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How to hard reset remove patten lock from samsung galaxy note 3

30 Jan 2014
The hard reset factory reset operation can fix manay software related errors and problems

After installing bad or unsupported application into samsung mobile phone
which causes your phone to be frozen
your samsung mobile phone doent respond to any order after booting because of some software errors
How to hard reset samsung galaxy
How remove patten lock from samsung galaxy note 3

  • forgotten patten lock in samsung android mobile phone
  • forgotten user code
  • forgotten phone code
  • before or after installing new firmware updates into your device
  • before selling the device to wipe all your saved data
  • before performing the hard reset

android green man data recovery
android green man data recovery
in case your samsung mobile can connect to a computer then it is better to make a backup
of your saved data using samsung kies software.
but in case that is not possible then you can check that your phones battery has
enough charging otherwise you should charge it.
Samsung galaxy note 3 hardreset steps

  1. take out your phone battery simcard and memory card.
  2. after 10 second put the battery back into your phone
  3. press and hold volume up key + home key then press power key
  4. keep pressing the above keys until samsung logo appears,then release power key only
  5. when you see android green man release all keys
  6. you will get factory reset /system recovery menu on screen
  7. use volume down key to select wipe data / factory reset option
  8. use power key to conform the operation
  9. you need to use the volume down key again to select yes delete all user data
  10. use power key to conform
  11. after performing the hard reset select reboot system now option and conform it using power key
  12. now the phone will reboots.wait for it be fully on and then you can start using it.

system recovery wipe data
android system recovery wipe data
Notice : The hard reset / factory reset operation will delete anything that are saved in your phone
internal memeory.so make a back up of your data in case you can access them 
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How to check repair mobile short circuit board fast

18 Jan 2014
All Phone Short finding method is same.you can use Digital, Analog Multimeter, and Digital Power Supply both to find the shortage in smartphone motherboards.

You also can use a DC Digital power supply for testing Shortage but this is better to find where or which part of the smartphone is really short. This way is not a good way to identify a shortage because DC Power supply can't detect very small shorts in the motherboard which cause some faults on Phones. So remember the best method is using a Digital or Analog Multimeter.

How To Find if a Phone Circuit Short or Not using Digital DC Power Supply

Put power to your Smartphone using DC Power Supply(As your Phone's DC power needs) Normally 3.8 volts is enough and in tablets, 4 volts some Chinese mobiles needs 4.2 volts 

Connect Power Supply Red clip to Battery Connector +Vbat pin 
And connect Black clip to both Battery Connector BSI and GND Do not touch any volume or power button

If your Digital or Analog Power supply's Ampare Reading Scale shows any of current amount that’s mean there is a shortage in it.
If your Power supply Shows “0.00” on Ampare Reading Scale it means there is No any shortage in motherboard

The Very easy and quick method to find if there any shortage on a Phone is using Analog Multimeter. 

Put multimeter to x1 buzzer or x10
Check Battery Connector two pins

simply put (+) test meter probe on GND pin and (-) test meter probe on +Vbat Pin

if the Analog multimeter pointer moves even a little there or buzzer is short.

Short circuit Checking method with Digital Multimeter.

Set multi-meter on CONTINUITY
Scenior1: Connect Black probe to Circuit's +VE print.  and Red probe to Circuit's -VE print shows some reading.
Scenior2: Connect Black probe to Circuit's -VE print and Red probe to Circuit's +VE print shows no reading.
Note: IF reading shows in BOTH scenarios it means circuit has Shortage.

How To Remove Shorting In Smartphones Motherboard

If your smartphone is short, it can have various issues like it may not turn on (dead), it may overheat (although it is normal in some smartphone models!), its battery may drain and discharge very fast, it may hang or auto restart and freeze frequently, it may auto turn off sometimes, etc. It is called short-circuit smartphone motherboard.Before removing shortage you should know whether your smartphone motherboard is short or not.

Reasons for Shorting in Smartphone Motherboard How Does a Phone Get short?

If the smartphone gets dropped on the floor or on some hard surface.or the phone gets wet or is dropped in rain or swimming pool water.
phone overheating.
Trying to use the faulty charger for charging in the smartphone.
Electric Sparks or smoke coming out of the Phone due to any reason form Handset charging port.

To repair a short smartphone, you will have to first remove its shortage to repair it. You have to follow the procedure to remove it, especially in dead Smartphones.

Procedure To Remove Shortage In Smartphones

1. disassemble your Smartphone and get out the printed circuit board (PCB). Be careful, so that you do not damage it! I suggest you watch the disassembling video on youtube first then remove LCD, camera, etc because we just need the motherboard.

2. Clean the entire motherboard thoroughly with any circuit cleaner like Philips contact cleaner spray, alcohol, thinner etc. Now dry it completely. After each cleaning step, you have to check if the shortage is not gone proceed to the next step.

3. Now try to deep clean the Phone Circuit Board. There is a liquid called Elma used by smartphone repair technicians in the Eastern Europe countries named Elma.

Elma procedure: Dip the Circuit Board in Elma for 1 to 2 hours. Remove the Circuit Board and clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush. Dry the Circuit Board completely with cotton or ultrasonic cleaner machine, not even a droplet of water remains. For drying, you can use direct sunlight or 100-watt yellow bulb.

this article link. To know where we can get a particular free pdf notes and service manual guides to repair phones from all manufacturers mobile phone brands Find Relevant Information here

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smartphone repair course online

4 Jan 2014
Our specific course and coaching provides all the important abilities and coaching required to fix, support,and sustain any cell cellphones such as I Phone,Blackberry,H T C,android & Smart phones of Nokia,Samsung,Sony Ericsson,LG,Q mobile,China Mobile Phones and any other Mobile Phones in the Globe.
smartphones repair course online

To make student that can able to assembly-dis set up,Service & checking elements of Blackberry mobile cell phones,H T C & android operating system cell phones routine with using appropriate tools.he/she will be able to identify & fix any kind of Mobile cell phones software & elements mistakes and Read product pc Blueprints identify mistakes & fix it by using appropriate tips and techniques
smartphones repairing course online

Career Options
On the successful completing this course the student can be a part of as a support service professional in any current cellular service middle & fixing Center. Or set up his/her own business of cell mobile phones.
1 Months
1 hour daily,6 Days a Week
Morning, Evening
For further details, contact or e-mail
Mobile: 03122906096

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)
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