8 best Easy Ways to Repair Charging Circuit with Block Diagram iPhone

If you are questioning Why Is My iPhone Not Charging and your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are not charging due to external or internal damage then this information is for you. this information iPhone 6 u2 ic direction helps iPhone repair technicians as well as repair iPhone 6 u2 ic, iPhone 6 plus u2 ic, and iPhone 6s u2 ic. 
iphone 6 u2 ic diagram
block diagram iPhone u2 charging ic

If you've been dealing with some charging problems lately and have tried all of the troubleshooting methods this article will explain and teach you how to solve your charging problem. if you are looking for the best iPhone repair near me to repair your iPhone then read this article until the end. first, follow the steps below and you'll be thanking me later. to find the problem why Is your iPhone not charging.

Check Your iPhone Software

If you updated your iPhone to iOS 10 recently, you should make sure it has been updated all the way to iOS 10.2, because battery problems have been one of the big issues with the new software.

Check Your iPhone Battery

iphone battery saver
iPhone battery replacement price

Ask if a new battery will solve the problem. Otherwise, most stores will refund your money. Apple offers a battery replacement program for its users. It could help resolve some of these issues.

Check Your Charger

I am using a new charger from Apple. It's great. You should buy one, too! This could help resolve the issue, as well as prevent more damage to your phone's charging port. If you're having an issue with your iPhone X charging, try using a different charger.

apple charger adapter price in india
new apple charger adapter for iPhone

if you don't have the original apple charger for iPhone 6 and want to buy a new apple charger adapter Click here

Check Your Charging Dock

If the port where you plug in your charger is clogged with fluff or dirt, it may cause the iPhone not to charge properly. try to clean the charger port of your iPhone the issue could cause by fluff, and dirt when you are connecting your charger.

To repair a smartphone charging problem then read phone charging port repair 12 all-time best techniques from the mobile experts to solve charging problems on android phones now

Also, Check out the lightning connector to USB wiring diagram to test the iPhone lightning cable before working on the iPhone charging circuit

before we move on to discuss the iPhone 6 u2 ic direction, iPhone 6 plus u2 ic direction, and iPhone 6 charging ic solution of this article you have to perform these steps first. 

Still, Phone Not Getting Charged 

If you try these steps and the issue is indeed it means your iPhone 6 charging ic Tristar U2 chip is faulty. It is completely repairable by a board-level professional iPhone repair technician. 

What is IC on iPhone?

"IC" means "integrated circuit" on the iPhones. This is the iPhone circuit's internal component.

Read what is ic in mobile It'll keep you up to date on the latest IC trends and everything you need to know. We make this article easy for you to understand everything that's important on mobile phone ic details.

What is U2 charging IC or What is Tristar IC? 

On the older iPhone, the chip is called U2. in the new iPhone diagram, it is mentioned as Tristar IC. when we connect the charger from the charging dock on the iPhone Tristar IC is responsible for communicating. the Fake charger and not charging massage can be the case by U2 IC Failure. 

u2 ic diagram
iPhone 6 repair

burned out or failing symptom of U2 IC/Tristar chip?
  • Not charging 
  • Fake charging 
  • USB interruption Various iTunes errors 
  • when you connect Charger Battery drops higher % to a lower %
  • when you connect Charger Battery drains to a lower % then the phone shuts off

How do I check my U2 IC problem?

you can check your U2 IC by two methods.
  • Tristar Tester
  • iPhone U2 IC Diagram
To take action on your iPhone charging problem you need to use the tristar tester before testing the u2 IC with a USB block diagram of iPhone. The best and Simple Tricks to use the tristar tester are below

Here Are 2 Simple Ways To Use Tristar Tester

you can check your U2 IC problem by tristar tester is the latest and greatest that's available in the market now and it looks like in the picture below 

How do you use a Tristar tester
tristar tester price

most professional iPhone repair technician is using this now tristar tester has a screen that will give you information about the serial number of the iPhone it will give you information about the Tristar status.

