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What Are the Best Smartphones features in 2016

28 May 2016
Cell phones come in different designs and shades. The year 2015 offered different designs of android smartphones. Look ahead for the year 2016 for the best Android smartphone. From screen resolution to the battery, every aspect of the Cell phone is analysed. The year 2016 promised to deliver a hand full of Android smartphones for the customers.

The best Android smartphones in 2016 are

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Company has not made any announcement regarding the release date. But Apple iPhone 7 will be a new Linux smartphone which will not follow the own beaten path. The release date is assumed to be September 2016.

Apple iPhone 7
Linux smartphone
Apple iPhone 7 is sure to hold changes in the design with eSim, waterproof technology and D-shaped headphone. New Linux iPhone 7 will be faster with 2 GB RAM, A10 processor and M10 co-processor.


The LG G5 Android smartphone will be released by spring 2016 and it is not too long since we had seen the release of LG G4 in 2015.
LG G5 Android

LG G5 Android smartphone has huge battery capacity which is 4000 mAh. The users will be able to remove the battery to charge it wirelessly.

Microsoft Surface Phones 8

The Microsoft VP, Pansy was seen working on the prototype of the model before the release date is announced. The Android smartphone is expected to release by 2016.
Microsoft Surface Phone

The physical features of the surface pro phone are S-Pen, USB-C, 5.5 inches AMOLED display, 4GB RAM, 64 and 128 GB storage, 64 bit Intel processor and 8Mp front and 21 Mp rear cameras.

One Plus 3 Phone

Android OnePlus 2 smartphone was released in the year 2015 along with one plus x Cell phone. The rumours are out about the release of One Plus 3 phone.
oneplus 3 phone
supports graphics

Android smartphone OnePlus 3 might come up with Iris-scanner but there are no signs of fingerprint-scanner. There is a chip - Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm 3.0 and Adreno 530 that supports graphics.

Samsung Galaxy s7 and Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge Comparison

There were rumours about the Android smartphone Samsung S6 Edge, and S7 is not away from it. Samsung Android smartphone never sticks to the laurels and in March 2016 the product is to be discussed in the World Cell Phone Congress.
Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
Samsung Company

In S6, Samsung galaxy s7 edge plus did not use Qualcomm but used Exynos. Samsung galaxy s7 edge plus now has begun to test Snapdragon 820. In addition, the details are that Samsung Company will use Adreno 530 LP-DDR4 Ram and 4GB or as much as 6GB RAM.

To buy the best Cell mobile phone, up-to-date about the list of Android smartphones that are present in the market. One can get the idea about the Android smartphones and I will share tomorrow for further details.
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Warning ! OTA update for Android 5.0 Lollipop will fail on modified devices

23 May 2016
google nexus update
OTA updater
Android  Lollipop has been available as an OTA update app for a number of devices for a few days now. Devices like the Nexus 5 OTA, Moto X and LG G3 already have access to the OTA updates, and many more handsets are in line to receive it. But a change to the way the OTA update process works means that for android smartphones and android tablets that have been modified, the OTA updater will not work.

The OTA update script used to upgrade from one version of Android to another has been changed. Now, rather than checking your android device and updating individual files, the script looks at an android device's system partition as a whole. This, as Google Android Police points out, means that anyone who has rooted or modified their Android smartphones or android tablet in any way will find that the OTA update will fail.

However, this does not mean that all is lost. While slightly annoying, if you have modified your android latest operating system partition all you need to do is reflash your android device with a stock Android image. With this done you can then reattempt the OTA update and it should be successful.

Another option is to manually upgrade android latest google nexus 7 system version to Lollipop. Factory images for Android Lollipop are available for some Nexus OTA devices – we've looked at how you can install the update on an OTA Nexus 5 4.4.4 and how to upgrade a Nexus 7 OTA and images will be made available for other handsets in the coming year.
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The Android Lollipop Flashlight and Camera Bug Solution

21 May 2016
Have you ever used your LED as a display switch on flashlight on for a little while, but when it instantly turned off, it remaining both your display light and you unusable? This is a really prevalent problem that has been happening ever since the designer previews. Look for engines has yet to the problem an area for this bug, which is a little annoying.

The only known fix is to turn your system off and back again on again. Frustrating, yes, but they're the smashes.

Users have revealed that their digicam fights after the android version 5 Lollipop upgrade – in some situations, this means that the symbol to select the front-facing digicam has stopped being even there. To resolve this, try eliminating your Camera app's information.

turn on flashlight OTA Broken Camera
problem solution
This won't eliminate any of your images, just your present digicam settings. Go to Configurations > Apps > All > Camera and tap Clear information. If this is not able properly, try limiting it and then allowing it in the same selection.

