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Smartphone Repair Training Online Free Tips Today

3 Dec 2016
There are varieties of newly android phone launched frequently by the brands like Blackberry, Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Sony and much more. These smartphones encounter one or the other error and demand quick repairing response. Hence, if you are soon going to enroll your name in android phone institute then follow the quick tips for android repair training.

Mobile Engineering Institute Selection

hardware and software troubleshooting
search online reputation

Select the mobile phone institute carefully after conducting a proper research. The institute must be the pioneer in the smartphone technology along with cell phone repair training. Consult your family, friends and other important online sources for help. In addition, you can search online since the online reputation of any mobile engineering institute cannot be ignored in this digital age.

Introduction of Mobile Software & Hardware

phone's hardware and software part
knowledge about

Once you decide the mobile engineering institute, try to grab maximum knowledge about a phone's hardware and software part. A majority of phone faults happens due to failure in hardware or software of a smartphone. Have a look at the course highlights of the mobile engineering institute for more information.
Introduction of smartphone Software
software parts

Special Focus on Chinese Phone Repair

Chinese Phone Repair
Special Focus on
There is no doubt that the Chinese android phone market is increasing its share in the global smartphone industry. Today, we have a number of Chinese phones popular in Asian countries including India. Therefore, in smartphone repair training, it is important to focus on repairing Chinese phones. The major issue covered in the same is taking a file backup, formatting, flashing ,unlocking/locking, hardware and software troubleshooting etc.

Clear Your Smartphone Basic Electronics Concept
Basic Electronics Concept training
for electronics

Being a smartphone repairing student, you must understand the basic electronics since everything related to charging, power supply, and phone working depends on this concept only. Hence, while receiving smartphone repair training clear all your concepts for electronics like types of current, voltage, power, read smartphone schematic diagram, etc.

Understand Advanced Mobile Phone Repairing

It does not matter whether you have opted for a basic or an advanced mobile phone and smartphone repairing training, practicing on advance android troubleshooting is a must. Advance signifies the android Smartphone that is widely used all over the globe. It is necessary to know their working, difference, assembling and disassembling of tablets process, etc.

Follow your Dream in Smartphone Repairing Training

Last but not the least, follow your dream and motivate yourself during mobile phone and smartphone repair training. You need to have faith in yourself so that you can learn everything taught in mobile engineering institute in Karachi Pakistan. I hope with the above tips you will get help in your training process.
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New Apple IPhone 7 Technical Specifications

18 Nov 2016
Compared with the previous Apple smartphone products, the new apple iPhone 7 brings seven main changes, including jet black color, headphone jack, water-resistant, home button, dual cameras, new CPU and longer battery endurance.

The most obvious feature of this new apple iPhone 7 is the jet black body color and apple logo. A pristine, mirror-like surface and a high gloss finish make it look eye-catching and remarkable apple logo.Through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing processor, its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple new products. However, it will scratch more easily and the finish is particularly prone to fingerprints lock as well.

New Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The lightning port of new apple iPhone 7 has been substituted for the original headphone jack. Apple company announces that this design has two advantages: freeing up space and a better connector for audio. On my opinion, Apple' s real purpose is to promote its new apple wireless headphones Airports.

new apple iPhone 7
technical specifications

It features the water-resistant. The entirely re-engineered enclosure makes the new apple iPhone has the waterproof function as well as the protections of spills, splashes, and dust.

The mechanical home button has been replaced with a static version force sensitive button. With Apple' s Company Taptic Engine to click back at users, this new design brings a pretty good user experience.

IPhone 7  Seven Megapixels Front Camera and Image Stabilization

IPhone 7  Seven Megapixels Front Camera
best performance

Now Apple' s Upgraded dual cameras offer the nice shooting experience. It comes with an iPhone 7  seven megapixels front camera with automatic image stabilization for the better selfie with your friends and a 12 megapixels rear camera. Most importantly, it has an improved new iPhone 7sensor and a lens that opens up to f1.8 (previously, it was f2.2). That means much better night shots.

