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Micro Soldering Repair Training

30 Apr 2018
This is the basic skill for a show you the tips and techniques of the skills involved with your mobile phone repair jobs today will going over the basic and advanced skills of Micro soldering. There are many kinds of mobile phone circuit soldering, but this article is designed to teach you the basics to advance smartphone and iPhone logical broad soldering. most repairs require you to have basic tools like a screwdriver or a sponge and others might involve more exciting tools like a soldering iron.

Now Review the Tools for Soldering Microelectronic Components

Soldering Iron: A soldering iron is a pen-shaped fine tip that heats up. one of the ways soldering irons is measured in the electrical and electronic market by is wattage. for laptop and smartphone electronics components work, a low-power iron 35 watts is used. Some irons are temperature-controlled, running at a fixed temperature in the same way as a soldering station. For most basic soldering, a 35 Watt soldering iron will work without any problems. but it is also possible to buy advanced solder stations where you can set the tip temperature with a dial or knob.
Mini micro Soldering iron help mobile technician to do iPhone solder
soldering iron tips amazon
Iron Tip: Most electronics soldering iron and soldering station have interchangeable tips, the iron tip is also known as the bit.
cleaning soldering iron tip step by step best information for students of mobile repairing
also known as the bit
Apart from Micro soldering tools, you may also need few other tools like sponge, iron stand, safety goggles, PCB holder, solder wire rosin core, desoldering wick remover wire and soldering flux paste. how can you actually use this?
get familiarity with soldering tools and methods of smartphone repairing
mobile repair tool list

Sponge: Something with which to clean your tip like a wet water sponge or a wet cotton
wet water sponge can be used to cleaning the iron tip
iron cleaning tool

Iron Stand: A soldering iron stand is used to keeps the hot iron tip away from burning flammable materials when you set the soldering iron down after soldering. iron stand purchased separately with 30 to 40watts soldering irons, but most budget higher end soldering models include the iron stand.
soldering iron stand used to keep the hot iron tip when setting solder iron down after soldering
purchase separate

Safety Goggles: Especially if you're the beginner, you should be wearing safety goggles
beginner should wearing safety goggles before soldering work on iphones
safety goggles amazon

PCB Holder: Suitable for fixed maintenance of smartphone circuit board and small essential for mobile phone maintenance easy to use, make your repairing work smoothly.
easy to use make your mobile repairing work smoothly
maintenance circuit well

Solder Wire Rosin Core: For a good solder joint between two components, you need the best quality of solder wire. solder wires are available in different diameters.solder wire rosin core is the most common and widely used solder wire.
the best quality common and widely used solder wire
solder joint between components

Soldering Flux Paste: Apply a best quality solder flux on the area of the leads of microelectronic components to be soldered. soldering flux paste will help to remove any deposited oxides from the surface of the microelectronic metals thus leading to better solder joints.
leads of microelectronic components soldering flux paste will help to remove any deposited oxides from the surface
try better-sold joints

what is soldering and why we do it?the best answer

Soldering is a method of connecting electronic component and its copper print on a PCB together by melting another filler metal in between them
best definition
Soldering is a method of connecting electronic component and its copper print on a PCB together by melting another filler metal in between them.Why would you need to join two copper layers together? Typically the common uses of solder are when a copper wire or component print gets cut and needs to be "fused" jumper back into the circuit.
Now we have all the tools we need to start doing soldering by hand so let's jump into it right now. The best part?
Cleaning: When the iron tip burnt flux accumulated on it, solder no longer wets the iron tip,
solder not wets on the iron tip problem solution by MRO
flux on solder wire don't get wet
then impending heat transfer and making soldering SMD components with soldering iron difficult or impossible.
periodically soldering iron tip not work well
iron tips problems
the tip must be periodically cleaned when using. Such problems happen with all kinds of soldering iron tips, A wetted water sponge or cotton can be used to wipe the tip for more aggressive cleaning

for aggressive iron tip cleaning used wet water sponge or cotton
move the tip at a sponge
Iron Tip Care and Maintenance: For soldering iron coated with a thin of solder.allow iron for transfer the heat to the workpiece on the PCB.This procedure is called iron tip tinning.
The tip must be coated with a shiny layer of solder by occasional wiping and applying solder directly to the tip
care thin of solder
Desoldering Wick Remover Wire: Desoldering wick wire is used to remove excess solder from the component tracks and mobile phone PCB.Wick Remover Desoldering Braid Wire is also used for Suck solder form BGA iC prints.
In a mobile circuit, desoldering Wick Remover Wire is used to a removal of solder and components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement
Solder Removal

