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How To Use DC Power Supply

31 Oct 2018
hi, today I'd like to answer a very common question I get from beginner mobile device technician to my mobile phone repair class which is a, how do I use a DC power supply to power a cell phone? why would I want to use a DC power supply to check and find the faults in feature phone and smartphones?
DC Power Supply guide for mobile phones repairing
fault tracing principles

let's start with the why there are two answers for the Y the first answer to why I would use a DC power supply to power where the cell phones are that this R.s 300 mini power supply
Cheap converter dc to dc Adjustable Step Down Module power supply
mini nonadjustable 

that you would buy on mobile malls here in Asia it's pretty flimsy they died fairly often and especially if you're doing what we do which is plugging them into liquid damage mobile devices or Android and Mac devices that have short circuits you're bound to go through a lot of these and it gets tiring after a while to continuously spend R.s 300 on something that breaks. 

The second as to the why is that by using a DC power supply I can intuitively tell exactly how much power the smartphone is using so for example:
find principles here to test smartphones with digital power supply
cable connecting examples

I've hooked up a DC power supply connector to this the smartphone that I have down here and as you can see at 3.8 volts I can see that this phone is pulling 200 amps and as you can see in a picture 

Ampere on working cell phone repairing examples theoretical and practical limits of dynamic voltage scaling
practical knowledge

the amount of Amperes a phone is using can very often be as a link to the type of problem it's having the same way that a doctor is going to tell if you have a niche over here you may have this illness if you have this temperature with your fever you may have this illness that's the same thing here oh if this IC integrated circuit is bad if the phone may be drawing this many amps if that integrated circuit is bad the device may be drawing that many amps it's a way to kind of try and narrow down what's wrong once I realize that there's a pattern every time this IC is blown the phone is drawing this many amps I don't have to go through and repeat that same troubleshooting process every single time I can just go huh the last five times it was drawing 58 amps IC a was corroded so when I see it's drawing 58 a mess rather than spend 30 minutes troubleshooting I can check integrated circuit a within the first minute and bam I have a solution to my customer phone problem.

Here are some examples of substituting DC Power Supply Ampere on working mobile phones repair tracing faults
digital dc power supply

If you are a new mobile technician and don't know what is this digital dc power supply? first, read this article on Wikipedia for a better understanding of AC-to-DC supply.
A regulated DC power supply is converted unregulated AC Alternating Current into a constant DC stable voltage
dc power supply description

if you are an electronics student and reading this information to know more about the basics of DC power supplies, PSU, detailing linear and switching types and their advantages and disadvantages read this article also

Now the next question is going to be how do I connect this how do I connect a smartphone to a variable DC power supply?

so here we have the smartphone so on this end this is a plus and minus wires we need to plug into the smartphone. so you're gonna have a black wire which is going to be ground so this here is your red wire this is your positive of your DC power supply
The intended use of these plugs is on the cable connected to a power supply
dc power supply crocodile cable

as you can see in the picture I've already got two wired up here so in order to be compatible with all the different android devices I would suggest you get set up your DC power supply voltage on 4.1 to 4.2 volt and 200 Ampere because android phone or android tablet device often is not going to turn on if you do not plug them into a 4.1 DC Volt on your switching power supply.
Suitable for multimeter, power supply and other electronic equipment
connecting cables to phone
so that is how you would use a DC power supply to power a smartphone you just plug it into these two wires to the Digital DC power supply it has functionality that allows you to watch your customer's phone Ampere and voltage readings 

Here are some examples of voltage and Ampere on working phone repairing
voltage and ampere readings

now you can also use this method here to power up a feature phone so you have to buy these little cables
Buy DC Power Supply Testing Cable Repair Tool Dedicated Wire to read Mobile Phone circuit
feature phones reading

these cables allow you to plug feature phones into a best DC power supply with their battery connectors so this is a nice little cable over here it's nicely sleeved it reports proper temperature information supposedly you never know stuff from China and I can show you what that looks like in this picture
Mobile phone repair tool DC Power Supply Cable with USB Output to Test voltage and ampere
measure USB current with dc power supply

see over here it's got connectors that will attach to the battery connector of a feature phone as you can see in the picture below you can power the feature phone using a DC power supply with those cables you would just take them and you plug the red end into the red part of your DC power supply the black end ins the black part of your DC power supply connector you would set the voltage to the feature phone battery voltage around three point seven three-point eight volts and then you would plug this end into the battery connector on the feature phone and then you would be able to power the old mobile phones using the DC power supply rather than having and go around your shop and try to find your customer old mobile phone battery that you know works and you'd also be able to see the amount of amperage that it's drawing directly on the digital power supply which is pretty cool obviously try to avoid making the mistake of plugging in your feature Phone using smartphone voltage won't exactly be a happy feature phone Set DC power supply voltage on 3.7 and Ampere on 150 to check feature phone.