The new iPhone is powered by a new outstanding A10 Fusion SoC. Compared with the previous chip A9 CPU configuration, this new one runs 40% faster. Apple Company says it is the most powerful chip that has ever been in smartphones.

New Apple iPhone 7 provides longer battery endurance than the previous Apple phones products. In other words, this new one' s battery is the most durable of all Apple phones products. Compared with its previous product iPhone 6s, it will last at least 2 more hours during daily usage.

headphone jack
stereo speakers

I like the new changes of the water-resistant function, iPhone 7 powerful CPU configuration, and longer battery endurance. On the contrary, I think it will trouble me that it has the only port for charging and using as a headphone jack. That means I cannot listen to songs while charging.

If you wanna purchase Smartphones, Now you can Compare prices online Saves Your Time and Money for Selling your SmartPhones
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How to backup whatsapp messages and transfer them to another android phone

12 Nov 2016
It is the generation of iPhone and smartphones and the millions of apps running over .And Whats upholds to be the most commonly used texting app all over the entire world. Not just instant messaging but this WhatsApp allows voice calling, data file discussing, team discussions as well. This is what has made it this popular among generations.
But, all your chats hold a special place in your routine life. There are conversations with your friends, the best friend is your someone unique and then, there are essential to keep professional private conversations. You just can’t afford to lose your best friends. Well, not to worry – Whats up takes care of your emotions and the significance of keeping your precious discussions secure. It allows you to keep a back-up of your private conversations so that you don’t lose any important text ever.

How to backup your Whats up Chats on your Smartphones?

backup and restore whatsapp
iPhone or Android mobile or tablet
it's simple You can very easily backup your Whats up conversations so as to have a data source of information that you can recover anytime With so many professional conversations, you need to have some space on your smartphone to hold the backup. You can also keep a copy of the created backup file on your PC or a laptop.
Follow the steps below to backup your WhatsApp conversations:

Launch Whats up

whatsapp backup messages extractor
Whatsapp online backup
  • Click on Menu > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Conversations.
  • Your message history will be backed up on your smartphone’s SD card.
  • You can easily locate the backup file in your phone SD card > WhatsApp > Databases >msgstore.db.crypt
Isn’t this simple? Now what to do with this back-up file? Well, just let it be stored safely. In case, you lose your messages anytime, you can use this file to store them back to your smartphone.

How to Restore Your Whats up Messages on your Android Device?

whatsapp messages and transfer
them to another android phone
  • All that you need to do to restore your 
  • Whats up chats is to re-install WhatsApp on your android phone. 
  • Follow the app’s instructions entering the same cell phone number that you were using before. 
  • What's up will itself ask you whether you are willing to restore your messages.
  •  You just need to click the Restore button. That’s it.

But what if you plan to switch to a new android phone? Who does not like to switch to the latest android models in the market? Everyone does but what intimidates you is that you’ll have to lose your Whats up conversations when switching to another smartphone. But, Whatsup takes care of this as well. You can now transfer your Whats up messages from one smartphone to another.
How to transfer your Whats up messages from one smartphone to another?
For transferring your Whats up messages from one android phone to another, you must ensure to:

either insert the SIM you are using and use the same cell phone number that you were using on your previous smartphone
or, use a different mobile number on your new android phone.
In case, you mess these up, your WhatsApp account associated with that mobile phone number will get banned or blocked. So, don’t forget to do this and then, adhere to the actions below.

  • On your new Android phone, visit SD card. 
  • Create a folder directory: WhatsApp > Databases.
  • Copy paste the “msgstore.db.crypt” titled backup file that you had created earlier in the ‘Databases’ folder.

Now Install WhatsApp on Your New Android Phone

  • Follow the app’s instruction and ensure to add a different mobile phone number or to insert your SIM in case, you want to use your previous phone number.
  • WhatsApp will itself ask you to restore your messages.
  • Click on the Restore button.
  • Your WhatsApp messages will be transferred and restored from your old phone to your new one.

