Best Mobile Phone Jumper Solution Download with Diagram

Welcome to our mobile repairing course hardware Class. In this Mobile Phone Jumper Solution class, we cover the following four topics.

mobile phone jumper setting
Mobile jumper diagram

  1. What is continuity mode on a digital meter and how to use beep testing to check Ground Line on Phone PCB
  2. Check Shorting on Phone Battery Connector
  3. Check primary line VBAT battery voltage positive
  4. What Do You Do When a Smartphone Won't Turn On

Before we start let me list down the mobile repairing tools you need to perform in this process.
  1. Digital Multimeter
  2. Soldering iron
  3. Soldering wire
  4. Soldering past
  5. Jumper wire
  6. Smartphone
mobile software repairing tools
  1. Android USB Cable
  2. Odin Software
  3. Memory Card
  4. Laptop or Computer
mobile software repairing tools
mobile software repairing startup tools

We start our first topic with this Example:

When we are checking a wire, and we want to check whether the wire is broken or not from inside the phone PCB we use beep testing. 

mobile phone jumper solution
continuity test with multimeter

when we connect the battery to the phone PCB continuity is present when two points in an electrical pathway have a connection this connection must be continuous without any break or open

  1. One is called the Primary line
  2. Two is called secondary line

Multimeter Continuity Mode for Jumper Mobile

in phone PCB checking with multimeter continuity mode is extremely beneficial in verifying primary and secondary line breaks using a multimeter

Continuity test with multimeter example:

I can check to see if connections are linked together with a continuity test function. This is represented by a sound wave symbol on the measurement scale of the multimeter

ohms symbol on multimeter
Continuity multimeter symbol

as you can see in the picture below verify connections from one path to another path

jumper phone
how to check continuity in a long wire

if you hear a beep sound it means the wire is ok

The wire on the phone PCB is called the track. To check primary and secondary track lines we use continuity mode on a digital meter.

multimeter beeping in continuity mode
Multimeter continuity mode

Mobile Jumper Solution on Mobile Battery Connector

In every mobile PCB, there is a battery connector. If you know it you know a mobile jumper solution. It has three tips one is called primary line VBAT battery voltage positive. 2nd is called secondary line ground or GND means negative and 3rd is called Battery Status Indicator or BSI. In Phone PCB ground is the baseline

android phone battery connector ways
battery connector jumper

learn how to increase battery life of smartphone tips for Android phones and Android battery savers with the Battery health check code

Ground Continuity Test with Multimeter 

Mobile repairing students know in mobile repairing course hardware Ground Continuity Test with Multimeter is the first lesson on the Mobile Jumper topic. As we know power comes with a VBAT, GND, and BSI line in a mobile PCB with a mobile battery, Secondary Ground Line on the mobile PCB is signified by the yellow strip that you see all across the phone PCB. First of all, we will check the Ground Line in Phone PCB. To check it is connected to the battery connector set your digital multimeter on the continuity buzzer.

secondary line on mobile pcb
PCB grounding techniques

Then place one probe on connector GND and touch another probe on that yellow strip if you hear a beep sound its means it is minus. 

PCB Grounding Techniques

Do you have a question on how to check mobile components are connected to the grounding line in phone PCB grounding techniques? This updated information helps you. To check which print is ground apply the same technique we use this method to check whether two points are connected or not to check which component leg is connected to ground and apply the same method. If you hear a buzzer sound and its shows a 0 reading its means it is minus.

how to check mobile components
Mobile components

You can also use this technique To check primary line VBAT. what is VBAT on mobile? To answer this question, VBAT stands for “voltage battery” The VBAT voltage mobile that is supplied to a phone battery is maintained between 3.6 V to 4.2 V which makes sure that the phone battery does not overheat or get damaged. VBAT in mobile means voltage battery active. Watch the mobile phone repairing course video lesson below to practice this whole process by your own self.

