LCD Separator Machine and How it Helps to Repair Screens

In this article, I will guide you on repairing the external body parts of a mobile device. As you may remember from my previous article, I discussed mobile tools. In this post, I will show you how to fix a broken smartphone glass using an LCD separator machine.

What is LCD Separator Machine

An LCD separator machine, also known as an LCD screen separator or LCD touch screen separator, is a machine used to repair and refurbish mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets.

LCD Separator Machine
Mobile Screen Separator Machine

The main purpose is to remove adhesive and separate the LCD screen from the glass cover. This process is essential for repairing cracked screens or replacing damaged LCDs. LCD separator machines are widely used in local repair shops, mobile service centers, and by technicians who specialize in mobile phone external part repairs.

Before you learn more about LCD Separator Machine Functions know what glue is used in mobile phone screens first.

LCD Separator Machine Functions

The machines utilize various techniques to separate the glass from the LCD, such as applying heat, using vacuum suction, and applying controlled pressure. To safely remove the screen and back cover of a phone or tablet, a separator machine is used to heat and soften the adhesive. The glass layer is then carefully lifted and separated without causing harm to the LCD components or the device's body.

LCD Separator Machine Functions
LCD separator machine training manual

These machines often come with adjustable temperature and pressure settings to ensure safe and precise separation.

Please be aware that LCD separator machines require proper training and expertise to use effectively. Mishandling these machines can lead to additional damage to the device. These machines have become essential tools in the mobile repair industry, enabling technicians to offer efficient and top-quality services to customers seeking screen repairs or replacements.

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LCD Separator Machine Training

If you're involved in repairing and refurbishing LCD devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, it's important to take training on using LCD separator machines. This training will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to safely and efficiently separate the glass cover from the LCD screen, as well as perform any necessary screen repairs or replacements.

During the LCD separator machine course, technicians learn about the different types of separator machines available, their features, and how to operate them correctly on smartphones. The training course covers various aspects, including:
  1. Machine Operation
  2. Glass Separation Techniques
  3. Adhesive Removal
  4. Safety Precautions
  5. Troubleshooting
  • Technicians are taught how to set up the machine, adjust temperature and pressure settings, and operate its features, such as built-in vacuum pumps for efficient separation.
  • Technicians learn techniques to effectively separate the glass cover from the LCD screen without damaging LCD components.
  • The training covers the removal of adhesive or glue accumulated between the glass and LCD. Technicians learn how to safely remove adhesive without damaging the screen.
  • Emphasis is placed on safety protocols to prevent mishaps and device damage. Proper ventilation, protective equipment, and handling of heated components are included.
  • Technicians learn how to troubleshoot and address unexpected issues or challenges during the separation process.
Training can be obtained through various sources, including online tutorials, workshops, video demonstrations, and courses offered by mobile phone repair training centers.

Proper learning is crucial to ensure accurate and safe repairs, providing the best service to customers seeking LCD repairs or replacements.

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LCD Separator Machine Prices

In the context of Pakistan, LCD separator machines are available for sale through various platforms like online marketplaces and some big cities like Karachi and Lahore local stores. Different mobile repairing tool brands offer a wide range of machines, including built-in vacuum pump features, and different sizes to accommodate various screen sizes. Prices can vary based on the features and quality of the machine.
Check out the 3 LCD screen separator machines below to efficiently repair cracked screens with LCD separator machines.

Lcd separator machine price
LCD separator machine for sale

Some manufacturers or distributors of LCD separator machines may also provide training materials to customers who purchase their products.

After reading the whole article now you understand overall, LCD separator machines are an important tool for mobile phone repairers to have in order to provide the highest quality service to their customers. I hope you learn something new from this blog post. comment below what you like most in this article

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