This is all that you need to do. And WhatsApp will never let you lose your precious conversations, no matter how many new android phones you keep switching to. Flaunt your style with the latest smartphone models in your hand without losing your Whats up chats. What can be better than that? Have fun guys!

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How to Sell Your Used Android Phone Quickly

2 Nov 2016
So what do you do when you want to sell your used Smartphone, and that too real quick? In the present times of digital consumerism, we are at a stage where we change our android phone more frequently than ever before. While there are numerous options when it comes to finding the right place to buy a new android phone, we often don't have any idea about what to do with the old smartphone. People want to get cash for their phones quickly and at the best price but the cumbersome question to find the right buyer, best price and so on makes it a daunting task.

Tips to keep in mind while Selling your Mobile Phone

Used Android Phone Quickly
buy a new smartphone

There are many e-commerce stores and classified websites around that allow people to trade-in their android devices for cash. Popular classified websites like craigslist,OLX and Quikr allow users to post ads for their phones sans any cost. And when a buyer finds your attractive advertisement enough, they can contact you through the classified website for more details about the price and condition of the android device. On the other hand, e-commerce websites allow users to earn money in lieu of their old mobile phones quickly by selling it on the website itself. Having said that, don't forget these steps before trading post in or posting ads for the sale of your android device online

Research online:
Research online
customer reviews

Do some research about the classified website where you wish to sell or put up your ad for your smartphones. Try reading customer testimonials and reviews to find out about their experience with the classified website's services.

Compare prices online:

Compare prices online
Try comparing the prices that different web pages are offering to find the best deal.

Decide right price: 

Decide only when you are confident enough that you are getting the right price for your used android phone and make sure that the website web page is credible.Why Consider ECommerce Sites for Selling Your android Device When you wish to get the right price for your used android phone quickly, e-commerce websites usually tend to be better in many ways. Here's why:

No Need to Find the Buyer for your SmartPhone:

Unlike classified websites web pages, where you need to attract buyers towards your advertisement in order to make a deal, e-commerce companies buy your android phone directly through the website within a few clicks. You don't have to wait for consumers to read your phone ad and respond.

No Need to Find the Best Price:

E-commerce websites generally offer best market price for used android phones to have an upper edge over classified web pages. Hence, you don't have to bargain to get the best price.

Saves Your Time and Money for Selling Phones:

top selling smartphones
Used Android Phone
E-commerce websites buy back your used device from anywhere and at any time, unlike classified web pages where you have to make at least one meeting to show your phones physically to the buyer. It simply saves a lot of time and hassle free.

So whether you are upgrading to a new android device or have already bought a new one, now you know what to do with your old device. The points mentioned above cover almost everything you need to keep in mind to get the right price for your android device and that too, within a few clicks. Now you just need to identify the right online platform and find the right deal.

Visit to see how much you can get for your old mobile phone and for recycling mobile phones find the best prices on handsets and get more information on how to sell your old mobile

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Scan and Edit Your Documents Using Your Android Device

28 Oct 2016
Have you ever been in a situation that you needed to scan your personal documents and edit them immediately? And you couldn't make it and maybe you missed something important  to you? Well, don't lose your hope. There should be a solution and there will be no regrets.

Sometimes in under particular circumstances, you have to deal with a problem immediately following or you'll lose an opportunity. And maybe it affects whole your life and you regret it so much in your life. The circumstance, mentioned in the first paragraph of the formal letter is one of them. So there should be a solution and we are going to solve it together.

So if you were in this situation, you wished that there were portable scanners for photos and documents. I can tell you that there are portable scanners for photos and documents that you can carry in your pocket. Actually, they are not fingerprinted literally scanners but they can do the same thing. You can simply name them smartphones.
scan Documents
for photos and documents

Since the invention of android phones, they have been a great help to people and professionals. the smartphone can be used as the portable radio, music and video player, weather forecaster and the android phone can help you in taking care of your pets... So, they have become very common in societies.