Read and download the latest information on the mobile jumper solution here. The jumper setting is typically best when you need to connect two different points on a cellphone there could be internal disturbances in the circuit of the handset which are connecting these two points and because of the internal disturbance or a breakage in the circuit, the father or data may not be traveling from one point to the other easily and in those cases, we use jumper setting to try and connect those two points directly thereby ensuring the correct transmission of power, data, and piles voltage from one end to the other end but in order to determine whether you need to do jumper setting.

Do you want to download this mobile jumper solution pdf guide right now?

mobile jumper book
Mobile jumper solution

You can read it when it’s convenient for you. Get A Free PDF Document Of This jumper wire used in mobile phone repair Best way to get complete information on Mobile jumper solution PDF guide 2023

Now if you are a beginner mobile repair student read this blog post until the end to take complete advantage of this mobile repairing course hardware class. Before we start the topics let me tell you the basics. For example, if you're checking a battery connector you may need to first verify whether the battery connector is working properly or not before you decide to make any changes or test any connections on your phones
mobile battery connector pin configuration
mobile battery connector type

Mobile Battery Connector

This article is also made for a mobile repair shop community of people who are knowledgeable about mobile battery connector pin configuration and mobile battery connector repair. When you read the mobile battery connector diagram and do a phone jumper you find out there is a number of different mobile battery connector types, such as Samsung, Tecno, MI, HTC One, REALME, VIVO, and iPhone, etc. There is a non-removable battery connector present in some smartphones. But there is a general Android battery connector in the Android device. Mostly in mobile phones, there are 3-pin or 4-pin battery connectors.

if you are interested to fix the charging problems of iPhone and Android phones, you need to learn the Pin of the Charger by Charger Four Wires. We have a blog post that can help you learn. Using the Charging Pin Diagram in the article, you will be able to fix your smartphone within a short period of time.

If you don't know how to use a multimeter check read and download this How to use a digital multimeter for mobile repairing PDF first

Tracing & Testing VCC main and GND points of an iPhone PCB

what is vcc main
iPhone 6 battery connector

Now in this iPhone, the first aspect that we were going to be checking is the connectivity between the battery connector and two other important basic electronic components that transmit power to the rest of the circuit of the cellphone now in order to test out the connectivity in the phone PCB you need to use the multimeter!

how to use multimeter to test continuity
best multimeter for home use

place the multimeter switch range on the Buzzer continuity testing mode to check whether the two probes are connected things this means a

Digital Multimeter Leads
multimeter probe types

and you can hear the beep once you hear the beep the multimeter is perfectly alright let's go ahead and test the connectivity on the board now typically we are going to be starting off with checking the battery connector

Step 1 Check Shorting on Phone Battery Connector

check shorting on cell phones with multimeter
positive negative BSI 

Battery Connector connects the battery positive and negative to the mobile PCB internal plus and minus copper wire prints. If you don't know how to check a Shortage on a phone circuit from the battery connector read this article on how to fix a short circuit iPhone

Step 2 Checking Phone PCB Ground Resistance with Multimeter

You need to identify the positive and the negative points on a battery, and we already know that the negative point on the battery is what is the background connection as you see the yellow color line is the GND line of the battery that is traveling all through the mobile PCB so let's keep the probes on one end and connected, and now we can hear the beep this basically means that the battery connector negative point is here. If two GND points are connected you will hear the beep sound if not you will not be able to hear a beep sound in these points by segmenting the entire negative line into smaller parts you will be able to exactly trace where the breakages in the entire negative line once the breakage is identified you will then need to use the jumper setting option and try and ensure that the wire is or the circuit is reconnected and is properly functioning

Positive Line VBB or VCC Main in iPhone PCB

now this is how we check the negative line now let's move on to the next part which is a positive line now a positive line cannot be very clearly seen like the negative line the positive line is typically connected to very specific components or ICS and supplies power to each of those components, so it's not very easy to identify, and it's not open unlike the negative line hence you need to ensure that you are able to trace the positive line effectively after reading through the circuit diagram of the respective iPhone PCB