Android Lollipop Flashlight Issue

turn on flashlight If you leave the display switch on flashlight on for a while, for example when you're desperate for your important factors in the dark, and it instantly times out, then the display light will be broken until you do a reboot. This is actually strange but it took place the designer previews too.
switch on flashlight
Android 5.0 lollipop

It's odd that Look for engines didn't hassle to iron this one out, as it's a fairly well-known problem on the Nexus 5 already.

Missing Private Photos on My Latest Android Lollipop

A few of New Samsung customers have reported that their private images have disappeared after the Android 5.0 lollipop upgrade. They can see that their data files are still on the device by using a file administrator, but they aren't able to open them.

Unfortunately, there’s no present fix for this. These customers are going to have to wait for New Samsung to react to the bug with an android new version upgrade. Meanwhile, don’t eliminate these images or execute a producer totally reset. We’ll keep an ear to the ground regarding this upgrade and let you know when New Samsung begins moving it out.

New Android Latest Lollipop OTA Broken on Modified other Android Devices

This probably must not come as too much of unexpected, but Look for engines does not invariably want your cheering or otherwise changing your system or firmware. So if you've modded your new version of android a bit, you may not be able to set up the OTA upgrade.

Fortunately, the remedy is actually straightforward: basically, display a stock picture again and OTA will be hunky dory once again.

Check our article on Google android damaged OTA updates for android latest operating system version 5.0 Lollipop for more info.

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How to Fix Android Lollipop Problems after Update your Android Devices

16 May 2016
Lollipop has been an exceptional form of android latest operating system version with a lot to love such as Material Design and plenty of other additional functions. However, there is a few damage that is still setting many users’ teeth on edge. Here we’ll deal with the most frequent of these and show you how to get your android latest operating system version back again into optimum condition

If you want to know how to fix android latest operating system version Lollipop problems, here are the alternatives to the most frequent insects we've heard about. We'll add more as more problems plant up.
after update your android devices
with new firmware

Poor Performance after Upgrade Jellybean to Lollipop

If you’ve had your cellphone for a while, you might have observed a hit to efficiency after upgrading to Lollipop. This actually isn’t actually an issue unique to Android operating system 5.0. Sometimes when you put in upgrade android without ever having a particular set up, lots of tiny problems can accumulate gradually. The result is a bad experience in terms of efficiency.

The solution? First, try upgrading all of your programs for making sure they are operating in editions appropriate for Lollipop. You may try deactivating or changing off all the programs and icons you regularly use and then progressively initiating them one by one to see if one is being particularly problematic.
If you’re still having efficiency problems, backup your android device details and allow yourself a producer totally reset.

Android Lollipop Performance Issues

performance issues solutions
For a lot of individuals, upgrading to android latest operating system version Lollipop has created their components happier, their tooth brighter and their times just great. But some customers have come across a variety of problems, such as gets frozen, accidents, fall over their words and lag. In-place developments can be the cause of that.

Installing upgrade android on top of upgrade android can gradually create problems, so a producer totally reset might be on the credit cards, but first, look at your programs to examine they’ve been customized to Lollipop. As with any efficiency problems, try changing off anything you don’t need to see if you can recognize a particular cause

Apps keep Crashing after Lollipop Update

after lollipop update
This is a big one. Lollipop obviously presented a memory flow that can create problems all over the position. Closed programs will pop back again into the lifestyle in the qualifications, directing programs can become laggy, and sometimes programs will force close without any caution.  For some, going back to the desktop leads to a ‘redraw’ whenever, with symbols disappearing and repopulating. Sometimes this redraw can take a lot more time than it’s expected to.

On higher-end gadgets, this flow is so simple that most customers probably haven’t even observed the lag. However, on older gadgets, it can create quite a bit of damage.

Restarting your system will get rid of the problem momentarily, but you should be expecting the lag to send back in a short time. Look for engines, unfortunately, hasn’t released a formal spot to this problem yet.

Some customers have seen success after taking out the Look for engines app’s search information. If you’d like to provide this approach a try, keep in thoughts that this will eliminate all your Look for engines Now Launcher and Look for engines Look for information, so you’ll have to re-login and set up them.

Lollipop added a new function called the cards collection that is meant to create multi-tasking simpler on the android latest operating system version. Some individuals think it’s fairly awesome, but it’s shocking to others. Those who are shifting from iOS think it is particularly vexing because these credit cards are very similar to Apple’s way of presenting all operating programs. The difference is that Lollipop isn’t just displaying what programs are operating with these credit cards, it’s displaying an overview history of every app you’ve ever used in date order since the beginning of your time (or at least since last you ignored them).

