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Mobile Repair Institute conducts online mobile phone repair training for people who are unable to attend classes at the Institute. We conducted this phone fixing course with the help of home study video lessons and pdf handbooks. There are online video lectures via video chat software in this program. I explain all theory lessons in the pdf books, while practical explained in the mobile phone repairing course video tutorials.

Course Objective:

To prepare students to be able to assemble, disassemble, service, and check components of the latest mobile phones PCB (printed circuit board) using proper tools. Upon completion of this course, he/she will be able to diagnose & repair any kind of latest mobile phones software & hardware faults and can easily Read mobile phone block & layout Diagrams diagnose problems, and repair them by using proper tips and techniques.

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Course Content:

  • Introduction To Mobile Technologies (theory practical)
  • Mobile phone communication system 
  • Mobile repairing tools
  • Mobile phone hardware (theory practical)
  • Basic electronics in all mobile phones (theory practical)
  • Rx & TX voice bands in mobile phones (theory practical)
  • Baseband module mobile phones data processing system (theory practical)
  • Mobile phones assembling DE-assembling
  • Soldering re-soldering (practical)
  • Hardware faults &troubles shooting (theory practical)
  • Software installations & troubles shooting (theory practical)

Career Options:

After completing this course, the student can join any existing mobile service center and work as a customer service executive. Or establish his/her own business of mobile phones.

Mobile repair business is a profitable small-scale technology-based business due to the increasing demand for phone repairs.
Crafting a business plan is the most essential and first action step in starting a successful mobile phone repair business.
Registering and obtaining licenses for a mobile repairing business varies from state to state and requires consulting with local experts.
Location is crucial for a mobile repair business, and it's recommended to start in a crowded area easily accessible to customers.
Proper equipment and tools such as wire cutters and soldering stations are essential for a successful mobile repairing repair business.
"It is very important to always keep the spare parts available with you in the right quantity so that you will be able to fix the customer's phone as soon as possible."
Keeping up with the latest technology is crucial in the smartphone repair business.
Starting a mobile repair business can be profitable, but it's important to prioritize quality and customer feedback to improve and maintain an excellent reputation.

Get an Ultimate business plan strategy for mobile phone repair with pdf and target customer trends in your country by reading the CellPhone Repair Business Model blog post.

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1 Months
1 hour daily,6 Days a Week
New batches timing are :
mobile phone repairing course morning class timing 10 am to 11 am
mobile phone repairing course afternoon class timing  3 pm to 4 pm
mobile phone repairing course evening class timing 7 pm to 8 pm

For further details
Mobile: 03122906096 WhatsApp

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