Hand Soldering and Micro Soldering Just Arrived Information

learn pen iron how to quickly and efficiently do soldering
practical guide
Hand soldering is done for repairing of faulty mobile printed circuit boards and components. sometimes repairing and replacement of SMD components is also done by hand in mobile repairing jobs.hand soldering basic is done during PCB rework in a production unit when a smartphone PCB gets smash crash hand, soldering is also done for repairing and servicing printed circuit boards by the mobile technician. hand soldering is useful when replacing components on PCB with other PCB.
the microelectronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system These leads connect to create a mobile electronic circuit with a particular function
what they do
Smartphone and iPhone basic electronic: Smartphone motherboards, tablet, Mac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone logical boards are filled with basic electronic components, many of these components such as coils, resistors, capacitors, and FPC, LVDS connectors are specification different models and brands. sometimes those components get failed due to water damage or phone dropped by the customer's basic electronic get disconnect from the copper prints.When these components disconnected from the iPhone logical broad or have been damaged by the user then you will need to perform micro soldering repairs.
Demonstrate how to sold micro components with the soldering iron: Make sure the soldering iron is hot. Do not touch it. Hold the soldering iron properly in one hand and component on the other hand with the help of tweezer. Maintain proper angle between component and PCB. by joining two surfaces allows the DC current to flow from one component to another microelectronic by print. Place the component at the copper track on the PCB with the help of the tweezer.
easy step by step free soldering techniques to help students
works quickly 
Apply heat where the lead of the component meets the copper track on the PCB. and hold the component with the tweezer.
Apply heat component meets on the PCB hold with the tweezer
step two
use solder wire if needs.
learn how to do the best solder joint with iron bit
step three
Flux and Solder Paste Residue Remover for Smartphone PCB and BGA Repairing : when you finish soldering, do you find there is solder flux residue on the PCB? The flux residue is not easy to remove by brush. It is important to buy best quality PCB cleaner liquid as poor quality cleaners can damage the board prints.
The solder flux residue is not easy to remove by brush the best quality PCB cleaner liquid cleaners used to clean the board prints
micro soldering flux
Anti Static ESD Brush for Cleaning Mobile Phone Tablet PCB BGA Repair Soldering: Antistatic brush is best for cleaning all Dusting and Dirt form sensitive components and FPC connector with safely. suitable for cleaning, washing and removes any liquid from the surface of iPhone and Samsung mobile phone PCB.The brush cleans those areas which are hard to reach in PCB, with its long handle and soft hair brush are easy to use.
Anti static brush is best for cleaning all components and FPC connector with safely removes any liquid from the surface of iPhone and Samsung mobile phone PCB
Cleaning Mobile Tablet PCB
that's not all...
You can also use soldering tweezers iron an advanced tool for soldering, resoldering basic electronics
For soldering and desoldering small surface-mount components like resistors, polar or non-polar capacitors, and Zener diodes, tweezer style soldering iron can be used, with two terminals and free-standing or controlled from a soldering station. soldering tweezers iron is also called tweezer soldering iron SMD. The tweezers have two heated tips applied to the two ends of the PCB component. The main purpose of the soldering tweezers is to melt solder around the this new era of smartphone repairing at your mobile repair shop, you need to perform micro soldering repairs at the microscopic level.
The tweezer soldering iron SMD have two heated tips can applied ends of the electronics component
micro soldering tweezers

remember one thing the best solder joint should look shiny. the backlight fuse is a commonly replaced component in every single Apple motherboard backlight fault. SMT (Surface Mount Technology) IC soldering method is different. the solder joint quality depends on the soldering tools you used. The better the quality of tools the better you get a result, the better will be the life and performance of the smartphone after repair.

Micro Soldering For iPhone Cell Phone Mobile Phone SMT Repair Right Now

With the latest tools and the right knowledge, it is possible to repair costly iPhone, Samsung, and tablet motherboards at the component and chip level. This process is called “micro soldering” Once you are ready with all the tools needed for Micro soldering, you are ready to start the iPhone repair job.
teaching the essentials of soldering help readers gain familiarity with soldering tools and methods
micro soldering training

iPhone Board Level Repair: So, what does it take to learn hand soldering microelectronics and component level repair? The best place to start is with the micro soldering flux and soldering micro resistor. start by making sure the iPhone logical broad and the leads of the components are clean and free from any dust or grease. microelectronic components which are not clean may have deposited oxides that can lead to the bad solder joints.
iPhone Board Level Repair start soldering micro resistor component leads solder joints
micro soldering flux clean microelectronic

What is Micro Soldering Jobs?

