said two kinds glass and plastic. the smartphone circuit consists of plastic fiber. fiber is a good electric conductor that current never Burn It
the smartphone circuit
plastic fiber

you can see the picture the smartphone has green circuit is the copper wire is placed in the mid it cannot be seen but it exists you can see the LCD Jack so this is copper layer the fiberboard that consists on copper print
copper layer
copper print

What is Copper Print on Latest Smartphones?

you can see this speaker which is attached to this point. This is print, the point of the wire is attached here and another point is punched by the machine when it becomes Golden in color and placed with any ICs or apart so when you put the battery inside the smartphone different ICS get active for working

whats speaker IC do to it actually create flow of current sense to the parts and then this print to spend in the fault diagnosing process is the reverse action that is first we check the print and we see the component then IC so the print reflects every part of the phone this is called PCB mains printed circuit board PCB exists on every smartphone .

fault diagnosing process
Golden in color

this printed circuit board cannot be repaired in two situations. I will tell you both two methods to repair any smartphone PCB step by step in my next article so keep visiting my blog

Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing ( about faults comes with IC )

We can divide all Mobile phone damages into Hardware, Software and Settings faults. when we think about hardware damages or faults mainly we want to know what are the smartphone main ICs and faults comes with IC. Old phones had ICs more than latest phones. However when you get complete idea about that ICs then you will be able to find the solution for damages in your phone properly.Check following list of ICs and try to understand about that faults.

Power Amp

Antenna Switch

RF Processor (Hagar IC)

Power IC


Charging IC

Flash IC ( ROM or EEPROM)

Oscillator (VCO)


Key Pad IC

Antenna Switch IC

Antenna switch helps to filter frequency Bands
Some Frequency band are not worked properly

The phone will heat Antenna Switch, Antenna switch helps to filter frequency Bands as 900Mhz, 1800Mhz and connect Rx, Tx( Receiver and Transmitter). Therefore when damage this IC we can see faults as following.

Signal Drop

No Network found

Some Frequency band are not worked properly RF Processor ( Hagar IC)

The next part of this article will be published very soon. Keep visiting my blog for next post.

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Mobile Phone iPhone and Smartphone Troubleshooting Upcoming 2018

20 Dec 2017
iPhone and Smartphone Troubleshooting Upcoming 2018
damage smartphone maintenance
Is about learning some basic concepts of smartphone and having some knowledge about troubleshooting those phone devices.For having some basic knowledge of phone devices, I took help from an expert who repairs the mobile phone. I also gained some knowledge about how to use the basic devices like hot air station, power supply, Multimeter etc which are frequently used for Phone Troubleshooting.

Damage Smartphone Failure Maintenance Knowledge

Open the smartphone, with a few core terms of its failure, also can be divided into three categories:
1) The first part of the supply charge and power failures;
2) The second for the smartphone software fault;
3) The third part of the fault for the phone transceiver.Between the three types of failure was inextricably linked,For example: impact of smartphone software, power supply systems, send and receive path phase-locked loop circuit, the transmit power level control, send and receive time-synchronous control channel,and send and receive access to reference crystal oscillator has to provide software for smartphone running the clock signal.

Increase Smartphone Maintenance Efficiency by Finding out Basic Electronic Components Failure

Following more useful Assignment: In the daily smartphone maintenance, to understand what factors lead to damage to the role? To understand the damage factors, should we do?Second, the failure characteristics of common basic electronic components whether the breakdown of natural wear and tear or damage arising from man-made failures, generally attributed to the circuit contacts open, damage to basic electronic components and software failures of three failures. Contacts open, if it is a broken wire, disconnect the plug aside, poor contact, etc., generally easier to repair them. Damage electronic components, (except obviously burned and fever), often difficult with observers found that in many cases, have to rely on instruments to detect judge, so the maintenance staff, the first essential to understand the various devices effectiveness of the characteristics of this smartphone circuit fault for the maintenance, increase maintenance efficiency is extremely important, the following gives some common characteristics of effective electronic components.
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How to Check Polar Capacitor in Smartphone Circuit

7 Dec 2017
All smartphone non polar and polar Capacitor finding and Checking method are can use Digital and Analog Multimeter both to Check Capacitors in smartphone motherboards.

The Tantalum Polarized Capacitor

Tantalum polar capacitors are used in latest smartphone circuits. Tantalum Polarized Capacitors are typically used in large voltage mobile phone situations, such as Direct Current line filtering to reduce noise related to uneven DC voltage levels. Mainly value measured in microfarads. Polarity is critical to mobile devices.
Polar Capacitor Checking method is listed below with Digital Multimeter. Set Digital multi-meter on CONTINUITY Scenior1: Connect Black probe to Capacitor +VE print. and Red probe to Polar Capacitor -VE print shows some reading.

Note: Check Polar Capacitor with a Digital multimeter on Buzzer Mode. If it is good then the Digital multimeter will NOT give any Beep or Buzz sound. If there is the buzzer sound on Digital multimeter form both +VE and -VE side then the polar capacitor is faulty. Replace it with a new one.

Why Polarized Capacitor Short Lead

Polar capacitors can have an internal shorted terminals, excessive leakage, and degradation of capacitance meter. short the terminal capacitor to discharge it prior to testing.
for more free smartphone video tutorials in English and Urdu language go to my youtube channel visit now mobile repairing online
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Learning the maintenance of phone starting from zero

28 Nov 2017
Learning the maintenance of phone starting from zero. Join best mobile repair course online school for a detailed 7-day training that will teach you beginner intermediate advanced expert mobile and tablet repairs.
Complete all cell phone repair short courses via Skype software with the Internet. Also, a copy of the courses will be sent to you via Gdrive attachment.
Learn to repair your mobile phone through simple learning level 1 level 2 and level 3 courses,
With online video tutorial for smartphone repairing, we will discover the depths of the cell phone, as well as the tools, equipment needed in the repair of mobile phone circuits, and the pieces that make up the mobile circuits and how to measure all the electronic pieces in phones housing and circuit to solve all the failures, damages.