What does a Tristar tester do
iphone tristar tester

if you don't have Tristar Tester and want an exclusive inside look at the latest Tristar Tester before buying an original Click here

if you have the knowledge to read iPhone 6 u2 ic diagram, iPhone 6 schematic, iPhone 6s schematic, iPhone 6 plus schematic, and have iPhone 6 charging ic diagram or iPhone 6s charging ic diagram you can check your U2 IC. 

Block diagram iPhone 6 USB Circuit

The diagram data consists of iPhone 6 power ic, CPU ic, Tristar IC, and USB connector. with the help reading of the diagram below you can trace iPhone 6 u2 direction, iPhone 6s u2 ic direction, and iPhone 6g u2 ic direction. it is better if you have a schematic iPhone 6 with this block diagram of the iPhone.
Block Diagram iPhone 6 Mobile Repair
for USB Circuit

On iPhone 6, U2 IC is responsible for charging problems if you read schematics iPhone 6 before or schematic iPhone 6s you can perform these testing on iPhone 6 motherboard. The below diagram show U2 testing points on USB. after the iPhone 6 battery has been removed so that the measurement results are accurate Because if there is damage to one of the logical gates or valves, it will directly affect the conductors. 
USB integrated circuit
way value data 

if you perform testing properly by reading this diagram you can read iPhone 6 power ic diagram and repair the dead fault. if you have additional resources like a USB Tester for your Apple Lightning to USB Cable it will be easy for you.

How do you use a USB meter
best USB meter tester

How to check iPhone 6 not charging voltage

how to find and check iPhone 6 not charging components voltage reading schematic diagram! This video shows you the method. sometimes issues do not get solved if the phone is water-damaged and the fault is related to the iPhone 6 network ic. you need a spare part of the same model to replace it. if the problem is generated by the software you have to perform iPhone 6 soft reset. 

How do I know my iPhone IC is charging?

How do I know my iPhone IC is charging
phone not getting charged

if you want to test the iPhone all you have to do is plug the cable in the iPhone and then the machine or the device is gonna read and tell you the Tristar chip is good or not. U2 IC needs to be replaced. to replace u2 ic iPhone 6 and in other models of iPhone, you need an IC number for buying a new IC. iPhone 6 u2 ic number is 1610A2.

If you want a free iPhone repair course or book to Stay up to date in the field of phone repairing then read iPhone repair book pdf I hope you can get the information you want. And I wish you success

Block Diagram iPhone and Circuit Parts of iPhone Series Phones

Schematic Diagram iPhone
iphone schematic

iPhone Series Phones are a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. if you are a beginner and want to know the Circuit parts of the iphone then the iphone diagram is ideal for you. iphone diagram, iphone block diagram, iphone schematic

Free Access To all Schematic Diagram iPhone Stay Up To Date

The circuit diagram of the iPhone is a schematic representation of the entire apple iphone. The diagram is divided into three main sections: the main iPhone, the display, and the back panel. Each component is shown where it is located on the actual device, with a name label. let me list down some iPhone diagrams for my readers to learning iPhone repairing.
  • iphone 6 diagram of parts
  • iphone 4 parts diagram pdf
  • iphone 5 schematic diagram
  • iphone 6 diagram
  • iphone 6 inside diagram
  • iphone 6 plus diagram
  • iphone 6 block diagram
  • schematic iphone 6 parts diagram
  • iphone 6 PCB diagram
  • iphone 6 plus buttons diagram
  • iphone 6s diagram
  • iphone 6s plus diagram
  • iphone 6 schematic diagram
these are easily available on the internet for downloading and reading and learning about iPhone repairing. you can read those diagrams online also by the mobile schematic diagram tool. below are the two resources for downloading and getting full information about the iphone diagram and the mobile schematic diagram tools. you can have it on your device for free.
This is all about the circuit block diagram iPhone and Tristar u2 ic, which will help you solve the Charging problem. Hope you can follow this tutorial and understand more about the charging circuit of iPhone 6 u2 ic and iPhone 6 u2 ic direction successfully. And charge your iPhone normally if you encounter a USB charging problem.

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