microscope initial examination for doing small components micro soldering repair jobs
soldering micro circuits  advance level
During your repair process, you would perform an initial examination of the device motherboard, inspect for damage externally, then proceed to view the board with the components under a microscope to see problems.anything repaired and soldered under a microscope would be also considered "micro soldering jobs". the iPhone logical broad components and IC's get to a smaller size often times a soldering on micro circuits is needed, typically working with the smaller components using standard tools is very difficult. you can’t learn to solder all microelectronics without a microscopic. In this article, we will go over choosing a best microscopic and tweezers iron, as well as everything else you will need to learn micro soldering jobs and take your smartphone repair business to the next level.let's suppose you are earning an average $70 per repair on a cell phone and you do 10 FP(feature phone) repairs each week, that’s revenues of $700 weekly. when you do SP(smartphone) repairing you can earn an average $90 per repair on a smartphone, tablet, Mac, iPad, iPod, and iPhone logical boards by micro soldering repair. your weekly business revenue percentage can increase 100%
microscope provide eyepieces magnification see best components FPC connectors used microscope  different zoom magnified view
hand soldering micro electronics
Microscope with Magnifier: Microscope used to see a magnified view of Device PCB, FPC connectors or microelectronic components.with the microscope can easily see and work with iPhone and other smartphone motherboards, generally, eyepieces provide with the microscope to see the magnification. magnifier available in different zoom options. the best quality microscope eyepieces can be swapped for higher or lower magnification.There are different attachable light sources available for a microscope as well.Ring lights source can attach to the bottom of the microscope and provide lighting around the workspace.
microscope light sources in the bottom of the microscope provide lighting around the workpiece
microscope smartphone magnification view 
you can add a camera to your microscope. the camera is a great way to showing customers exactly what sort of repairs need to be made on there smartphone circuit as well as teach other technicians logic board level repair.The most important feature of the microscope is the glass.microscopes can be connected to a computer LED.
scope sharpest and clearest view form Amscope and Nikon lenses for doing micro soldering work on motherboards of smartphones
camera view feature
you can found sharpest and clearest view form Amscope and Nikon lenses.In practice, the scope it’s fine for all smartphone mortherboard micro soldering work I’ve done.

I hope all of the above board level repair step by step picture help was useful enough to explain Micro Soldering Repair. If you have any question then feel free to ask via comments below

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Mobile Phone Repair Training Institutes List & Catalog

14 Apr 2018
Get contact details according to your location and address of mobile repair institutes in Pakistan.
Find information such as courses offered on your near location, contact information for Mobile Phone Repair Institute.

Now Students Can Understand The Questions That They Can Ask Before Taking Admission

Use this powerful guide to know more about cell phone repair institute Get cell phone repair catalog form download this catalog, before taking admission in training institutes near advice is to all students for reading this informative catalog will beneficial for their future career in cell phone repair industry

Download Mobile Phone Repair Training Institute Catalog Here

I have been a Mobile Phone Repair Teacher for 10 years now. I own my cell phone repair Business and online institute here in Karachi Pakistan, and I've been receiving great amounts of requests to share my teaching experience in cell phone repair institutes. so I decided to combine my blog articles in PDF Catalog.The topic a cover in this Catalog is listed below:
  • Smartphone Repair Course Chip Level Training Online Reviews & News
  • Phone Repairing Courses for Computer Hardware, Software Technician & Network administrator
  • Activities and Functions of Smartphone Repairing Institutes
  • Challenges Faced by Students During Phone Repairing Courses
  • Android and iPhone Repairing for the Better Job Opportunity
  • Smartphone Repair Training Free Tips Today
  • How to Choose the Best Phone Repairing Training Institute in your area
  • Mobile Phone Unlocking  Flashing Repair Training Courses
  • Important Traits to Learn iPhone Repairing Course
  • Mobile phone repairing job oriented courses
  • Mobile repairing center classes in Karachi
  • Self Study Online Cell Phone Repair Courses 
  • Business Plan for Smartphone Repair Shop   
The Catalog last page also has the list of cell phone repair institutes in Pakistan. Interested people are requested to fill the application form to get institute list and catalog on your email. Get your pdf copy today or Call on Whatsapp +92-312-2906096
So far, I've been pretty successful or not to give students the information they need before taking admission in cell phone repair institutes near them? Please leave a comment below, and let me know what you think! We'd love to hear from you.this enables us to continue providing the best experience possible for you and helps others new fans to find us on blogger to get the new information they need.

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Start Learning Cell Phone Repairing Explore Articles Community

7 Apr 2018
best Update Question Answers Relate to Cell Phone Repair today
Business Cell Phone Repair
Join cell phone businesses the fastest growing industries in the world. Cell Phone Repair Certified Technicians are in demand. Graduates can acquire employment with exciting companies vivo, oppo, locally or nationally, or go into business for themselves.

How to Learn Cell Phone Repair Business

Now train yourself. if you're someone looking to become the best cell phone technician in the industry or if you want to learn how to start your own cell phone and its accessories sale purchase business, you are in the right place to learn those skills.