In modern life, almost everyone has mobile phones and a lot of people use Android tablets and smartphones. There are a lot of apps for android operating system applications which come in handy in different situations. The mentioned situation is one of them. So there is a solution.

You can extract texts from image or photos taken by your android phone's camera or the images already existing in your android device's gallery. The process is very simple. You just need to follow some easy steps using some android applications that are known as OCR text recognition apps.

OCR Optical Character Recognition

OCR text recognition free
image or photo

OCR Optical character recognition text recognition is a method of extracting the texts from an image or photo and turning it into an editable document. When a document page is scanned, it is generally saved as a bit-mapped file in TIF format. When the image or photo is displayed on the screen, we can make out the print. But to the product, it is just a series of black and white dots. The device does not recognize any "words" on the image or photo.

This is what OCR text recognition free does. text recognition OCR looks at each line of the picture and tries to find out if the black and white dots represent a particular letter or number.text recognition OCR was actually developed originally to assist sight-impaired individuals to gain access to printed information.

Anyway, these OCR Optical character recognition free apps are really useful for extracting text from image or photo.You can edit your personal documents after your text is extracted from image or picture.

So here are the top free apps you can use on Android for OCR text recognition

camscanner phone to scanner android

ocr instantly free apk

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Smartphone Repairing Tutorial

15 Oct 2016

Start Your Own Business


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SmartPhone Repair in the US Market Research Report

3 Oct 2016

What is the SmartPhone Repair Industry?

smartphone Industry Performance
Current Performance Reviews 2016
This business industry primarily repairs and maintains smartphones. Some Service operators may also repair Android and Apple tablets such as iPads or other electronic android operating system  devices as secondary businesses, which are also included in industry revenue growth rates. Industry operators include brick-and-mortar stores, which allow customers to bring in their smartphones for repairing. Some stores also allow Android customers to mail in devices that need repairs.

  • Industry Activities
  • Repairing mobile phones
  • Repairing android phones
  • Repairing iPads and iPod tablets

  • About this Industry
  • Industry Definition Geography
  • Main Activities and Responsibilities
  • Similar Business Industries
  • Additional Resources mod

  • Cell Phone Industry at a Glance
  • Industry Performance 2016
  • Executive Summary 2016
  • Key External Drivers Environment
  • Current Performance Reviews
  • Industry Shipping Outlook
  • Industry Life Cycle Stages

  • Products & Markets Nab
  • Supply Chain Cycle
  • Products Services and Technological Trends
  • Major Markets around the world

  • Globalisation & Trade unions
  • Business Locations for repair
  • Competitive Landscape slide
  • Market Share Concentration index
  • Key Success Factors marketing
  • Cost Structure Benchmarks
  • Barriers to Entry Smartphone industry

  • Major Smartphone Companies
  • Operating Conditions fluent
  • Capital Intensity by industry

  • Key Statistics on the NHS
  • Industry Database
  • Annual Change Traffic
  • Key Ratios industry

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Advance Android Mobile Repairing book

17 Sep 2016

Advance Mobile Repairing Book Author

Muhammad Asif Azeemi left his job in 2016 and started his own online mobile phone business that deals Android Phone Repairing and Trainings includes assembly disassembly checking circuit basic electronic components of the smartphone with proper tools diagnose trace mobile android phones software hardware faults videos tutorials

Advance Android Mobile Repairing Book Online

ar book finder
Advance Android Mobile Repairing book
Advance Android Mobile Repairing book has a comprehensive and detailed approach towards each and every aspect of Smartphone repairing. If you wish to learn Smartphone repairing in general or planning a career in android repairing, this book can be of a lot of help for you. Detailed approach with a block and schematic diagrammatical illustrations and step by step instructions make it an android user friendly book. It is one of the best self-help books available in the given category.