Muhammad Asif is an author, a cell phone repair engineer, and a trainer. He loves cell phone technology and enjoys sharing with others what he has learned from the past experience, he has authored more than a dozen blog posts including books such as the Common Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions and Samsung Galaxy S6 problems & their solutions, and videos such as the what is mobile phone diagrams? Tutorial Complete Video Course. In addition, he has taught many cell phone courses including beginner intermediate advanced smartphone repairing pieces of training to more than 4,000 students, both in the classroom and via Skype software with the Internet. He runs a support website for all of his products at

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Smartphone Repair Course Chip Level Training Online Reviews & News

23 Nov 2017
Learning the maintenance of Smartphone starting from zero. Join mobile repair online Academy for a detailed 5-day training that will teach you basic, intermediate and advanced phone and tablet repairs.
Complete all phone repair short courses via the Internet. Also, a copy of the course will be sent to you via Gmail attachment.We are the nations leading all-inclusive smartphone repair training company with professional training expertise.

Muhammad Asif Azeemi is an author, a smartphone repair specialist, and a technical trainer. He loves smartphone technology and enjoys sharing with others what he has learned. Over the past decade, he has authored more than a dozen titles for Pearson including books such as the Learning from the Mistakes of Cell Phone Repair Technicians and Apple iPhone Problems Practical Solutions, and videos such as the Android Phone Repairing Tutorial Complete Video Course. He has more than 11 years of technology experience spanning a variety of roles and tries to share as much of this experience with his blog readers (and watchers) as possible. In addition, he has taught many phone courses including mobile phone repairing (basic level), Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level), smartphones Problem and their solutions (Advance Level) to more than 2,000 students, both in the classroom and via the Internet. He runs a support website for all of his products at

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How to Choose the Best Phone Repairing Training Institute in

9 Nov 2017
For those who are eager to be professional in the cell, phone repair can find the best phone training institutes in their area which conducts smartphone training course.

To discover the best mobile institution is fairly confusing because there is a lot of phone repairing institute, here are some key factors that can you consider for selecting the best phone repairing institute.
mobile training institute
phone repairing institute

  • The infrastructure of institutes. Ensure that the phone repair institute has good infrastructure, with all the necessary facilities and phone repair equipment.
  • Training devices. Ensure that the repair training devices they use are according to the latest mobile technology and industry trends and should work accurately.
  • Instructors, teachers or trainers. The teachers should have great expertise and certified in the specific phone repair course.
  • Placement mobile service center and their support. Ensure that proper support of placement mobile center is there in order to get you a job after the completion of the phone repair course.
  • Fees structure and fees. Compare the fees with other mobile institutes and how the repair course will be beneficial for you and is it worth paying for it?

Features of Smartphone Repair Institution

  • Expert smartphone technicians offer hands-on phone repair training classes, support, and real-life experience.smartphones Problem and their solutions (Advanced Level) certified instructors are available.
  • All facilities are supplied with custom workstations and modern up to date phone repair equipment.
  • Each student will be assigned to his/her own workbench with the latest phone repair tools, from 10" LCD microscope to smoke absorber.
  • Virtual classroom with 24/7 live support.

Benefits of Smartphone Repair Institutes

  • Skills are developed for superior-quality phone-device training.
  • Learn by using mobile industry-leading tools & equipment
  • Free ongoing technical support after phone repair training.
  • One time-pay, lifetime support access.
  • Certification issued after course completion

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About Mobile Repair Online & Phone Service Manuals

31 Oct 2017
phone repairing short courses
demo lessons
Mobile Repairing Online is the institute specialized in the repair training of Android smartphones, iPod, iPad and tablets in Auckland online. Our services not limited to Samsung Galaxy and iPhone repair training and courses of mobile phone repairing (basic level), Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level), smartphones Problem and their solutions (Advance Level) and other short courses of Nokia Lumia, Htc, Sony Xperia, Motorola and LG mobile phones. We also provide Smartphone schematic, layout and block diagrams.

Why should you turn to Mobile Repairing Online for buying a Smartphone schematic, layout and block diagram?

At Mobile Repairing Online, you are assured of a high-quality Smartphone schematic, layout and block diagram of your mobile devices (phones and tablets) at very affordable prices. We also offer incredibly quick delivery service of phone diagram collection series, our local and international customers enjoy the service of a mobile repair diagram book and flowchart solutions.

Nowadays Mobile Repairing Online has distributed his services to people all across the country. Moreover, we can inspect your broken phones for free and give you our phone service manuals for free of cost.

What this means is that if you cannot buy the phone repairing course, you do not have to pay for the phone service manuals and smartphones repair training tutorials demo lessons.

We have our physical shop and service center where we offer smartphones, iPod, iPad, and tablets repair services. We also extend our online phone repair course teaching services throughout the country through our reliable smartphone repair stores near you in your countries. you can rely on us for all your smartphones, iPod, iPad and tablets repair needs.

For further inquiries, please go to our smartphone repair course page. Details are provided here on how to get those demo lessons on smartphones repairing course.

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Anyone who wants to make a career in mobile phone repairs or wants to learn it as a hobby can enroll in our daily demo classes of phone repair short courses
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