Where to Learn Cell Phone Repair Step by Step

I'm sure what's available on the internet about smartphone repairing, there are many great video tutorials available on YouTube & Dailymotion all of which can be located with a simple search.(mobile brand)(mobile model)then here are some examples of key phrases you should try:
  • Disassembly
  • Parts checking
  • Fault finding
  • Soldering
  • Assembling
  • Problem solutions
By repeating the videos and on hand through practice, you will gain the technical expertise in cell phone repairing. but my advice is to my blog readers do not stick to anyone tutorial in particular, because every cell phone technician has different methods to repair iPhones and smartphones like doctor do and different tips they can won't learn anything until you start practicing on cell phone motherboards

Learn from the best cell phone technicians in the world to make sure you get the best possible to repair iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.

Cell Phone Repair Diagnosis Best Training Today

Best cell phone and tablet repair training institute mobile repairing online provide ppt mobile repairing course
cell phone fix solutions
Our trained technicians teach you testing and accurately diagnose the cell phone issue fix making sure to replace only the parts that are causing the fault. along with repairing or replacing screens, buttons, ports, and components. handling the broken device with precision and care. don't make customers pay for something their cell phone won't need! Then, once the repairs are made, check their device again to make sure it's working properly before your customer leave the store.

The same goes for cell phone repair technician step by step course. To learn all the required concepts and gain the practical knowledge you will have to study at one of the best cell phone repair institutes. Now Many students and professional people want to make a career in cell phone repairing.

MRO is a premier cell phone and tablet repair training institute with a well-established training center. MRO(mobile repairing online) provide computerized mobile repairing course online starting from basics to chip-level with highly sophisticated instruments. on-time classes and outstanding teaching are what make us a reliable online mobile phone repair training institute in Pakistan. If you want to do cell phone repair course online at the affordable cost, look no further. join our online session today. All of our trained technicians are ready and willing to help you whenever you need!

Please take a minute to leave a comment on the post we would really appreciate it. share this post on your social media and helps others new fans to find us on blogger to get the new information they need the great way to give referrals to your friends.thank you for reading this article

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Things You Should Know Before Taking Admission in Mobile Phone Repair Training Institutes

23 Mar 2018
mobile phone repair training institutes
join institute and center
Now in this internet surfing era, it is very important to know and research certain things before you start anything. As we know, there are many training institutes for phone repairing as well. They promise big but delivers nothing. I interview some of the mobile repair course pass out students about their bad experience to join institute and centers students are shown a different picture of the experienced faculty of those mobile phone repair training institutes, highly advanced training environment, flexible class timings, and many more attractive features. But in reality, the painted picture is completely white.

So What do Students Do? to learn Mobile Phone Repairing skills!

new era technical skills
helping to Choose the Best
as per students need, I write this article to help them to Choose the Best mobile phone repair training institute near to do mobile repairing course. I think the solution to the problem is select the mobile repair institute carefully after conducting a proper research on the internet. see the institutes website and social media pages and read the pass out students comments, reviews the repairing training institutes near you and also consider your family, friends and other important online sources for help.remember, recommendations from your family and best friends most credible for you because they will help ask them to call and go with you in mobile phone repair training institute near you for inquiry about taking is the better option for you if you are lucky! your family friend has basic knowledge of electronics or electrical fields.

I Am Listing Down Some of the Questions That You Can Ask Before Taking Admission in The Mobile Phone Repair Training Institute

Mobile Phone Repair Training
Ask Before Taking Admission 
Does the institute provide theoretically training or practical is also in the course syllabus?

Does the mobile repairing course syllabus totally practical oriented?

All the practical required concepts covered in this syllabus?

Does the syllabus is covering all the topics that are necessary to repair smartphones?

Hands-on experience with different brands of mobile phone models is included in this mobile repairing training?

Does the institute course syllabus gives the step by step training so that the basic get clear! for example, mobile internal parts and components identification, PCB layout diagrams reading and How does a smartphone IC integrated circuit work?

Does the course have plenty of mobile repairs job case studies which is not available at any of the mobile repair books or courses?

note: make sure the institute has all the necessary facilities and mobile repairing tools and smartphone circuits and also meet the Instructor!

Mobile Phone Repair Teacher, Trainer or Instructor

iPhone repairing course
apple iPhone repair training
Meet the trainer to judge him if he is expert smartphone technician and give you his hands-on phone repairs job real-life experience in the training. visit multiple mobile phone repair training institutes near you to Compare the course fees and how the repair course syllabus will be beneficial for your future in the order to get you a job after the completion of the course.

Does Smartphone Repair Course Certified Pass Out Students Get Immediate Jobs?

