Learn the Use of JDI Power Supply in Smartphone Diagnostics

Are you tired of dealing with smartphone malfunctions without knowing the underlying problem? In this blog post, we teach you how to efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot smartphone issues using a JDI power supply, with the quickest method. Join us as we uncover the secrets of smartphone diagnostics and unleash the power of the DC power supply!

Settings Voltage and Amperage on JDI Power Supply

For larger screen Android mobiles, you should set the DC power supply at 4.3 volts and 3000 amperes. Pay careful attention to connecting the wires, making sure that the positive and negative sides match to prevent any damage to the mobile phone. The demonstration of the video below provides practical tips for achieving the optimal voltage and amperage settings to ensure effective mobile phone diagnostics.

Understanding Voltage and Current Phone is Using

Using a JDI power supply 3006 to check mobile phones begins by turning the power supply on and configuring the voltage to 4.2 volts and the amperage to 2000. The content in this article is significant in comprehending voltage and current because smartphones gain power from them. You can easily check the battery status and voltage reading at the top corner of the mobile. The DC power supply facilitates the determination of the amperage the mobile draws from the battery, shedding light on its power consumption so we can understand how much ampere did phone is using.

Utilizing the JDI Power Supply 3006 for Comprehensive Connectivity Checks

The demonstration at 08:30 of the video delves into the meticulous process of using a JDI power supply to check the battery connector for positive and negative terminals. The demonstration at 12:41 of the video highlights the importance of conducting meticulous connectivity checks, which ensure a thorough diagnosis of any mobile phone's internal circuitry and power consumption. The process of turning on the mobile with the proper connection is the observation of voltage and amperage readings to ensure a safe and effective diagnostic process.

JDI Power Supply wire connecting
Phone diagnostic process

Identifying Faults with Precision

We examine in detail the utilization of a DC power supply in identifying mobile phone faults without physically opening the device. Unveiling the specific problems concealed within faulty mobiles, the following tips below enhance precision and efficiency in troubleshooting any underlying issues.

Advanced Diagnostic Techniques and Resources on JDI Power Supply

This final section provides an extensive guide on checking the power supply and readings of M power, integrating comprehensive information on resources and support available for mastering smartphone diagnostics with the DC power supply. Here, we also guide readers toward platforms that provide detailed resources and ongoing support for improving their smartphone diagnostic skills with the help of a DC power supply.

EMMC IC fault: 

EMMC IC problem
Software problem

When you plug the smartphone with a boot cable into the JDI power supply and press the phone power button to turn on the phone, it shows a 100 ampere reading when you release the button it goes to 0000 immediately and the phone won't turn on. This is a sign of a software problem and an EMMC IC fault. Before reballing the EMMC IC with the rework station, it is necessary to check with the 6 Port USB Charging Station to confirm the issue for further assessment and troubleshooting.

Smartphone PCB Half Short: 

Mobile PCB Half Short
Phone PCB half shorting

If you see any amount of reading on the ampere screen of the JDI power supply 3006 without you pressing the phone power button, then it means the phone PCB is Half short. Service the mobile PCB with CTC Cleaner and anti-static brush.

Smartphone PCB Full Short Circuit: 

Mobile PCB full Short circuit
Phone PCB full shorting

If you see a ‘0.000’ reading on the ampere and the voltage screen of the power supply without you pressing the phone power button when you connect the boot cable on the phone then it means, the mobile PCB is fully short. Need to clean the PCB with Elma liquid and ultrasonic cleaner machine

LDO Line Fault: 

LDO Section of power IC
LDO Power Supply 

By connecting the phone with the help of a boot cable to the JDI power supply 3006 and pressing the power button, if the ampere reading is 30 and when the button is released, it goes to zero immediately and the phone is not switched on, then it is an LDO line fault in power Section of the power IC. Check all non-polar capacitors and remove the faulty ones to solve the problem near the PMU IC with the help of a digital multimeter.

Low Booting Problem: 

Low booting problem solution
Buck section problem solution

By connecting the phone with the positive and negative cable to the power supply and pressing the power button, if the ampere reading is 60 70, or 100 and when the button is released, it goes to zero immediately and the phone doesn't turn on then it's a Low booting problem, then it is a buck line fault in power Section of the power IC. Check the buck coil near the PMU IC with a digital multimeter and replace the faulty ones with a new one to solve the problem.

CPU IC Fault: 

CPU IC problem solution
Solve CPU IC problem

When we connect the mobile and press the power button If the amperage reading on the JDI power supply is 6, 7, or 10 and when the button is released it goes to zero immediately and the phone does not turn on, then it is the fault of the CPU IC. It is also necessary to check with the USB Charging Station to confirm the issue before doing reballing the CPU IC with the rework station and BGA kit.

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If you're interested in learning more about reading DC power supply amperes to repair smartphones, you may find the book "A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Use of DC power supply in Smartphone Repairing" by Muhammad Asif Azeemi helpful. The book offers practical guidance on using the DC power supply for smartphone repair, including interpreting its voltage and ampere readings to identify and solve problems. The ebook covers diagnostic techniques and hardware-software solutions and encourages hands-on learning.


As we conclude this article on smartphone diagnostics with a DC power supply, we encourage you to apply these newfound tips and knowledge to elevate your mobile phone troubleshooting capabilities and skills. By harnessing the power of the DC power supply, you can confidently diagnose and resolve smartphone issues with precision. Unleash the potential within your fingertips and master the art of smartphone diagnostics today!

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