DC Power Supply for Mobile Repairing Price

in this article, I am also sharing the information with you about the best dc power supplies rate because the reader also went to know where to buy their dc power supply.
the website is listed below

the reason I bring this up is that I would say a good 99% of the people reading this post went to know the price before buying the best dc power supply
remember, if you're just gonna want to go for the cheaper power supply don't go for something that's way too cheap because those are gonna send ripple currents and voltages and do all sorts of nasty stuff now you can also use this. 

if you are interested in to read a PDF Book on regulated dc power supply click here

How to Find Mobile PCB Fault using DC Power Supply

you can also use DC power supply to supply DC (Direct Current) to a mobile phone PCB Printed Circuit Board. most mobile repair technicians used DC power supply to switch ON a smartphone without their batteries. the Supply can be used to substitute for the Cell Phone GND, +VBAT Battery Voltage when doing hot testing on the Mobile PCB. this is being used to trace the +VBAT, VCC main line in Mobile Phone PCB. the Supply provides high stability output voltage and its constant ampere can auto-conversion. you can use power supply in many different areas of the mobile phone PCB for hot testing.

To learn hot testing on mobile phone circuit follows these steps:

step one: adjust power supply on 3.8volt then connect its wires to mobile battery connectors

step two: turn ON the mobile phone

step three: now place multimeter black probe on mobile phone PCB Ground and place red probe on the print of VBB to check the DC voltage on phone circuit.
adjust dc power supply on four volts then connect its wires to mobile circuit
black on Ground and on VBB
To know the testing principle for mobile phone repairing read Digital Multimeter step by step guide

What is the Uses of DC Power Supply in Mobile Phone Repairing?

You can use DC power supply to check four things in your customer phone
  1. customer phone is dead or not
  2. customer phone circuit is a short circuit or not
  3. customer phone circuit prints are open or not
  4. customer phone has a software problem
1. Customer Phone is Dead or Not

Set DC power supply Voltage on 3.7 and Ampere on 150 to check feature phone.

Set DC power supply Voltage on 4.1 and Ampere on 200 to check smartphone.

If you are connecting Tablet then set switch supply Voltage on 4.2 and Ampere on 200.

Now switch ON the phone and see Ampere Reading. 

Note: If the Ampere does not show any reading it means your phone power input track on battery connector is open.

2. Customer Phone Circuit is a Short Circuit or Not 

Reasons for short circuit in mobile phone circuit :

1, Phone falling into toilet water or liquid damage. this is the most common reason that mobile phone users are facing in routine life.

2, The smartphone is warming again and again.

3, Using an incompatible or faulty phone charger for charging the battery. and also when you use the wrong charger to charge your phone and phone get hot.

4, Sometimes due to any reason phone has fallen down or crashed.

To check the mobile phone short circuit with dc power supply follow the step below: 

step one: Set DC power supply output voltage on 3.7v or 4.1 volts.

step two: Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery connector (+VBAT pin) and the black wire to the negative terminal (GND)as well as the 3rd pin called BSI battery status interface.

DC Power Supply Reading

Reading one: Now, if you see any amount of ampere on the screen, without you press phone power button then it means, the mobile phone is a short circuit.

Half Short Circuit

Reading twoAnd if there is the screen shows ‘0.38’ to ‘0.58’ in the ampere reading, then it is Half short circuit.

Full Short Circuit

Reading threeif you see on the screen shows ‘0.00’ in the voltage and ampere reading, then the mobile phone circuit is the full short circuit

3. Customer Phone Circuit Prints are Open or Not

To understand mobile phone short circuit better in your customer smartphone you have to know 2 terms of electronics:

Phone Circuit Print is Open: if a mobile phone print is broken, then it is said that the Print is open.
mobile phone circuit is open due to short circuit on between prints
cell phone circuit track is open

Phone Circuit Prints are Short circuit: if 2 parallel separate Prints positive and negative touch each other due to fault in the mobile phone PCB, it is called a short circuit.
mobile phone circuit tracks are short circuit due to fallen damage
component goes short

Note: In PCB boards of the mobile phone, smartphone and tablets there is the print instead of copper wires through which dc current flows. Hence we use the term ‘Prints’ instead of copper wires or cables.

Now let me tell you the Problems of the short circuit in smartphones:

1, When you switch ON the phone, it goes switch OFF automatically after a few minutes.
2, Phone goes completely dead.
3, Phone battery goes drains and discharges fast.
4, The phone goes hot and the get Hang.

Note: The above procedure to check short circuit in the mobile phone with DC Power Supply is the same for all Mobile brands and tablets including Microsoft phone, Samsung, Nokia, Apple iPhone, Sony Xperia, HTC, Motorola, Q mobile Vivo, and Oppo handsets. It will be the same for all iOS, Android or Windows OS smartphones.

4. Customer Phone has a Software Problem 

Set DC power supply output voltage on 3.7volt on the feature phone and 4.1 volts on the smartphone. 

Connect red wire of the DC power supply connector cable to the positive terminal of the battery connector and black wire to the negative terminal and yellow probe to the middle pin of the battery connector of the feature phone. 