Smartphone Repair Course Certified student
 improve skills to repair lots of iPhones
joining the smartphone repairing course today is the best growing option because the market for smartphone and its repairing is continuously rising. it is advised to enter the field just experience the boom in your career. work hard to learn more and improve your skills to repair lots of mobile phone in minim time, all these abilities create you to ready to deal with on job perform without any problem and be a smartphone repair professional. yes, it is possible for you after doing a mobile repairing course with some month practice on faulty smartphones you will get a job in the existing mobile service center, mobile phone stores in your country.nowadays in mobile markets many shopkeeper owners choose to hire someone with experience to manage the smartphone repairs work. because they are too much busy in cell phone sale purchase business.

There are two more ways for students to learn mobile repairing courses
Mobile Repair Shop
Mobile Repair Online Institute

Now with the small investment, you can open your own cell phone shop because nowadays in mobile markets oppo, vivo & Samsung companies providing a free shop counter and free mobile sale service to open a shop. in mobile repairing training at the shop you can learn how to run your own mobile shop, phone repair secrets professionals don't want you to know and what should you have to learn before opening your own mobile repair business.with the Low investment, you can Start the great business with present time and earn lost of you can earn 30,000 to 50,000 per month with your own shop. MRO Start a business with low investment idea prepares students in line with the needs of the mobile market producing professionals technicians who are technically competent, confident and charged to meet the challenges of the mobile industry and carve their own career paths in an extremely competitive mobile market of today in their country. Due to MRO Mobile shop business plan emphasis on 100% Practical Professional Education, thousands of our online certified students have started their own in various areas of Karachi and all over Pakistan as well as overseas in countries including France, Austria, Ukraine, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Japan and the Middle East.

About MRO Institute – A Premier Institute For Doing Mobile Repairing Course Online via Video Chat in Pakistan
Teaching phone repairing courses online
get trained today

Mobile Repairing Online Institute is considered as the best online institute for the smartphone repairing course practical training in Pakistan. It provides training in a step by step systematic way and teaches the professional method of repairing smartphones screen, touch, charging ports, battery drain, short circuit, water damaged and LCD backlight faults with the help of practical case studies of smartphone repairs job. Students from different areas of Karachi like Hyderabad,  Larkana, Mirpur Khas, and Sindh learn online smartphone repairing course at MRO Institute. It also has trainees coming from nearby places like Punjab, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Abbottabad, Faisalabad, Balochistan and other states of Pakistan. Mobile Repairing Online has also enrolled Students in past year from Afghanistan, Iran, and middle east countries.

Mobile Repair Online Institute

Once you decide to do the course with mobile repair online institute, try to grab maximum knowledge about a phone's hardware, software repairing syllabus. Have a look at the online course highlights for more information.we conduct mobile phone repair training courses for people who cannot attend regular classes in mobile repair institutes and become the certified smartphone repair technician. These courses is a distance learning, teacher, and student's face to face online video chat, home study, good opportunity for cell phone and computer laptop sale purchase shopkeepers to easily learn in part-time at their own location via online video chat. This course is also preferable for people from the technical background and mechanical engineers, women how love to do technical work can also join and learn the required skills to repair their own smartphones.


Google Android, Apple iPhone, and Samsung smartphone repair is also a very good option for students who do not succeed academically or want to study further. There is a lot of scope in phone repairing field. They can either work as a technician or open their own repair shops with very little investment as I tell in the article.Get contact details according to your location and address of mobile repairing course practical training institutes in Pakistan. find best information such as courses use this powerful catalog to know more, you 'll agree with me when I say: it's really hard for a student who doesn't make enough money to complete his academic education and supports his family pay bills and survives to live comfortably. I hope this article helps the students who wish to do mobile repair course and gain the technical expertise to seeking another source of income, Those students should take advantage of the courses to make a living out of it. The candidates for the training should be able to make a career in it be it part-time or full time. I have been a smartphone technician for 10 years now. I own my cell phone store and online institute here in Karachi Pakistan, and I've been receiving great amounts of requests to share my experience. so I decided to write this article for helping students. So far, I've been pretty successful or not? Please leave a comment below, and let me know what you think! We'd love to hear from you.

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How Can You Learn Mobile Repairing Online? Is this possible?

12 Mar 2018
phone hardware repair online
way to learn Updated

For Me! The Answer is Yes, it is Possible

Yes, you can learn mobile repairing online. There are websites that offer Smartphone repair course online. I have searched and found the website that is offering mobile repairing free of cost.

Do You Know There is a Free Quick Way to Learn Mobile Phone Repairing 

you can learn by looking up videos about disassemble and assemble mobile phones on YouTube. there are generally hundreds of free videos are available on YouTube. YouTube is a great place to find step by step tutorials about smartphones parts replacement, and how to use phone disassembling tools for opening up a cell phone yourself taking everything apart and servicing putting it back together to see if it works or not That's you found out how to fix basic things in new smartphones 2018 watching YouTube videos on how to repair (and break) mobile devices. You need to know how to do both.
To learn mobile phone repairing, you need to know how phones work. in this internet search era, There is enough service manual PDF, books, and sites to learn the phone hardware repair online.
However, practice with the faulty mobile phones circuits with mobile repair tools is the main key. You can't learn to repair phones without doing it.
Theory can be obtained online. Practice must go in the real world to do the repair job.

