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Actually, circuit and boards usually are made up of fiber. it can be also said two kinds of glass and plastic. the smartphone circuit consists of plastic fiber. fiber is a good electric conductor that current never Burn It.

What is the Fiber Circuit of Smartphone?

phones on the market have a fiber circuit with electronic components in it
the smartphone circuit
plastic fiber
you can see the picture the smartphone has green circuit is the copper wire is placed in the mid it cannot be seen but it exists you can see the LCD Jack so this is copper layer the fiberboard that consists on copper print
copper layer
copper print

What is Copper Print on Latest Smartphones?

you can see this speaker which is attached to this point. This is print, the point of the wire is attached here and another point is punched by the machine when it becomes Golden in color and placed with any ICs or apart so when you put the battery inside the smartphone different ICS get active for working whats speaker IC do to it actually create flow of current sense to the parts and then this print to spend in the fault diagnosing process is the reverse action that is first we check the print and we see the component then IC so the print reflects every part of the phone this is called PCB mains printed circuit board PCB exists on every smartphone.
fault diagnosing process
Golden in color
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The printed circuit board cannot be repaired in two situations.
  1. when it burns
  2. and second When It Breaks

when it breaks the copper wire gets disturbed otherwise,
printed circuit board
copper wire inside

in the burn case,
mobile circuit

we see that how much it burns if it burns too much then you cannot repair it.and if it burns just little more then you will try to fix it.

Q: How Can It Be Fixed?

A: we will know it by using the meter!
digital meters

you will have to keep the multimeter on continuity if the phone is short it will give reading from both sides on the battery connector of the phone.
multi meter leads
battery connector of the phone

and if the phone is not short that you will not get reading on multimeter form the battery connector on the phone.as I told you the meter should be in continuity and if you are using the digital meter then put it on continuity buzzer.
meter position
digital meter continuity buzzer

placed the black lead from the meter on the positive side of battery connector and red lead on the negative side if reading shows
mobile short reading
same reading both side

by the opposite banking then it means there is a shortage in the circuit remember one thing! all the reading shows the amount of burning area in the circuit for example if the opposite shows
opposite side reading
previous reading

it means the phone is 35% short or burn Similarly if opposite shows more than

it means the phone has been burn more than the previous reading if reading is zero from battery connector both sides then phone circuit cannot be repaired ever.

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