In smartphone connect the power supply cable red wire to the positive terminal of the handset battery connector +VBAT and the black wire to the negative GND as well as the 3rd pin BSI to check the phone.

Now switch ON the phone and see Ampere reading. if you see 003 or 005 amperes on the screen, when you press the phone power button then it means, the feature phone software is corrupt.

And in the smartphone, you see at ampere reading screen 010 or 015 when you press the power button of the phone if the phone is in software fault.

Remember, in many cases of software fault in a smartphone. the smartphone switch on but the screen show startup logo and digital dc power supply reading switch between 010 to 020 ampere

These are the examples readings of digital DC Power Supply for repairing mobile phones faults. so that is it for today post that is how you can use a DC power supply to power a smartphone and feature phone both to put the voltage and Ampere on your DC power supply screen and free information that's why I do it and as always I hope did you learn something
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Cell Phone Repair Shop

24 Sep 2018
With the increasing number of cell phones in the world, the industry of smartphone repair shows a lot of opportunities. as already businessman in this field shopkeeper can gain more than a cell phone repair technician would. But, it isn’t easy to start your own phone repair store? The first step to start your own cell phone repair business is to learn cell phone repairing step by step basic to advance. In this blog post, I will only be telling you how to learn cell phone repairing free of cost from the websites:

The easiest way to learn such a practical skill is to learn by doing. in the beginning, it is important to try to repair your own mobile phones first. Try to identify the problem and use the above blog and website to find the solution. As you repair more and more mobile phones, you will able to get the basic skills to know phone repairing. So, don't wait around too long to fix your faulty phone first. A step by step training under the mobile phone technician plus instructor is the best way to learn a cell phone repairing because phone technician plus instructor not only covers the technical education it also teaches you everything about managing the mobile repair shop as well. we have compiled this blog post for do-it-yourselfers who want to do basic repairs as well as beginners who wish to increase their knowledge.

If you wish to learn smartphone repairing professionally and be an expert technician in the field, you can join our paid smartphone repairing course. we well come everyone to entering in this field to try gain knowledge to get enrolled in a course for more expertise and confidence.
We suggest you start with a home-based business before expanding into a complete mobile repairing store if you don't know the field of phone repairing. It helps you get the good experience which will result in fewer mistakes when you are planning to do big in the future.

Starting Your First Cell Phone Repairing Workshop

how to start a cell phone repair business from home
guide to starting repairing
in the beginning, you need to find a place in your home for doing cell phone repairing jobs concentrate without being disturbed and in starting you need a laptop and internet. in your home workstation, you have to arrange all the necessary cell phone repairing tools that are needed to repair hardware and software faults of smartphones. for a full-fledged mobile repairing store, you will need shop furniture, staff, and money in the starting. at home, you already have these facilities or at starting you don't need any staff and your expenditure will cut down half. If you are busy in the daytime with your job you can choose evening hours for working mobile repairing.working from home leads you to limited customers access as compared to the cell phone repair shop to solve this problem you can use google or bing local listing program. in starting you could collect the faulty smartphones from the customers, or they could deliver it to you at your home it will increase your home base cell phone repair business in days. for repair phone from home you need cell phone spare parts you can ask different wholesale shops and online spare part suppliers to supply you genuine parts at you home. you can distribute flyers to your office friends and your neighborhood and rely on them for word of mouth publicity remember, starting your cell phone maintenance business from your home is always a good idea to minimize costs after a few years, you will able to move to a cell phone repair store of your own

How to Start A Cell Phone Repairing Shop In Asia

For starting a cell phone repairing on the commercial level first, you have to find a shop on renting, then you have to arrange some smartphone brand accessories, and figure out how repairs are carried out. in many countries and cities in Asia, cell phone repair business has become very common. So you can open a cell phone repair shop in any famous cities easily. mobile repairing business in a mobile mall is very good and profitable. If you chose a proper location in your city, you can earn a monthly amount.
Nowadays, however, people believe in getting their new phones repaired instead of replacing them. because the price of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Nokia, Motorola, ZTE, Vivo, Qmobile, Oppo, Infinix Mobile, Sony Mobile, LG, and HTC smartphones is comparatively higher now. this proves profitable to the smartphone repair industry. to repair today's smartphones. you need a proper understanding of all the internal components and chips of a smartphone. to expand your smartphone repairing business you have to work with other mobile repairing shops or phone repair store part-time on the commission basis to gain money and practical experience about how phone repairing work is done. By working under a senior cell phone technician, you will be able to diagnose faults faster in smartphones and can fix them in a reasonable price form the others shopkeeper. with this experience and knowledge cell phone repairing shop can lead toward to success in a few days. using those phone repair store contacts you will be able to get mobile accessories and spare parts at wholesale price in the market. the cost of starting a cell phone repairing shop in new mobile malls is quite low nowadays. at first, you can begin with a few feature phone common brands repairing for a few models and then start repairing smartphones and tablet. you have to buy all the necessary tools to repair hardware and software faults to meet with the requests of your shop customers. remember the location of your cell phone repair shop is most important to get fruitful results so you need a location that can attract new customers easily.