Learn Step by Step Smartphone Repair Course Online with MRO

In order to be able to repair the mobile phone, you will need to have an in-depth understanding of mobile phones, how they work, and all their internal electronics components. A phone repair course is the best way to get this knowledge, as it will allow you to learn step by step in the supervision of mobile repair teacher in an easy way. Our phone repair courses is a series of lessons, taught by people who have expert knowledge of repairing smartphones. Each lesson covers a major fault that phones are likely to develop in this google android and Apple ios phone era, showing you how to identify the faulty part and how to repair or replace the faulty parts. Our course is a simple and easy way to learn everything you need to about how mobile phones work and how to be able to repair them.

Small Investments and Big Returns with the Smartphone Repairing Course

To start smartphone repairing, you need to buy some basic hardware and software mobile repair tools which will help you in learning course practical syllabus. It means you have to invest a small amount but the outcomes would be big. Get the training and Earn as much as you can by joining and doing smartphone repair jobs.

I hope things would be clear to you This is the time to grab the opportunity The mobile market demand is ever rising. It will never decline. The scope is getting higher Go through these courses and learns mobile repairing. Best of luck!

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How to Transfer iPhone Data from Your Old Android Phone to Your New Phones 2018

5 Mar 2018
Are you part of the fortunate few who got their hands on the new iPhone or Android? If yes, then you know you’re going to need to transfer all your data from your old Google Phones to your new phone. There is no need to head to your local Apple store support for assistance. You are fully capable of handling this task yourself and by the help of google. Although there are a few ways to do this, we will walk you through transferring your data using your Apple iCloud account. You can easily transfer everything to your iPhone data using this straightforward, step-by-step guide brought to you by the MRO(mobile repairing online) Let’s get started!
transfer everything
icloud backup to new phone s

Easy Steps to Transfer everything to your iPhone Data via iCloud account
Set up your new fones device and transfer iPhone data by executing a backup of your old iOS gadget 2018.

Apple iCloud Backup Transfer

Perform an iCloud Backup process
1. First, connect your iOS device to Wi-Fi.
2. Then, open your Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
3. Ensure your iCloud Backup is activated.
4. Click Back Up Now to make sure your up-to-date data is safely stored to your Apple iCloud.

Transfer Your SIM Card Data

Does your new iPhone or Google Android Phone require a SIM card? Then you can just transfer everything to the SIM card from your old Google phone to your new one. If you don’t have a SIM card but need one for your new fones device, contact your mobile phone carrier to discuss how to go about getting one. If you’re not sure how to remove your SIM card from any Apple Device, follow these directions via Apple Support You will learn how to locate, remove and connect your SIM card to your new fones device.

How to Install Your iCloud Backup

1. First, turn on your new Apple iPhone. You will see a “Hello” screen appear.
2. Continue through the steps until you reach the Wi-Fi selection screen option.
3. Choose a Wi-Fi network to join, and go through the steps until you reach Apps & Data menu, then hit Restore from iCloud Backup.
4. You will have to sign in to your Apple iCloud account using your Apple ID and password you used.
5. Next, select a backup that is the most recent date so you transfer everything, any photos, music or apps you may have downloaded lately.
6. Wait for the restoring process to complete, and then you can finish the remainder of the setup steps.

Note: During this process, you want to stay connected to the internet and make sure you keep your device plugged in Wi-Fi even after you set it up. This way, all your apps, photos, and music everything that is stored in iCloud can automatically download to your new Apple Device.

I trust this Step by Step information was easy to follow and you are all set to use your New Phones device! To transfer everything to your iPhone and Apple Devices like iPod, iPad, Mac, you can also view these instructions by Apple Support. If you need additional assistance with device issues, let the experts at MRO mobile repairing online handle your troubles. Step into an MRO location to receive fast, affordable, and efficient repair services. you can Find us here Cell Phone Repair nearest you!

