Free Mobile Repairing Course For Empowering Deaf Persons

Welcome to the empowering mobile repairing course designed for Deaf and dumb people. This course equips special persons with the skills to identify and fix hardware faults in mobile phones, providing them with valuable knowledge and practical expertise in mobile repair.

Free Mobile Repairing Course For Deaf Peoples

Deaf refers to a person who is unable to hear or has significant hearing loss. It's a common misconception that being deaf means complete silence, but in reality, it varies from person to person. Deaf individuals communicate using a variety of methods, including sign language, lip-reading, and written communication. That's why we include these methods in our free mobile repairing course for Deaf people.

Understanding Mobile Hardware Problems

In today's mobile phone shops, receiving mobile phones with hardware problems is common. Deaf and dumb individuals participating in this course will learn to identify and troubleshoot speaker problems, LCD problems, signal issues, charging problems, camera faults, fingerprint sensor issues, and dysfunctional volume buttons. By understanding these common problems, individuals can effectively begin rectifying them.

The 3 Steps of Mobile Hardware Diagnose Process

The course focuses on a comprehensive three-step process for addressing mobile hardware problems. It commences with a thorough service to diagnose the underlying problems, followed by the actual repair process, and concludes with a testing phase to ensure the successful rectification of the mobile hardware issue. This approach allows participants to grasp the entire spectrum of mobile repairing, from problem identification to solution implementation.

Learn To Tackle Hardware Issues in Any Mobile phone

To tackle hardware issues, Deaf individuals in the course will be guided through a step-by-step process for servicing phone spare parts, starting from the point when a customer reports an issue. The course offers practical insights into the intricacies of phone spare parts servicing, equipping participants with the expertise to tackle common hardware problems effectively.

Learning Mobile Repair Tools Using Techniques

Equipping Deaf individuals with the necessary mobile repairing hardware tools and knowledge is crucial. The course introduces essential tools such as screwdrivers T6 and T4 for phone opening, along with effective cleaning methods for instances of liquid damage. Participants will also learn to use tools like a Digital multimeter and DC power supply to find the faulty components on the PCB of mobile phones, providing them with a holistic understanding of mobile repair.

Removing and Replacing Mobile Phone Components

Participants will be guided through the process of removing and replacing mobile phone parts and components, teaching them to use tweezers for delicately handling panels and ribbons attached to the phone. This course teaches how to service, replace, and repair phone circuits using tools like Rework Station. deaf and dumb learn to ensure the phone's PCB functions optimally. This course is designed to be easy to follow and includes clear steps. We've used sign language and written documents PDF to equip special persons.

Some additional studying resources for deaf and dumb people:

Enhance your digital skills with Click and Connect, a free training service from Deaf Action. This website offers to register for courses, stay connected online, and empower the deaf community.

The World Federation of the Deaf and Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability If you live in Pakistan this Association works to empower, educate, and advocate for deaf rights.


In conclusion, this mobile repairing course for Deaf persons provides valuable knowledge and practical skills and catalyzes inclusivity and empowerment. By equipping participants with the expertise to tackle mobile hardware issues, the course opens doors to new opportunities and fosters a sense of confidence and independence.

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