if your shop service is precise and respectable then you can add your clients family and friends to your customer base good work is always going to win you an ever-growing clients base. you have to put your maximum efforts in the initial phase of your shop for the steady and successful start. However, it is important to provide the best services to improve further you can take clients feedback. you will know, how they feel when repairing their phones. nowadays everyone wants their smartphone to be repaired as soon as possible, customers aren't willing to wait longer because phone and tablet have all their important data inside, it is difficult for them to arrange the substitute. Hence if you want your shop to grow and earn the best reputation while you’re at it, you have to be quite fast to diagnose the smartphone faults, for doing this you can buy mobile PCB testing machine
In the starting, if you quote a low price the customer might question the repairs quality it might lead to huge losses. However, this is essential to gain vast customers. so you have to decide the repairs pricing according to your customer as well. if you repair a smartphone that could not be repaired by mobile repair shop near you will get new mobile repair customer in the market which will directly be beneficial to your shop because people love the shop where all their phone problems get solved. in many mobile cases studies, clients are willing to pay a big amount to repair their particular handset.
they hate to shift on another phone because they where familiar with it

How To Promote Your Just Start Cell Phone Repair Shop

we have the best publicity ideas for you to start promoting your cell phone repair shop today, and get very good promote cell phone repair shop of any type you can follow these offline and online marketing various methods:
Offline Marketing
In offline marketing, you can make handbills and posters to promote your shop. as you know nowadays, everybody need phone accessorises to enhance the appearance and increase the security of their latest phones. at the shop, you can offer different types of phone accessories like back cover, cases, batteries, chargers, USB cables, etc for increasing the visit of peoples to your shop. you can also increase the visits by offering mobile easy load and mobile scratch card services. the people who can’t afford new smartphones or tablet, usually buy second-hand or used smartphones. selling used phones will bring more customers to your shop. Several people are not aware of the latest technologies and apps. you can expand your visitors by offering mobile downloading services Offering these services will lead to an increase in cell phone repair work and revenue. Moreover, it ensures that person passing by your shop has more than one reason to stop by. a cell phone repair business can be quite profitable and you can earn a lot of money. the best and powerful marketing is your customer satisfaction with your shop services, If you want your phone repair shop to grow, so more customers have to come to you, more people have to know about your shop and repair services to do this, ask you're satisfied customers to told their family member and friends to come to your shop to avail phone repair service. some customers look many things to judge your shop and its services they focus on the entire experience of getting their cell phone repaired. always remember, good behavior give your customers happy and calm. most of the times, the customer get angry it can lead you to lose your multiple customers at the same time. because customers don't know the technical aspects of their smartphone, you can explain them properly. avoid getting the argument with your angry customer. remember: ‘customer mobile is a patient’. and you are the doctor. Treat a patient like a patient until he is satisfied!
Online Marketing
Way to reduce expenditure advertising online rather than offline advertising since it is more effective.
in online marketing, you can make Facebook, Google Plus page to promote your shop on social media. you can offer special discounts or coupons on the cell phone repairing. if you want to give your customers excellent service, used computer software. the computer software manages all your cell phone repair businesses like inventory and profits/losses status. the software has the feature to send text messages to your customers informing them about their phone repairing status. repairshopr is given you the free signup to test those all feature. if you like it you can buy it. you can send useful tips about smartphones to your customer so that they don’t forget about your shop service. now its very important to have your business presence on the internet, so submit your shop details to local directories and post ads in your hometown classified websites for increasing your customers form the internet. sometimes you can offer a discount sale on your shop on year occasions if you have feature phone old accessories, you can sale them using discounts offers, the discount sale will help draw more customers. if you are selling phone accessories, you can offer “Buy 1 Get 2 Free”

Read: Future Plans and Intentions in Smartphone Repairing Business for shop marketing strategy

You can take help from these useful tips to grow your cell phone repairing work to a great extent. if you have any questions on how to start a phone repair business, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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Learn Cell Phone Repair

31 Jul 2018
The first step to entering in the business of cell phone repairing is to learn to repair cell phones. but the question is how? There are different ways to learn cell phone repairing: in this article, we are introducing the Offline Course of self-teaching by the book, as we know offline cell phone repair course is not a new option to learn cell phone repairing but its primarily because the self-teaching by book offers real hands-on repair experience and direct interaction with the instructor. Offline Study with the book is also focused and fast, covering the most important learning topics about the cell phone repairing over a specific period of days. and another benefit of Offline Learning is the validation by own, without wasting too much time for searching for a person who can teach you on his cell phone repairing store, which often comes in the form of a self-made that proves your expertise. It's one thing to say you're a cell phone repair technician. on hand practices on the cell phones according to book practical activities can bolster your reputation and help you land more, better, and higher-paying work to you in cell phone repairing business. even though most books offer the robust training. Books are Convenient, not expensive and can provide training for self-study. you can learn at your own pace and it can be good instruction. Books with troubleshooting, layout, block, and schematic training diagrams represent cell phone repair training alternatives for self-motivators who want to learn on their own. Though cell phone repair books you get provide instruction, there is no need of the instructor, and no certificate to be earned. if the author explains each topic in the book in depth.
The best part about cell phone repair book is that if they're good, they can serve as references for years to come; if they're bad, you've invested very little money and you can give your used books to help the peoples how cannot afford to pay for learning cell phone repairing in there country because it is so expensive for them.