The major focus of the Advance Android Mobile Repairing book is on understanding the entire system by which the android works. The author believes if you know the basic android features and functions about how actually android phone works, then diagnosing the problem and finding a solution for it will not be a big issue for anyone.There are many short hands on the solution which can be tried on initial stages and problem solving can be done without the actual diagnosis. These hands-on solutions have been explained in detail in the Advance Android Mobile Repairing book.

Apart from that, hardware and software of the android phones have also been discussed in detail. Common problems which usually occur in almost all kinds of the smartphone along with their solution have been discussed in detail in this Advance Android Mobile Repairing book. Whether you have some or no experience in the field of android phone repair, this Advance Android Mobile Repairing book can be a very good guide for anyone around the world. Both beginners and experienced people can rely on the Advance Android Mobile Repairing book for success in the career of android phone and tablets repairing

Apart from theoretical knowledge on the subject, Advance Android Mobile Repairing book also imparts practical solutions to the problems. Practice questions, smartphone block and schematic diagrams illustrative diagrams, circuit schematics online, the example schematic diagram flow charts  easy to understand language makes learning an easy process and able to diagnose troubleshoot and repair any smartphone circuit and its basic electronic components

Latest technology and some of the most advanced features of android phones and its capabilities have been covered in details, Topics like android PCB test point concept, secret code, master code, LCD repairing and solar android phone concepts have been explained in detail. The reader will also get in depth knowledge about android printed circuit board IC, motherboards and all the other kinds of circuits used in the smartphones.
Android Mobile Repairing book
part one avaible

The book Advance Android Mobile Repairing is available online for beginners and experienced technician of android smartphone repairing. You can get this book from MobileRepairingOnline today.
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Free Schematic Circuit Diagram Online The Four Commonly Asked Questions

1 Sep 2016
I came across quite a number of questions about mobile phone and smartphone block and schematic diagrams

Most of the question asked are:

Do we really need a mobile phone schematic diagram in order to repair any mobile phone circuit and electronic equipment?

Will smartphone schematic diagram help us to repair faster?

At where we can get a particular mobile phone schematic diagram?

How to read smartphone schematic diagram?

Well, the answers is as below:

Repair Any Mobile Phone Circuit and its Basic Electronic Components

circuit schematics
example schematic diagram
In Mobile Phone Repairing Theoretically yes, Practically not necessary, it all depends on how good you are in basic electronic repair knowledge. For a beginner, it is a 'must' for you to understand about the Layout schematic diagram, as you gradually gained more knowledge you will automatically depend on less on the Mobile Phone schematic diagram. You will definitely need a SmartPhone schematic diagram when you come across a new designer or technology. For example schematic diagram, when comes to Cell Phone Repair I seldom see schematic because I already understood most of the circuitry and section in a Cell Phone. The new technology such as SmartPhone or Android Phone makes me have to temporarily relies on the schematic diagram example

As my knowledge of Android Phone Repair grows, I will gradually depend on less on the circuit schematics. Maybe my situation is different from yours because I'm concentrating some types of Smartphone and Android Device. I've seen quite a lot of repairers in my country Pakistan that repair many types of Smartphone brands such as iPhone, blackberry, htc, Samsung, Nokia, sony Xperia, Motorola, LG, China, Qmobile, Huawei and so forth. Most probably they need the schematic diagram to keep them up to date on each of the Smartphone brands technology.

Block and Schematic Diagram you can Repair any Smartphone faster ?

any Smartphone faster
Block and Schematic Diagram 

If you have a Smartphone particular schematic diagram for that particular Smartphone brands, your troubleshooting time can be reduced to half! Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not release their Smartphone schematic diagram. If you depend on too much of circuit diagram you will be stuck on how to repair that particular Smartphone. Why with the block and schematic diagram you can repair any Smartphone faster? Because a schematic diagram is shown you all the part list, waveform, voltages, explanation how that particular Smartphone work, block diagram, schematic design, component's part value number, electrical schematics symbols, substitution, modification (if have) and electronic schematic symbols and etc. Assuming you have a digital power supply section blown and you could not recognize the component part value number, but with layout schematic, you will be able to find the exact part value and finally repaired the Smartphone.