Mobile Jumper Solution Circuit Diagram Download

unless you have an iPhone Circuit Diagram in hand you may not exactly know how the positive ways are weaving into the iPhone PCB or into the specific components of the Printed Circuit Broad, so please ensure that you pick up their respective surface circuit diagram of the whole phone that you are working on understanding the VCC main connections that exist in it and then try and trace the connections

multimeter is connected to the ground of the mobile PCB
ground testing

+VBAT(battery voltage) on Phone PCBs

now one of the common things that we can do to check the positive ways is to touch the positive terminal +VBAT of the battery connector to this layup capacitor now this component is a very common component that you will find in most phone PCBs and this is commonplace where the positive ways are usually connected you may be able to identify that in different phone PCBs

Read cell phone circuit board components to learn the Identification of Mobile Phone Components The following blog post has information about their functions and purpose

positive terminal VBAT of the battery connector
the capacitor on mobile PCB

to know more about layup capacitors in mobile PCBs visit Mobile Phone Capacitor Check

battery voltage VBAT on mobile Cell Phone PCB
mobile battery connector pin

once you identify and able to detect that you will be able to touch the positive direct ways in the PCB the positive connector of the battery is a connecting point to the specific nonpolar capacitors, resistance, and other components and you can check whether the direct positive ways is intact or not that if there is a breakage here you may not be able to connect or connect the jumper wire from the battery connector VBAT

Step 3 Checking Primary line VBAT battery voltage positive

use the back end of the phone battery connector as you can see here in the pictures

check beep sound on battery connector
black probe multimeter is connected to VBAT

there's a small point at the back of the battery connector which is connected to the front of the battery connector, so you place one end of the meter prob tip on the backside of the battery connector point and the other on the other connecting point in the PCB and check whether you are able to get a beep sound nowhere you will be able to connect the jumper clearly without any issues like I just said before in the article the back point is connected to the PowerPoint you can hear the beep and from here you can connect the jumper wire to the next point for you to be able to take the positive ways ahead but you need to ensure that you read the phone circuit diagram clearly before you attempt any of this 

phone circuit diagram negative and positive ways
jumper phone power section diagram

so, in short, the first step that you would do while you're testing or tracing the negative and positive ways in a phone circuit is to understand whether the power supply system is intact and to check

if you want to learn testing or tracing the negative and positive ways faults in iPhones, Samsung PCBs take admission in smartphones problem and the course of their solutions  

Checking VBAT and GND both Power Supply in Your Phone PCB

Mobile Jumper Circuit Diagram Download
PCB diagram of mobile phone

that the first thing that you would do is check the negative line(GND) or ground which is signified by the yellow strip that you see all through you can place the probes of the multimeter at two different points or smaller segments of each of these and try and see if the connectivity is intact once that is done you can move on to the positive terminal VBAT of the battery connecting point and try and place it at the respective positive terminals of each of the components to check whether the connectivity to the positive terminal from the VBAT of the battery connector to the individual positive terminals of components are intact or not if these two are intact then the entire circuitry power supply in your phone is working absolutely fine once you do this checking you can then move on to do further detailed. always remember this is the first and main step in learning mobile repair jumper

Mobile Power Section Diagram

mobile power section diagram
Mobile Phone PCB Power Section

The top portion near to antenna of the phone circuit is called the networks section, and the bottom portion of the PCB is called the power section. With the help of the mobile power section diagram, you can easily read and jump the phone battery connector. It doesn't meter you have any following issues on your customer phone. Simply type the keyword I have given in the example below.
  • MI 4 battery connector Jumper
  • MI 5 battery connector Jumper
  • Tecno cx battery connector jumper ways
  • Samsung 1200 battery connector jumper
with the help of the on-off switch jumper diagram, you can solve the following problem. simply type the keyword as I main cation in the example below to find what you need.
  • Vivo y51l on-off switch jumper
  • iPhone 5s home button jumper
  • HTC one power button jumper
Now check the phone power section polar and non-polar capacitors, coils, or the power clock oscillator function-specific components near the power IC when the phone won't switch on.