If you’re of an excessive obsessive conviction and having all these credit cards placed up is on your mind like a drain filled with recipes, then we have some bad news for you. This collection of credit cards will remain even after you reboot, so the only way to get rid of them all is to run them away one by one.

Android Device Overheating after Upgrade to Lollipop

Assuming you haven’t remained your system in sunshine or near an evil child with a magnifier, heating up is often a side-effect of really pounding the device with programs such as android 3D games.
Your situation might be leading to the problem too – mobile phones are designed to be case-free, and heavy situations can intervene with heat dissipation. It’s also really value trying Safe Method to see if the root cause is an app that’s acting up.

Smart Lock has become Sesame Lock

Smart Lock has
The Reliable Locations function of Intelligent Secure took a nosedive for a lot of customers when Lollipop came out.
This may be because the system isn’t collecting your local area as perfectly without operating a location-specific app. Try startup up Look for engines Charts and see if that helps Intelligent Secure out a little bit. You can also go into Settings>Accounts>Google>Location and ensure that your precision mode is set to Great.
If this doesn’t fix your problem, then try eliminating your Reliable Locations and re-adding them.

Android Video Playback bug Problem Solution

Nexus 7 (2013) owners have revealed some insects with movie play-back following the upgrade to Lollipop. The problem does not seem to be in any particular app, but YouTube is, of course, at the center of the furor. Any app that uses the standard android latest operating system version movie player experiences though
If YouTube is the problem for you, hit Configurations > Apps and look for the access for YouTube. Take away the storage cache and try again or do a reboot for a brief fix. You can always try eliminating and re-installing the app if problems continue to persist. Some customers are confirming that this has reduced the problem while others continue to suffer.
If you have a better fix let us know in the content below. Most severe scenario: support all your details, do a producer totally reset and obvious the storage cache partition.

no silent mode on lollipop, status bar ticker or Power button menu

Sadly, these are 'improvements' rather than problems. You can't basically quantity down to quiet mode (only to vibrate), there's no option other than Energy Off when you long press the Energy key, and the position bar ticker – that little scrolling review of notices – has been murdered with fire in the newest form of android operating system version.
We anticipate the public to rise up soon and some changes to be created, or at least some workarounds realized out if you're willing to modify your cellphone a little. At any rate, we've already explained

Android Lollipop 5.0 recent apps switcher issue

The newest programs cards collection was a new addition to multi-tasking in Lollipop. But not everyone is a fan. Some customers are declaring that the more programs they have placed, the more slowly their efficiency becomes while others are realizing that even when a card has been eliminated from the collection, it surprisingly profits.
Even after a reboot your newest programs record will continue to persist, so the only way to fix this one is to merely keep on using. Permanently.

Android Lollipop GPS problems

GPS problems are quite unusual on Lollipop, but some individuals have been suffering from them and a producer totally reset has been provided as one possible remedy. If you realize that your GPS indication is losing frequently and don't wish to do a producer totally reset, try changing the position mode in your settings.
Set it to 'high accuracy', or if it already is, modifies it and then modify it back again.

Problems with Latest Android Update Lollipop Wifi Connectivity

It seems that we can't have an android latest operating system version upgrade without something failing with either Wi-Fi, Wireless or both. Try the typical variety of solutions: toggle aircraft mode on and off, forget and get in touch to the system, reboot your cellphone, reboot your wireless router or change between the Wi-Fi regularity groups.
Just about every major upgrade has seen android latest operating system version having suits with wireless or Wireless. Unfortunately, alternatives to this are fairly catch-all. If you’re incapable of getting connected to systems you used to use with ease, try toggling aircraft mode, disconnecting and reconnecting to the system, or going through the typical restart-your-router problem solving that you would with any other wireless problems.
Google is definitely scheming for making wireless connection problems a subject put to rest with Lollipop, but until we get that upgrade, we’ve just had to live with the downsides. Luckily, this only seems to impact a community of customers.

Bluetooth not working Android Lollipop

The android latest operating system version 5.0 Lollipop upgrade has created a number of problems from some Wireless customers. Although formerly combined gadgets will still recognize each other, customers have restricted performance with these combinations. Some of the Wireless functions they were used to bending on just don’t execute any longer and combined gadgets seem to detach and get in touch regularly.