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Smartphone and Printed Circuit Board Repairs: A Complete PDF Guide for Beginners and Professionals

17 Feb 2018
download PDF manual
free explanation notes
Smartphone and Printed Circuit Board Repairs is a three blog post complete PDF manual that answers all the basic and professional level questions for entrants into Smartphone computing devices technical support segment. The PDF solutions takes the reader one step at a time, combining a strong theoretical & practically knowledge base about Smartphone Circuits - how they function, description of their internal components, their internal electronics with video tutorials on basic foundation of Smartphone Circuit electronics for repairs and merged it with descriptive easily practicable tutorials on hardware related repair procedures for Smartphones.
If there is any complete PDF manual on Smartphone Circuit repairs ever known, then this PDF repairs is the complete Smartphone short circuit board repair guide for Beginners and Professionals mobile technicians! This PDF notes is for the young people, students, or anyone seeking a good resource for practical learning towards self-reliance. Through the pages of this PDF explanation, a reader would train to become a great Smartphone technician with a brighter and faster-earning potential than most laptop technicians. The video tutorials cover How to check short circuit, troubleshoot Shorting, Reasons for Shorting in Smartphone Motherboards and also Procedure To Remove Shortage in mobile circuits and many more.
Discover the secrets of Step by Step phone repair with this PDF manual free download today!

Editorial Reviews About the Author

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Muhammad Asif Azeemi has set up and managed two regional mobile phone repairing and training centers within the last twelve years; taught and mentored over seven thousand students, mobile phone, and computer service full professionals. NGOs and individually over the past three years. He holds a diploma in Mobile Repairing Course in 2003 with Computer Universe Institute Affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE), Certified in Basic Electronics & Wireless Communication Course. He also holds multiple industry standard certifications like Samsung Smartphones and Apple iPhones. He consults in mobile software and Communication Technology, a training consultant who has mentored a good number of individuals who run successful mobile and smartphone repair businesses.
Muhammad Asif Azeemi personally teaches online seminars nationwide in Nigeria and some African countries covering Mobile Phone and Smartphone Repairs, including troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, and upgrade. His classes are never boring as he has a knack for making complex topics both understandable and entertaining. If you have 6 or more people to train,  Asif Azeemi can design and present a custom cell phone repair seminar for you or your organization’s needs. Contact Asif through email: or
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Learn step by step iPhone Repair Shops Book PDF + Video Downloading

10 Feb 2018
Mobile repairing online institute provides iPhone step by step repair shops training through a book pdf!
I think you 'll agree with me when I say:
it's really hard for a person who doesn't make enough money to live on their own and support their family pay bills, pay rent and survive to live comfortably or have a trade cell phone repair school in their vicinity or for a students who do not have the time to attend classes in mobile phone repair institute.
in today's blog post I am going to share the best information with you that how those peoples can easily learn free of cost by The iPhone step by step repair shops books pdf written by Muhammad Asif Azeemi has simplified iPhone repair to a great extent. It is written bearing in mind ease and simplicity so that it is just a cakewalk to learn and take up smartphone repairs as a career.

Now Student Can Download iPhone Repair Shops Book PDF Free

learn cell phone repair by books
Download & Review Free today

This is one of the best books pdf available to learn step by step iPhone repairs. It explains iPhone repair shops techniques pdf better than a regular guide or a service manual. The package comes along with a video downloading. All the theory lessons are explained in the book pdf while the practical lessons are explained in the advanced video tutorials. This pdf book is suitable for not only professionals and hobbyists but also novices who do not even have basic knowledge of electronics and electrical. Dropouts and even those who have not attended any regular college of electronics will find it easy to understand.Download your iPhone book PDF free copy here.
That's not all.

iPhone and Samsung Practicable Training Material on a Cheap Cost that Student Can Pay

iPhone & Samsung repair video
paid course

At mobile repairing online institute, we aim to simplify technical studies, so we have prepared the training material in such a manner that it is easily understandable and practicable. After completing the study material, you should be able to repair all types of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets including Apple iPhones.
With the help of the pdf book and video download, you will learn:
Tools needed for iPhone repair shops
Dismantling of iPhones
Step by step study of parts inside an iPhone
Study of iPhone motherboard and its components
Study of iPhone and Samsung ICs(chips)
Using a latest digital multimeter
Step by step Testing of iPhone parts with a multimeter
Soldering and desoldering with latest
Liquid damage smartphone repair
Tips and tricks for argent repair jobs
Flowchart procedure for troubleshooting of faults.
And much more!

This iPhone and Samsung Solutions Video Course are suitable for:
Aspiring technicians
Computer and Mobile Technicians who wish to further their knowledge
Mobile Repair Business owners so that they can supervise their technicians

Package Contents:
40 video lessons
you can view videos training or able to download them, See your lesson! And if any question about the lesson you make write and email us we answer your question by email reply you soon as we can:
We ship the package worldwide. You should receive the package within 1 working days after the payment.
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iPhone Logic Board Repair Schematics Free Download

3 Feb 2018
iPhone schematics download
iPhone schematics diagram,
Schematics are essential for Apple iPhone logic board repair.  Unfortunately, they’re also illegal to own Apple product Schematic.  They’re considered the proprietary property of the smartphone companies that they belong to.  In this case, Apple and Samsung.  I remember back in the days when schematics service manual and diagram PCB layouts were widely available for pretty much everything.  These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find free schematics for some hardware that you own in this modern era.  How do you fix these things without schematics and pdf diagram?  Well, it’s hard.  One way would be to use a known good part from a known good logic board of the exact same specifications, then compare the readings to the bad part of the logic board.  The problem with doing this is that it’s very time to consume and more expensive since you would have to buy donor boards for every piece of iDevice that you’re repairing.  With schematics, troubleshooting is a lot easier.