Learn Cell Phone Repairing Offline

A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Troubleshooting and Repairing Cell phones
The book targets people who would like to start and run a cell phone repair as a business
Learn Mobile Phone Repairing

We all use mobile phones and we all have problems with it. Don’t get frustrated… and don’t waste money on support calls or costly repair! Solve the problems yourself, with this Learn Cell Phone Repairing book. Using easy-to-use flowcharts, handy “symptom tables,” and clear pictures.

this Learn Cell Phone Repair ebook is Using flowcharts, handy symptom tables, and clear stepbystep pictures
some of the book pages
This updated book contains the detailed content and out-of-the-box ideas to repair your own Cell Phone successful. this book provides you the information needed to become Cell Phone Repairing technician on your own. 

activity page of the book
The fill-in-the-blank activities format makes it very easy to test your self after reading and doing cell phone repair jobs. writing the experience that you get after repair your own cell phone with the help of this book will put you on the road to success. it features in-depth it also contains Helpful Resources, Best Practices to exploit knowledge and education about cell phone repairing to improve your chances for success in a Cell Phone Repair business.

Muhammad Asif Azeemi walks you step-by-step through identifying, solving, and preventing hundreds of 2018 most aggravating cell phones problems. Azeemi covers all your major platforms:

book index

hardware, software, and more. He even helps you fix the weird problems that happen when you use multiple apps together on your smartphone! help you with his knowledge about cell phones
identify and replace faulty memory chips prevent overheating that can damage your cell phone. make you sensibly decide whether to upgrade, repair, or replace your smartphone. in this Book on cell phone repairing by the end of reading and doing you should be able to disassemble and assemble a cell phone, use the correct cell phone repair tool to diagnose the problem, know the conventional parts of modern cell phones, learn cold testing, hot testing, jumper setting checking, identify cell phone faults and repair them with the help of proper tools.
Learn Cell Phone Repair book is provided through distance learning and we trust that you will find the material useful both for studying and for future reference.

21 Outcomes of Reading (Learn Cell Phone Repairing) Book in 2018

Upon completion of this book reading you will be able to:
  1. Identify different types of cell phones
  2. Difference between Feature Phone and Smartphone
  3. Recognise Potential Hazards Associated with Cell Phone Repair
  4. What is a hazard?
  5. Cell Phone Repair Tools
  6. Factors to Consider When Choosing Cell Phone Repair tools included cost, suitability, and quality of the tools
  7. Use the correct hardware tools to repair cell phones
  8. Assembly and disassembly of a cell phone
  9. Identify the parts of cell phones
  10. Parts of a Conventional Cell Phone
  11. Learn the Skills Needed to Diagnose and Repair a Cell Phone like:
  12. Testing using a multimeter
  13. The cold testing method
  14. The hot testing method
  15. Modern Cell Phone Jumper setting
  16. Soldering
  17. Desoldering and also examined the tools used for mobile phone repair
  18.  Diagnosing and Repairing Cell Phone Faults
  19. Hardware Faults
  20. Software Faults
  21. Identify cell phone faults and solve them
We welcome your feedback related to this book and wish you all the best.  Happy Learning!

About the author,

Muhammad Asif Azeemi has spent 15 years as a mobile repairing course instructor and smartphone repair trainer, helping thousands of people work more happily with cell phone repair business. He is the author of Book, Learn Mobile Phone Repairing in Urdu and he is the founder of Mobile Repairing Online. Asif is a Certified cell phone repair technician and also run his own mobile repair store in Karachi Pakistan.

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Expertise in the mobile phone repair markets of urban and Bangladesh, outlining basic patterns of repair activities, identifying main repair sites read more

Cell phone repairing business can be highly lucrative when done in the right manner. You can take help from these useful tips to grow your new mobile phone repairing work to a great extent.