You Will Be Able To Diagnose TroubleShoot and Repair The Android Phone Fast

Troubleshoot and Repair
The Android Phone Fast
If you work in the smartphone company or their distributor you will have the schematic circuit diagram for the smartphone model that they sell. Any under warranty unit that comes in you will be able to diagnose and repair the smartphone fast. This will increase the company's reputation and customers will recommend to their friends about the quick service of that particular smartphone brand of equipment. You also can get schematic circuit diagram in the form of a book from local electrical and electronic shops. This is usually a compilation of few brands and model of a specific smartphone.Nokia schematics diagram are easy to get but smartphone schematics and android schematics is a little bit harder to find. If you have the budget get one of the books. Third, as most of us already know that you can download free cell phone schematics diagram from the internet. Free mobile phone circuit diagrams schematics is easily found on the internet. You may also buy it the online. This investment will usually pay back in the shortest time.

Schematic and Diagram Symbols

As how to read the schematic diagram, I'm unable to show you through the article because you do need a real schematic and diagram symbols in order to make you understand. Reading schematic diagram is not that difficult, provided you have some mobile phone basic electronic knowledge.

I have a few suggestions:
  1. Ask a smartphone repair technician friend who is in the android phone repair line
  2. Take short courses on Android Layout Schematic Diagram Reading and ask the lecturer
  3. Buy books from your local bookstore about the subject "how to read layout schematic circuit diagram"
  4. Find latest Pdf book or online Manual Guide on Mobile Phone Repairing
  5. Buy latest Mobile Phone schematic diagram layouts and learn on your own (this will take sometimes but worth it)
  6. Fix some Mobile phones using the Troubleshooting smartphone diagram given.This will add to your knowledge also.

Conclusion-In order to become a successful Smartphone repairer you must understand how to read the schematic circuit diagram.

Muhammad Asif Azeemi  is smartphone repair technician and a writer, for more information how you can test basic electronic components like a professional watch his video tutorials on Android Phone Repairing Course
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Find SmartPhone Repair Tools to Solve Your SmartPhone Problems Online

23 Aug 2016
Find The Repair Kits
SmartPhone Repair Shops
You can either get them online or offline. There are many online suppliers who offer different types of Mobile repair tools through the internet. You are advised to browse through their websites to find out more about the Android repair tools products. You can get detailed product descriptions and the prices from their websites. By reading the features of the mobile repairing tools products carefully, you will be able to know which tools suit your phone needs. In order to save money, you are reminded to compare the prices of similar repair tool products carefully. Check out whether there are great sale discounts available for online purchase.If you are not comfortable with an online purchase mobile repair tools

Find The Repair Kits from SmartPhone Repair Shops

you are suggested to find the repair kits from smartphone repair shops. There are many retailers who offer a wide variety of repair kits for Android users. You can check with the shop attendants for details. They normally recommend the Smartphone repair tools based on the users’ models. In order to play safe, you can also check with the manufacturers to find out whether they offer Smartphone repair kits for their users.

Phone Repairing TroubleShoot Guide or Magazines

troubleshooting guide or magazines
online pdf books

If you still don’t have confidence in Mobile phone repair tools, you can read the users Best CPR Phone Repairing Solutions Guide 2016 and reviews from the internet android tablet troubleshooting guide or magazines. You can make your final decision after reading the reviews or comments.

In short, by getting the right Android repair tools for your Smartphone, you can solve all your Cell phone problems on your own. Why do you need to spend more money to get other people to repair your iPhone and smartphones? Be a smart Android phone user from now onwards!
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