Although schematics are illegal to sell and distribute, there is the way to obtain these schematics online.  You just have to look.  Here are some ideas on where to get schematics for most iPhones.

Here you will find all iPhone Schematic factory download for educational purposes. Apple Logic Board Schematic PDF Manual Free Download (freely downloadable schematics)

Free iPhone Schematics Diagram Download pdf for all Apple iPhone All Models Schematics & Manual Service Downloading Links For Smartphone Technician
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iPhone Deals Basic Repair Tutorial Solutions

17 Jan 2018
replacing iPhone feature
future iPhone
As irepair tech outstanding Muhammad Asif Azeemi has said: A iPhone that is vibrating with no display when powered by outsourcing this fault is a nonfunctional LCD display.
iPhone accepted  "power supply " but show vibration or sound
If your Apple iPhone shows no display (no backlight, no image when you try to charge its battery), and does not seem to be working when you insert charger show USB icon on LCD. When connected to an outscore power supply then iPhone endlessly repeats twin vibrations in 'silent' position.

When iPhone backlight Circuit or IC Failed

In iPhone circuit, You may have a backlight filter components(like a fuse). (This can easily happen when using certain replacement LCD that have an exposed backlight flex solder joint pins—pressing the digitizer into the frame will cause the exposed pins joints to short the LCD power line to ground and burn the filter and its components.) This can also be fixed as a board-level repair.

Software Problem in iPhones

If your iPhone has never been opened, the issue could be a simple iso software crash. Perform a force restart resolves it.

When LCD Cable(s) Disconnected

Your iPhone screen's flex cable connectors may have popped free after a drop. to fix your iPhone's screen check each connection and re-seat it if necessary.

When LCD Panel Cable(s) Damaged

Check LCD flex cables—in particular, the display's flex.  carefully Inspect cables for damage. replacing the LCD panel can solve the problem.

When LCD Cable Connector Sockets Damaged

There may be damage to the Screen digitizer flex cable socket on iPhone Circuit board. Check the digitizer sockets for debris, bent connector pins, and remedy the problem. If the socket connector or some pins is damaged, an advanced smartphone repair course skilled technician can replace it with a board-level repairing.

I tell you the method to repair iPhone 6 PCB step by step  with Block Diagram to know ICs in iPhone 6 is the same for iPhone 6 plus you must visit my previous article

Section iPhone Repair Knowledge

1, fault classification
1, caused the causes of iPhone
(1), the menu settings failure: failure is not, strictly speaking, if no calls are perhaps for the owner to set up call forwarding; play no iPhone is set up outbound throttling. The baffling problem, first with total reset.

(2), using failure: improper operation generally refers to the user, dislocation caused by adjustment. More common are the following categories:

1), mechanical damage. As the operation or method of application of excessive force is not correct, resulting in apple devices rupture, deformation, and the module pin loose weld failures and other causes. In addition, flip off axis, the antenna was broken and thrown split casing, water, broken screen, also belong to this type of failure.

2) improper use. When using the phone's keypad keys with the nail tip will cause the keyboard touch bare ground or even fall off; with bad iPhone charger will damage the internal charging circuit; even cause the accident; on the phone menu for illegal operation of certain functionality is turned off, the iPhone is not working; error led to SIM card password locked, the blind try to create self-locking SIM card protection.

3) improper maintenance. Apple iPhones are very sophisticated high-tech electronic products, use should be noted that in the dry, the temperature suitable for the use and storage environment.

4), the quality of failure. Some parallel imports of previous iPhones are through consolidation, converted, quality underground. Although some mobile phones are digital phones but do not meet the smartphone standard, cannot be used.

Fault Classification in iPhone

(1) does not dismantle the iPhone only to see its appearance from the mobile phone failure, can be divided into three categories:
1) The first one is not working, including the power supply can not turn connected to the phone and press the power switch without any reaction;
2) The second is not completely boot, press the iPhone to switch current can be detected, but no switch machine normal reminder: if key lighting, display lights all bright, display, character information display with ringer After the start tone adopted by such self-test;
3) The third is to boot, but the failure of some functions, such as the buttons do not show unusual, silent, do not send it.

The next part of this article will be published very soon. Keep visiting my blog for next post.

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