The Cellphone: The History and Technology of the Gadget That Changed the World, this book explains the fundamental concepts involved in wireless communication. you can buy it from Amazon

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Schematic Diagram for Nokia Mobile Phones

5 Jul 2018
Schematics are essential for Nokia mobile phones repair.  Unfortunately, in some countries is illegal to own Nokia mobile Schematic. They’re considered the proprietary property of the Nokia company that they belong to. In those countries, Although phone schematics are illegal to sell and distribute, there is the way to obtain these schematics online. if you want those schematics You just have to read this article start to end. Whether you have some knowledge or not about Nokia phones repairing, this article can be a very good guide for anyone around the world for downloading Nokia service manual free of cost. reading Schematic Diagram is not that difficult if you know basic electronic symbols.
Easy to read schematics all Electronics symbols most common electronic component
mobile components list
in my online sessions, I teach basic electronic theory and practical.
When learning how to repair a cell phone, it is important to identify These parts and components on the PCB
mobile phone components symbols details
If you know basic electronic component functions you can diagnose and repair faults on Nokia, iPhone, and Samsung mobiles. Looking for the book on Nokia phone repairing. Download those schematic diagrams for free to learn Nokia phone repairing. cell phone engineering can rely on this step by step Article on schematic diagram for success in the career of Nokia phone repairing.
In this Free to download Nokia Cell Phone schematic diagrams you will find following Nokia PCB diagram with IC(integrated circuit) names and description, layout diagram with electronics parts explanation and schematics for find faults and problems and how to repair any Nokia mobile of any series including 3310, 6210, 8210, 8250,1100, 2300, 1110, 1200, 2310, 2650, Lumia 900 n70  etc.
View and Download Nokia 6210 service manual online
Nokia 6210 Cell Phone Guide

Download Nokia 6210 free schematic here PDF
service manual

View and Download 8210 Nokia layout diagram here
free download nokia 8250 diagram

Free Download Nokia 8250 service manual online here
nokia 8210 free schematic

free download circuit layout diagram service manual now
Nokia N70 Symbian smartphone

nokia n70 mobile phone components identification & knowledge
hardware repair techniques
nokia 2300 ic solution diagram free download PDF manual
nokia 1100 pcb diagram
you can download this Nokia Schematic Diagram Complete PDF here

Phone Troubleshooting Diagrams Here you will find all Nokia official Schematic for educational purposes you will find all the information you need to read schematic diagrams used in the field of Nokia mobile repairing to describe customer intentions in your mobile repair processes and cell phone repair jobs.

Mobile Phone Diagram for Repair Nokia Mobile

The major focus of the mobile phone diagram for repair is on understanding the entire system by which the cell phone works. also having the schematic is useful for knowing common component frameworks in the mobiles, in the order to repair the new mobile phones, You will definitely need a schematic or solution diagram. when time to time knowledge of mobile phone diagram for repair grows, schematic diagram Author believes if you know the basics about how actually a mobile works, then diagnosing the problem and finding a solution for it will not be a big issue for you.

Cell Phone Schematic Author and Founders

The same founder of these schematics also provides an extensive phone diagram collection of schematics brands like iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, htc, Sony Xperia, Motorola, LG, China, Qmobile, Huawei most probably you need the schematic diagram to keep you up to date on each of the mobile brand's hardware knowledge.
PCB Diagram of Mobile Phone Free Downloading Websites

Most of us already know how to download free schematics from the internet. I am searching on search engines and they show me the copy of genuine diagrams are available for download you can find many mobile brands schematic diagrams on websites like and Here are some ideas on where to get schematics for most Nokia mobiles and for iPhone schematic its copy of genuine diagrams are for use as fixed cell phones and republished as a “phone diagram collection” posting a schematic diagram on websites create it more functional and more useful for cell phone technicians, in the beginning, seeing Nokia’s schematic is useful to the knowledge of cell phone PCB lines framework
Nokia Lumia 900 user manual online diagram for repairing function of integrated circuit
Lumia 900 PCB diagram
if you have a schematic for particular Smartphone brand repairing your cell phone troubleshooting time can be reduced to half! the schematic is shown you all the parts value, waveform, voltages, the explanation how your cell phone work, ic design, part symbols and etc. with the layout schematic you will be able to find the exact part value and finally repaired the cell phone.
Nokia 1100 2300 component layout and signal flow diagram PCB detailed troubleshooting methods
Nokia Any Diagram

There are many mobile diagrams for repair which can be tried on initial stages and problem-solving can be done without actual diagnosis. These cell phone diagrams have been explained in detail in the phone diagram collection ebook. the book also has the knowledge on the practical solutions to the problems of cell phones. Practice questions answer videos, layout diagrams, and easy to understand language makes learning process quick.

Mobile Phone Repairing Book Free Download PDF

Mobile phone repairing book has a comprehensive and detailed approach towards each and every aspect of cell phone repairing. If you wish to learn cell phone repairing in general or planning a career in cell phone repairing, this ebook can be of a lot of help to you. Detailed approach with diagrammatical illustrations and step by step instructions makes it a user friendly in the following countries Kenya, Ethiopia, Italy, Myanmar, Lithuania, South Africa, Canada, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Spain, Sri Lanka Nigeria, Mexico, Nepal
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Have a good day guys, we from team, we here want to help you find wiring diagrams on Nokia cell phones are you looking for, on this occasion we would like to convey the wiring diagram about cell phone circuit diagram book free download pdf. Hopefully, the pictures above wiring diagram can be useful
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Modern Cell Phone Practical Jumper Setting

