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Fixing android phone damaged USB charging port
Fixing Android phone USB charging port
I think it most likely is a technical issue (the cellphone seems to respond on USB wire movement; what creates it not so simple to figure out is that sometimes shifting wire doesn't help until restarting the phone)After some research I discovered that there are recommendations to substitute the asking for slot I think I am responding to my own query already, but in that situation it might be useful , especially it seems that it's one of the most typical problems. Actually, I would like to have guidance on whether my analysis is right and supposing it is, maybe some who already did such a process could create information on how to do it?
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Phone Charging Port Repair Do It Yourself tips and tricks
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It looks like a simple modification, but I'm a complete beginner. I have the same issue. It looks like my USB plug is broken. Wondering how this went...I just requested an identical product and will begin this sometime the next 7 days. System expenses *some* of enough time but are not identified by pc. I'd welcome any guidelines from anyone who has finished this alternative. Thanks!

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micro usb
I am awaiting my panel to appear, I purchased on auction websites but the traditions in South America are very slowly. As soon as it comes I will try to substitute the broken one. Ok, keep us modified...Mine should appear sometime for the next 7 days as well. If I can't relock my device with the one that's on here now I'm going to try and substitute it with the new one.

Fixing android phone USB charging port fault
repair android phone USB charging port fault
After looking at the alternative areas, I discovered that there are at least 3 kinds of the USB fold, and they seem to even have many modifications. The one that I connected to was for the GSM design and won't perform with LTE one for example. I was incapable to discover the actual modification of my cell phone and I don't want to crack my cellphone further by setting up possibly mismatched one, so I made the decision to just support it instead. The nearest that I have seen on eBay were LF-A G 1143 and LF-A G 1144. My own is LF-A G 1149.
Derek Kulinski, yes, you did respond to your own query and discovered the right aspect. You could try a different USB wire and see if it does matter. Most likely, the USB plug got dislodged or a little bit fold so that it does not create an excellent get in touch with. It would be very challenging to solder it returning on so you will need to the aspect you discovered, to substitute for it. As for information, since you are going to perform on yours, why not create the information for everyone else. Just simply select the "Make a Guide" tab on the right part of this display and take a look. Use teardown from here to see what you are up against. Good Fortune.

soldering damaged USB charging port
soldering USB charging port plug
What modification of the USB flax did you have initially in your cell phone and what was the modification that you installed? It is too delayed, but the value to know when eliminating the presenter, you can do it securely by rotating it reverse clockwise. Updated information with modification. The old one was 1145, the new one is 1150 23-3. What excellent information. Thanks, Sam! In the end, I was able to get my device identified by my pc for long enough to relock it so I'll be delivering it returning to Verizon for support. Thanks for the fix information, I'm sure it'll be a large help for anyone else who has this issue later on.

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