Block Diagram iPhone 6 Repair

The data exchange system consists of:
Pmu: Integrated Nutrition
IC USB: Portal for communication between devices and processor

The U2 IC Scan Method Step by Step for USB Circuit:

It's also called the U2. The examination is being tested.
The reluctance of the iPhone 6 to be considered at the USB freight entrance points is not enough, but the poles should be changed every time on the test points until the diagnosis is correct.
Block Diagram iPhone 6 Mobile Repair
for USB Circuit
What can be deduced that ourselves on the Examination on one side:

- Black on the ground and red on the test point.what is infinite on the one hand does not mean that there is value in the opposite way, it may be infinity or very high value, and therefore a break in USB communication and you will not be able to detect it by limiting the examination on one
- Black on the point and red on the ground.
The value, on the one hand, does not mean that there is no end in the opposite direction because there may be damage in likes (the or the) or a diversion in an integrated course via Non-Polar Capacitors.
USB integrated circuit
way value data 
What can be deduced if the test is properly tested:

It is the same method of testing the iPhone 6 IC power on the battery contact points
And the same way the iPhone 6 sim is checked on the chip points.
And the same way the SD card is checked on the external memory points.
The reversal of poles is necessary to obtain results and conclusions that bring us closer to the right diagnosis.

First, let us agree that the values that appear to be sound and if we reverse the poles do not necessarily indicate the validity of the integrated, but it confirms the validity of the track (there is no leakage or short of the protection elements on this path).
The improper values are definitely indicated in the course or in the elements of protection or in integrated (the).

What can be caused by Damage: U2 IC USB

u2 ic diagram
iPhone 6 repair
not taking off the device.
slow shipping.
fake shipping.
Rapid Battery discharge.
you don't know the computer on the computer.
steady on the Itunes sign...

What is the Alternative:

IC USB iPhone 6 is the same for iPhone 6 plus

Note: scan is after the iPhone 6 battery has been removed so that the measurement results are accurate Because if there is damage to one of the logical gates or valves, it will directly affect the conductors.For the tool that measures the effort and the current choose, the idea is not different only the test we mentioned determines resistance or resistance the last to set the amp and the volts

How to check iphone 6 not charging voltage

how to find and check iphone 6 not charging components voltage reading schematic diagram! This Video shows you the method

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