8 Jun 2018
jumper setting is typically best when you need to connect two different points on a cell phone there could be internal disturbances in the circuit of the handset which are connecting these two points and
because of the internal disturbance or a breakage in the circuit, the father or data may not be traveling
from one point to the other easily and in those cases, we use jumper setting to try and connect those two points directly thereby ensuring the correct transmission of power, data, and piles voltage from one end to the other end but in order to determine whether you need to do jumper setting.
for example, if you're checking a battery connector you may need to first verify whether the battery connector is working properly or not before you decide to make any changes or test any connections on the cell phones

Tracing & Testing VCC main and GND points of a iPhone PCB
removed all the suspect caps on vcc main but still shorted. wanted to try freeze method, but don't know where to put power
iphone 6 battery connector

now in this iPhone, the first aspect that we were going to be checking is the connectivity between the battery connector and two other important basic electronic components that transmit power to the rest of the circuit of the cell phone now in order to test out the connectivity in the phone PCB you need to use the multimeter!
what do multimeters measure? how to use multimeter to test continuity
best multimeter for home use

if you don't know how to use multimeter check read this article first what do multimeters measure? how to use multimeter to test continuity
place the multimeter switch range on the Buzzer continuity testing mode to check whether the two probes are connected things the means a
7 Function Digital Multimeter Leads Electrical Circuit Test Meter Detector Tool
multimeter probe types
and you can hear the beep and once you hear the beep the multimeter is perfectly alright let's go ahead and test the connectivity on the board now typically we are going to be starting off with checking the battery connector

Step 1 Check Shorting on Cell Phone Battery Connector

check shorting on cell phones with multimeter We can easily check whether there is shorting in the circuit board
positive negative bsi 
Battery Connector connects the battery positive and negative to the mobile PCB internal plus and minus copper wire prints. if you don't know how to check Shortage on cell phone circuit from the battery connector read this article how to fix a short circuit iPhone

Step 2 Checking Cell Phone PCB Ground Resistance with a Multimeter

you need to identify the positive and the negative points on a battery and we already know that the negative point on the battery is what is the background connection as you see the yellow color line is the GND line of the battery that is traveling all through the mobile PCB so let's keep the probes on one end and connected and now we can hear the beep this basically means that the battery connector negative point is here. if two GND points are connected you will hear the beep sound if not you will not be able to hear a beep sound in these points by segmenting the entire negative line into smaller parts you will be able to exactly trace where the breakages in the entire negative line once the breakage is identified you will then need to use the jumper setting option and try and ensure that the wire is or the circuit is reconnected and is properly functioning
When we check the value of resistance using the multimeter is connected to the ground of the mobile PCB
ground testing

to know more about Ground Line in cell phone PCB read digital multimeter step by step guide article last paragraph

Positive Line VBB or VCC Main in iPhone PCB

now this is how we check the negative line now let's move on to the next part which is a positive line now a positive line cannot be very clearly seen like the negative line the positive line is typically connected to very specific components or ICS and supplies power to each of those components so it's not very easy to identify and it's not open unlike the negative line hence you need to ensure that you are able to trace the positive line effectively after reading through the circuit diagram of the respective iPhone PCB

Mobile Jumper Circuit Diagram Download

unless you have an iPhone Circuit Diagram in hand you may not exactly know how the positive ways is weaved it into the iPhone PCB or into the specific components of the Printed Circuit Broad so please ensure that you pick up their respective surface circuit diagram of the while phone that you are working on understand the VCC main connections that exist in it and then try and trace the connections

+VBAT(battery voltage) on Cell Phone PCBs

now one of the common things that we can do to check the positive ways is to touch the positive terminal +VBAT of the battery connector to this layup capacitor now this component is a very common component that you will find in most cell phone PCBs and this is a common place where the positive ways is usually connected you may be able to identify that in different cell phone PCBs 
check the positive ways is to touch the positive terminal +VBAT of the battery connector
capacitor on mobile PCB

to know more about layup capacitors in mobile PCBs visit How to Check Layup Capacitor in All Cell Phone Circuit
battery voltage +VBAT on Cell Phone PCBs
mobile battery connector pin

once you identify and able to detect that you will be able to touch the positive direct ways in the PCB the positive connector of the battery a connecting point to the specific non polar capacitors, resistance and other components and you can check whether the direct positive ways is intact or not that if there is a breakage here you may not be able to connect or connect the jumper wire from the battery connector VBAT

Step 3 Checking +VBAT(battery voltage) in Cell Phone Circuit

use the back end of the cell phone battery connector as you can see here in the pictures
there's a small point at the back of the battery connector which is connected to the front of the battery connector check whether you are able to get a beep sound
back point is connected to the power point
there's a small point at the back of the battery connector which is connected to the front of the battery connector so you place the one end of the meter prob tip on the back side of the battery connector point and the other on the other connecting point in the pcb and check whether you are able to get a beep sound now here you will be able to connect the jumper clearly without any issues like I just said before in the article the back point is connected to the power point you can hear the beep and from here you can connect the jumper wire to the next point for you to be able to take the positive ways ahead but you need to ensure that you read the phone circuit diagram clearly before you attempt any of this 

phone circuit diagram clearly the first step that you would do while you're testing or tracing the negative and positive ways in a cell phone circuit
power supply system in phone
so, in short, the first step that you would do while you're testing or tracing the negative and positive ways in a cell phone circuit is to understand whether the power supply system in tact and to check

if you want to learn testing or tracing the negative and positive ways faults in iPhone, Samsung PCBs take admission in smartphones problem and their solutions course   

