Cell Phone Circuit Board Components Best Learn and Identify Tutorial

Circuit board components are important, learn the basics

  • Resistor: Reduces the flow of electrical current to a certain level. It is a passive component. mobile resistor opposes the current and has no direction. its unit is Ohms.
  • Capacitor: Regulates voltage by storing and releasing electric charges at a certain level. It is also a passive component.
  • Inductor: Stores power in the form of a magnetic field. It is also a passive component.
  • Transformer: Transforms voltage from one level to another through electromagnetic induction. The primary coil intercepts the source, then this creates an induced electromotive force in the secondary coil, which has another load connected to it.
  • Diode: This allows electricity to flow only in one direction and blocks it from flowing in the other direction, thus acting as an essential part of reverse polarity or clipping circuits.
These are the main small parts of the cell phone circuit board. in the mobile repair course, basic circuit board components of mobile phones are the 2nd and main chapter taught by the instructor.

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Cell Phone Circuit Board Components
SMD components and small parts

Identification of Mobile Phone Components

Just like any other hardware, a mobile phone is composed of various parts and components that are responsible for carrying out various functions. we add cell phone circuit board components pictures in this article to help you identify these components. with this information in the article, you get familiar with the functionality of many common components on mobile phones and will be able to identify them on your own.

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SMD Capacitors

SMD Capacitors are used in circuit designs to store energy in an electric field. Nearly all SMD Capacitors are polarized and have voltage ratings. the capacitors in mobile PCB polar and non-polar capacitors. mobile phone capacitors are available in 3 various colors

SMD Capacitors
what is capacitor in mobile phone?

There are many types of capacitors. You can find ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, silver mica capacitors, and film capacitors, to name a few. You can also differentiate them by their dielectric materials like aluminum oxide and polystyrene.

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Crystal and Oscillator

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit in which the frequency-selecting element is a piezoelectric crystal. The majority of them are found in mobile network sections such as PCO, RTC, clocks, radios, as well as the PCB of cell phones. In the network component of the mobile phone, the crystal oscillator filters the network and generates frequencies for outgoing calls. Crystal oscillators are primarily used to provide a stable clock signal in digital integrated circuits.

Inductor and SMD Coil

In the smartphone PCB, SMD coils are commonly used. Surface Mount Chip Coil is the abbreviation (SMD coil). conductor wire is twisted on a bad conductor base to create an SMD Chip Coil. 

SMD coil
SMD Chip Coil

The inductor wire inside the SMD coil can generate a magnetic field around it. when an electrical current passes through it the inductor stores a magnetic field and releases it when components and IC near to it are needed.

Diode and Transistor


Most four diodes are used in mobile circuit

1. Signal Diode 

2. Zener Diode 

3. Varacter Diode 

4. Tunnel Diode

It can work as a rectifier circuit to convert alternating current to direct current. in the mobile phone charging section, The diode is used to make the flow of current unidirectional it will not allow passing the reverse current so your mobile phone battery will not discharge when you are charging it. These 4 semiconductor diodes allow the current to flow in one direction only. 


A surface Mount Transistor or SMT Transistor is an SMD electronic component made up of semiconductor material like silicon or germanium. They are mainly used as transistors in mobile PCBs for filtering, frequency tuning, and impedance matching. 

what is diode in mobile phone
SMD electronic component 

In digital transistor. this semiconductor component also works to amplify, control, and generate electrical signals. inside the Transistors, three layers of semiconductor material act like tiny switches that turn a circuit on or off when a small voltage is applied across their base terminal.

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Mobile Phone Resistor or SMD resistor

In the PCB of the mobile phone, the Resistor opposes the flow of current and is measured in ohms using the analog or digital multimeter. The first step for testing the SMD resistor is to identify the value of the component. digital multimeter is the best to measure the resistance. Surface Mount Chip Resistor is the abbreviation (SMD Resistor)

smd resistor sizes
SMD resistor codes

01005 SMD Resistor 0R-10M; 1R, 10R, 2K, 33K, 47K, 68K, 1.3K, 392K, 10k, 1% 100pF, 56pF, 16V MF01005 Super Micro Volume Resistance for Mobile. These little electronic components slow down the electricity flowing through mobile phone PCB, whether it's AC or DC. They serve various functions within a phone, including controlling the flow of electricity, dissipating excess energy, and helping to maintain current levels in the PCB.

Chip Resistor
Mobile resistor color

Chip resistors are available in different types like zero-ohm jumpers for bridging connections and thermistor-type resistors with temperature-dependent resistance values. They are crucial components in modern phones, preventing electrical issues and ensuring proper circuit functioning.

In conclusion, you can use the article cell phone circuit board components information to determine which parts are inside your mobile phone PCB. Do not forget to leave a like and also share this post on social media. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. I hope that this article was helpful and I hope you learned something new, thanks for reading.


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