How to Check Polar Capacitor

if you want to Check Polarized Capacitor in Mobile Phone PCB this tutorial is for you. All smartphone nonpolar and polar Capacitor findings and Checking methods are same. you can use Digital and Analog Multimeter both to Check Capacitors in smartphone motherboards.

The Tantalum Polarized Capacitor

Tantalum polar capacitors are used in the latest smartphone circuits. Tantalum Polarized Capacitors are typically used in large voltage mobile phone situations, such as Direct Current line filtering to reduce noise related to uneven DC voltage levels. Mainly value measured in microfarads. Polarity is critical to mobile devices

Note: Check Polar Capacitor with a Digital multimeter on Buzzer Mode. If it is good then the Digital multimeter will NOT give any Beep or Buzz sound. If there is the buzzer sound on Digital multimeter form both +VE and -VE side then the polar capacitor is faulty. Replace it with a new one.

Why Polarized Capacitor Short Lead

Polar capacitors can have internal shorted terminals, excessive leakage, and degradation of capacitance meter. short the terminal capacitor to discharge it prior to testing.

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