Checking VBAT and GND both Power Supply in Your Cell Phone PCB

check whether the connectivity to the components are then the entire circuit power supply in your cell phone checking can move to further detailed
pcb diagram of mobile phone
that the first thing that you would do is check the negative line(GND) or ground which is signified by the yellow strip that you see all through you can place the probes of the multimeter at two different points or smaller segments of each of these and try and see if the connectivity is intact once that is done you can move on to the positive terminal VBAT of the battery connecting point and try and place it at the respective positive terminals of each of the components to check whether the connectivity to the positive terminal from the VBAT of the battery connector to the individual positive terminals of components are intact or not if these two are intact then the entire circuitry power supply in your cell phone is working absolutely fine once you do this checking you can then move on to do further detailed

Cell Phone Power Section

The top portion near to antenna of the cell phone circuit is called the networks section, and the bottom portion in the PCB is called the power section. Now check the cell phone power section polar and non-polar capacitors, coils, or the power clock oscillator function-specific components near the power IC when cell phone won't switch on.

What Do You Do When a Smartphone Won't Turn On?

in a smartphone, this is a common issue. to fix this in smartphone try to long press the Power Button. in many cases, the power button won’t work because the phone is basically frozen or Historically, the solution is to remove the battery, wait for 10 seconds, then reinsert the phone battery and press the power button again. This removes all the power internally form the smartphone circuit. first, try this to fix the problem. just hold down the power button for ten seconds. If this method doesn’t work, try to press the power button for a bit longer. ten seconds should be suitable for most smartphones, Many smartphones have a method to restart usually by holding down specific keys or buttons on the phone. Much like the Sony Experia and Motorola battery pull where you hold the volume down key and power key simultaneously while the mobile is powered off. Try using a laptop or car charger instead can put a quick charge on phone battery and get it to respond as well. If you have tried these methods and phone isn’t responsive due to its battery drained 100% Try charging it using a battery booster(12 volts DC adopter with Ampare) this device is used to boost mobile phone batteries if you don't know how to use this device to fix the dead cell phone batteries read digital multimeter step by step guide article DC Current Measuring topic.
phone power on after boosting the battery with the battery booster
phone turn on vibrate
If smartphone power on after you boost the phone battery with the battery booster, but boot process fails,
the android phone is freezes on the startup screen, or it immediately reboots or shuts off there is a problem with phone software
stuck on logo samsung
the phone is freezes on the startup screen, or it immediately reboots or shuts off there is a problem with device’s software. In this case, you have to perform a factory reset of your Android smartphone form recovery mode. Note that will erase the data of customer phone to reset it back to phone default software state. you can also use this method when someone smartphone is unusable due to crashing or freezing software.
to perform the factory reset from recovery mode turn the phone off  then boot it up with one of the following button combinations:
Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.
Hold Volume Down + Home + Power.
Hold Home + Power.
If none of these button combinations work, try performing a Google search by typing android phone name and hard reset keys to find the correct key combination of customer device. for example
(Samsung s3 hard reset keys)
perform a factory reset of your Android smartphone form recovery mode
android boot recovery mode
press the key combination until the Recovery mode option appears on the phone screen.
Note that will erase the data of customer phone to reset it back to phone default software state
samsung factory reset code
then Select the wipe data/factory reset option.
Choose wipe data/factory Reset option using volume keys and hold the Power button to enable
performing hard reset
Select the Yes to continue.
If your phone is screen locked you can do a Factory Reset Select the Yes to continue
hard reset screen
if smartphone refuses to switch on normally after performing hard reset try to flash it.
you can't enter into the menu with your google account or if you have a problem with the OS
refuses to switch on normally
if smartphone refuses to switch on after flashing it may be broken inside. then performing a Google search by typing android phone name and service manual to find the phone schematic diagram. then check VBAT and GND both Power Supply in smartphone PCB with the help of the schematic diagram.
I think to learn about jumper settings and how do we do the jumper settings on phone PCBs one article is not enough for you to understand the process for identifying where the circuit is broken in the negative and positive line of a mobile PCB in Dead, Not Charging, Battery Consumption, Auto-Off, water Damaged, Fallen Damaged, NO Vibration, No Tones, No Network, No Ear speaker Voice, No Mic Voice, LCD Disappear faults.
I will tell you those faults step by step jumper setting  in my next article so keep visiting my blog,
I hope you would have understood how to test positive and negative power supply in your cell phone PCB and we hope that you will continue to keep learning more about how to repair cell phone prints
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