Nokia 1202 Display Solution

With this blog post, we are here to assist you in repairing your Nokia phone by providing you with some of the training material we teach our students in our mobile repair course.

Nokia 1202 LCD Ways

Use the TP points in the picture below to check the GR value on the PCB.

nokia 1202 1661 display wave
Ways Solution

The information in the picture also helps you solve Nokia 1661 LCD light jumper.

before you learn LCD test points to solve the LCD problem in feature phones know how to solve the mobile LCD display problem in smartphones also

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Nokia 1202 LCD Pinout To Solve Display Problem

I want to tell you about the Nokia 1202 LCD Pinout. It will help you jump out of the breakpoints on the PCB of a mobile phone. If you don't know the mobile display parts name read Mobile Parts Guide to learn.

nokia 1202 lcd light solution
Nokia 1202 LCD ways

The picture Nokia 1202 LCD Pinout shows a simple serial interface with thin copper wire inside the PCB to the components' relative connection. To check which way is open, you use a multimeter to find the open connection. If you find the connection and screen components work perfectly, then buy a new LCD from the spare parts selling store at a very nice price.

Check out the article Breakout Board for Nokia 1202 LCD for more information on the topic.

Check out ugly duck van icu PDF web page to learn the SPI Display interface on the topic.

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