Mobile Jumper Circuit Diagram Download

There is a many mobile repairing books written on the mobile jumper diagram which contains a free mobile jumper circuit diagram download and all mobile jumper setting free download. This jumper mobile e-book has some matters about charging connector jumper. Such as Realme 3 charging jumper and others. This book is for every one of you who wants to learn to repair mobile phones. This is not an old Nokia mobile repairing jumper book. Here I am going to tell you how to make your own jumpers for any type of mobile. Fill out the form below so I can send it to you


If your phone keypad not working? Then read this information on Quick and Easy Keypad Fix For Most Cell Phones

What Do You Do When a Smartphone Won't Turn On?

In a smartphone, this is a common issue. To fix this in a smartphone try to long press the Power Button. In many cases, the power button won’t work because the phone is basically frozen or Historically, the solution is to remove the battery, wait for 10 seconds, then reinsert the phone battery and press the power button again. This removes all the power internally from the smartphone circuit. First, try this to fix the problem. Just hold down the power button for ten seconds. If this method doesn’t work, try to press the power button for a bit longer. Ten seconds should be suitable for most smartphones, Many smartphones have a method to restart usually by holding down specific keys or buttons on the phone. Much like the Sony Experia and Motorola battery pull where you hold the volume down key and power key simultaneously while the mobile is powered off. Try using a laptop or car charger instead can put a quick charge on the phone battery and get it to respond as well. If you have tried these methods and the phone isn’t responsive due to its battery being drained 100% Try charging it using a battery booster(12 volts DC adopter with Ampere) this device is used to boost mobile phone batteries if you don't know how to use this device to fix the dead phone batteries read digital multimeter step-by-step guide article DC Current Measuring topic.
phone power on with battery booster
Phone turns on and vibrates

If the smartphone power on after you boost the phone battery with the battery booster, but the boot process fails,

android phone is frozen on the startup screen
stuck on logo screen

The phone freezes on the startup screen, or it immediately reboots or shuts off if there is a problem with the device’s software. In this case, you have to perform a factory reset of your Android smartphone from recovery mode. Note that will erase the data of the customer's phone to reset it back to the phone's default software state. You can also use this method when someone's smartphone is unusable due to crashing or freezing software.
To perform the factory reset from recovery mode turn the phone off then boot it up with one of the following button combinations:
Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.
Hold Volume Down + Home + Power.
Hold Home + Power.
If none of these button combinations work, try performing a Google search by typing an Android phone name and hard reset keys to find the correct key combination of the customer's device. For example
(Samsung s3 hard reset keys)

factory reset on smartphone
android boot recovery mode

Press the key combination until the Recovery mode option appears on the phone screen.

samsung factory reset code android
Samsung's factory reset code
Then select the wipe data/factory reset option.

wipe data/factory reset Samsung
Performing hard reset
Select Yes to continue.

hard reset screen
Hard reset screen

If the smartphone Refuses to switch on normally after performing a hard reset try to flash it.

samsung mobile flashing screen
Refuses to switch on normally

If the smartphone Refuses to switch on after flashing it may be broken inside.

To perform a factory reset on your smartphone from recovery mode visit hard to know your phone recovery mode buttons

Then performing a Google search by typing the Android phone name and service manual to find the phone schematic diagram. Then check VBAT and GND both Power Supply in smartphone PCB with the help of the schematic diagram.

In this mobile Phone Jumper Solution class, I try to write an article on how we do the jumper settings on phone PCBs I wish you understand the process for identifying where the circuit is broken in the negative and positive line of a mobile PCB in Dead, Not Charging, Battery Consumption, Auto-Off, water Damaged, Fallen Damaged, NO Vibration, No Tones and LCD Disappear faults. And I hope you would have understood how to test a positive and negative power supply in your phone PCB, and we hope that you will continue to keep learning more about how to repair phone prints.

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