The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Applying Phone Heat Adhesive

Phone heat adhesive is a crucial component in repairing electronic LCD and LED screen devices, particularly smartphones. The adhesive is used to secure mobile phones, especially smartphone screens from the back frame of the phone's housing. When changing the phone screen applying heat to the adhesive is a common technique to soften it, making it easier to remove during repairs. Heat guns, hair dryers, heating pads, and LCD separator machine tools are commonly employed in this process.

Phone Heat Adhesive Video and Books

Phone heat adhesive
Phone screen adhesive

Video tutorials on screen repair and mobile technician course books guide users on the proper application of heat to soften the adhesive, ensuring safe removal and replacement of phone components. These tutorials cover various aspects, from cutting adhesive to applying heat and using different tools and techniques for effective repairs.

18 Best Mobile Phone Heat Adhesive Tools

The tools are designed to facilitate the safe removal of adhesives used in various sections of mobile phone screens. The tool names are listed below:
  1. Heat resistant adhesive
  2. Phone thermal adhesive tape
  3. Phone screen adhesive heat resistant
  4. LCD Separator Machine
  5. Heat conductive adhesive
  6. Phone heat sink adhesive
  7. Thermal tape
  8. Phone heat dissipation adhesive
  9. Adhesive for phone battery
  10. Conductive glue for phone screen
  11. Phone thermal pad adhesive
  12. Conductive adhesive strips
  13. Heat resistant double sided tape
  14. T-7000 adhesive glue
  15. Heat guns
  16. iFixit iOpener
  17. Metal disassembly rods
  18. Electric glue remover
These tools cater to different aspects of phone repair, ensuring that users have the necessary equipment for various tasks, from opening the phone to dealing with adhesive residues.

How To Remove Phone Screen Without Heat Gun

You can use a hot cold pack to remove the adhesive from the phone screen without using a heat gun. Hot and cold ice packs filled with a conductive liquid solution. As you know it is a high-quality reusable gel pack designed in soft form external to reduce the risk of puncture. You can use it to remove adhesive from the back cover and the screen of the phone. First, put the pack into the Microwave for a couple of minutes then place it on the back of the phone. After a few minutes use a piece x-ray to separate the back cover. Insert the X-ray between the phone frame and the back cover. Then slowly move the x-ray all over the four corners of the back cover on the phone and separate the back cover from the phone. You can repeat this process to separate the screen from the phone.

To use a heat gun for screen replacement read the article What temperature heat gun for phone repair help you select which type of heat gun and its temperature is best for phone repair.

4 Tips To Heat Mobile Phone Adhesive on the Phone Screen

To heat mobile phone adhesive on the phone screen, you can use the tips below:

1. Use a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer: Maintain a safe distance to avoid overheating.

2. Temperature Consideration: Maximum of 200°F (approximately 93°C). Be cautious not to exceed this temperature to prevent damage to the phone.

3. Application of Heat: Move it in a sweeping motion to prevent concentrating heat in one area. After applying heat, you can use tools to carefully lift or remove the adhesive.

4. Cleanup: After softening the adhesive, use a gentle tool like a metal disassembly rod to clean and remove the softened material on the frame of the screen on the smartphone. Be patient and avoid using excessive force to prevent damage to the phone screen.

In conclusion, knowing everything about phone heat adhesive is compulsory for every mobile phone repair technician because every smartphone screen is attached to frame heat adhesive. This article has covered the importance of understanding the different types of phone heat adhesive and the necessary tools and techniques for applying and removing it. If I haved missed out something related to the topic, please let me know in the comment box.

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