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As irepair tech outstanding Muhammad Asif Azeemi has said: An iPhone that is vibrating with no display when powered by outsourcing this fault is a nonfunctional LCD display.
iPhone accepted  "power supply " but show vibration or sound
If your Apple iPhone shows no display (no backlight, no image when you try to charge its battery), and does not seem to be working when you insert charger show USB icon on LCD. When connected to an outscore power supply then iPhone endlessly repeats twin vibrations in 'silent' position.

When iPhone backlight Circuit or IC Failed

In the iPhone circuit, You may have a backlight filter component (like a fuse). (This can easily happen when using certain replacement LCD that have an exposed backlight flex solder joint pins—pressing the digitizer into the frame will cause the exposed pins joints to short the LCD power line to ground and burn the filter and its components.) This can also be fixed as a board-level repair.

Software Problem in iPhones

If your iPhone has never been opened, the issue could be a simple iso software crash. Perform a force restart resolves it.

When LCD Cable(s) Disconnected

Your iPhone screen's flex cable connectors may have popped free after a drop. to fix your iPhone's screen check each connection and re-seat it if necessary.

When LCD Panel Cable(s) Damaged

Check LCD flex cables—in particular, the display's flex.  carefully Inspect cables for damage. replacing the LCD panel can solve the problem.

When LCD Cable Connector Sockets Damaged

There may be damage to the Screen digitizer flex cable socket on the iPhone Circuit board. Check the digitizer sockets for debris, bent connector pins, and remedy the problem. If the socket connector or some pins is damaged, an advanced smartphone repair course skilled technician can replace it with a board-level repairing.

I tell you the method to repair iPhone 6 PCB step by step  with Block Diagram to know ICs in iPhone 6 is the same for iPhone 6 plus you must visit my previous article

Section iPhone Repair Knowledge

1, fault classification
1, caused the causes of iPhone
(1), the menu settings failure: failure is not, strictly speaking, if no calls are perhaps for the owner to set up call forwarding; play no iPhone is set up outbound throttling. The baffling problem, first with total reset.

(2), using failure: improper operation generally refers to the user, dislocation caused by the adjustment. More common are the following categories:

1), mechanical damage. As the operation or method of application of excessive force is not correct, resulting in apple devices rupture, deformation, and the module pin loose weld failures and other causes. In addition, flip off-axis, the antenna was broken and thrown split casing, water, broken screen, also belong to this type of failure.

2) improper use. When using the phone's keypad keys with the nail tip will cause the keyboard touch bare ground or even fall off; with bad iPhone, charger will damage the internal charging circuit; even cause the accident; on the phone menu for illegal operation of certain functionality is turned off, the iPhone is not working; error led to SIM card password locked, the blind try to create self-locking SIM card protection.

3) improper maintenance. Apple iPhones are very sophisticated high-tech electronic products, use should be noted that in the dry, the temperature suitable for the use and storage environment.

4), the quality of failure. Some parallel imports of previous iPhones are through consolidation, converted, quality underground. Although some mobile phones are digital phones but do not meet the smartphone standard, they cannot be used.

Fault Classification in iPhone

(1) does not dismantle the iPhone only to see its appearance from the mobile phone failure, can be divided into three categories:
1) The first one is not working, including the power supply can not turn connected to the phone and press the power switch without any reaction;
2) The second is not completely boot, press the iPhone to switch current can be detected, but no switch machine normal reminder: if key lighting, display lights all bright, display, character information display with ringer After the start tone adopted by such self-test;
3) The third is to boot, but the failure of some functions, such as the buttons do not show unusual, silent, do not send it.

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