Mobile Repairing Course In Sign Language

Mobile repairing course in sign language can open new opportunities for deaf people to acquire new skills and solve their unemployment problems. Now, with this article and the video, they can learn electronic basics and know the use of a digital multimeter to measure cable, fuse, and current.

Mobile Repairing Course In Sign Language For Deaf People

Sign language is a visual language that relies on facial expressions, hand shapes, gestures, and body language to communicate meaning. It is the primary mode of communication for people who are deaf. For this reason, we have created a mobile phone repairing course that incorporates sign language interpretation to make it easier for deaf people to learn this valuable skill.

Can Deaf People Learn Mobile Repairing Course?

With the help of deaf sign language, yes deaf people can learn mobile repairing courses, earn good money, and support the deaf community. When a deaf person has a problem with his phone, it is tough for him to tell the mobile repair shopkeeper. A deaf person with mobile repairing skills can assist the deaf community with their phone problems.

I am requesting to deaf community to encourage more deaf people to engage in this free course for learning mobile repairing. I request the deaf community to encourage more deaf people to participate in this free course for learning mobile repairing.

Mobile Repairing Course For Special Person

The course offers comprehensive training in mobile repairing and equips deaf people with the ability to perform tasks such as using a digital multimeter for diagnostics and repair. Through this course video, participants can gain essential skills in identifying and fixing faults in mobile phones.

As you watch the video lesson, it explains the types of multimeters, analog and digital in depth. It also highlights the advantages of using a digital multimeter for diagnosing faults in modern mobile phones, demonstrating the significance of a digital multimeter in the repair process.

Cable Testing and Measurement Reading

The digital meter helps in reading and measuring scales used in mobile repair. It provides practical guidance on connecting wires and using the ohm symbol for checking. The video 04:50 simplifies the complexities of measurement techniques and makes it easy to understand.

Learn how to check wire continuity testing with analog multimeter here.

Understanding Fundamental Concepts

We provide a foundational understanding of mobile repairing and electronic systems by covering basic concepts in video 10:33 of electricity and electronics, elucidating the flow of electrons, and explaining the effects of charges such as electrons, protons, and neutrons.

Learn Atom Structure, History, and Example, Diagrams here.

Exposed AC Current Electrical Formula

The video 15:12 exposes the concept of alternating current (AC), presents an electrical formula for power, and differentiates the characteristics of AC and DC currents. The video explains the role of phase and neutral wires, as well as provides practical tips for checking AC voltage.

Exposed DC Current Electrical Formula

The video below explains the role of positive and negative wires and provides practical tips for checking DC voltage.

Watch three informative topics in the video to learn about the components inside a cell 01:06 What is a battery 01:34 and test a mobile phone battery with a digital multimeter 02:44


The free mobile repairing course in sign language imparts technical skills and fosters empowerment for the deaf community. Through this initiative, deaf people can contribute to the mobile repair industry and earn good money to solve their unemployment problems.

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