The best way to address this problem is to repairing all of your system connections from the beginning. Remove combined system information by going to Settings>Bluetooth and then hitting the Configurations symbol. Tap Unpair. This achieved, reboot both gadgets and improve the coupling as if for the new.
If this doesn’t execute, it’s possible that your device’s producer has not kept your Bluetooth’s firmware up to date. Look to them to determine if the newest form of your Wireless device’s software is present.

New Android Lollipop isn't charging fast

This could be described away by brought up expectations: while android latest operating system version facilitates Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0, not every mobile cell phone does – and those that do don't always deliver with a QuickCharge battery charger. There are also known incompatibilities with some third-party quick rechargers, so if you’re experiencing problems with one it's really valued trying another battery charger (if you can) to see if the problem goes away.

Android Lollipop battery drain bug issue

Android Lollipop bug
Every new setup of android latest operating system version firmware leads to some battery power strain for some customers. This is almost always because the upgrade was used over the top of present firmware rather than set up 'clean'. There are some factors that could fail when everything is set up one way on your android cell phone, and then the world changes below its feet.

So now may be plenty of a chance to chew the topic, do a complete back-up and do a producer totally reset. You can do this via the Configurations > Backup & Reset area or personally with the components control buttons. Just look AndroidPIT for your particular tool and 'factory reset' to choose a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

This comes in two types. Either your battery power is asking for much more slowly than it used to, or it’s discharging much quicker than it used to. Often your remedy through typical battery power problem solving, but if your problem still continues, come back again here.

Lollipop did present a bug that triggered Wifi to strain your battery power much more quickly than it used to, but if you’ve customized to Android operating system 5.0.1, then that bug should be repaired.

In typical, Lollipop was created to have enhanced battery power lifespan across the board, so if you’re still having difficulty, it’s most likely due to some fake app sapping qualifications resources or because your form of Android operating system 5.0 has been set up on top of upgrade which was set up to updates. You’ve been building a house of credit cards, and now it’s getting shaky. Once you’ve eliminated other opportunities, back-up your details and execute a producer totally reset. Many customers review getting restored battery power energy after a particular set up of Lollipop.

Android Upgrade Lollipop chrome tabs issue

lollipop chrome tabs
Chrome Web browser on Lollipop is set by standard to store new an eye in the newest programs record, but for many this symbolizes one of the most popular Lollipop is notable of all.
Fortunately, all you need to do to modify this is head to your smartphone Chrome settings and turn off Combine an eye and programs to send back to the more familiar 'number in a box in the URL bar' that brings up your tab record, as it always has.

Chrome used to have it’s own unique tab function within the app, but someone at Look for engines lost their rattling thoughts between 4.0 and 5.0 and decided that the best way to display browser an eye would be to mix them into all the other programs in the formerly described cards collection. This makes factors simpler for nobody, but it is very correctable.

Go into Chrome’s settings and turn off “Merge an eye and programs.” This achieved, Firefox will go back to acting like a reasonable browser with happy tab company functions.


That’s all we’ve got in the way of Lollipop problems. Provided, a lot of these are conditions don’t specifically have to do with the firmware upgrade per se, but which tend to occur when customers upgrade android latest operating system version. If you’ve been being affected by one of these problems, hopefully, you’ve found a remedy here that will last you.

Anything we missed? What android latest operating system version troubles are you experiencing? Do you have a better fix for one of the downsides we covered? Let us know in content.

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How Recover Deleted Text Messages Free

5 May 2016
Sometimes we all really experience good when we remove subsidized information but simultaneously we removed our personal and most essential information or even only a single essential information and at that period we experience to destroy our self. So for what you are patiently waiting to go and take fast actions. Don’t think that missing information is not recoverable, if you think like this so you are 100 per penny incorrect, missing information are recoverable but only those part of the storage on which they were stored is over published by an app upgrade, computer file downloading. So time come to get your computer and phone and figure out how to get better SMS information on the latest android operating system.

There are many Mac and PC based resources available. What is their perform, all do the same perform, check out the android’s storage and internal sd card, then recognize and at last restore that removed information, only the main distinction of the name. Some are free and some are compensated.

It doesn’t issue whatever device you choose, they all sort out the same process, which is usually only the four actions, relationship, checking, review and restore.

internal sd card
android os

How to Recover Lost Messages on Android

We are using Wondershare to do the process, but all the application doing the same factor to get better information and all are having almost the same actions.

  1. Enable Designer Choice on your latest android operating system smart cellphone or Product. Go to establishing then choose About Phone and then Tap Develop variety until you see the notice that developer option has been enabled
  2. Go to developer option pick USB debugging look the box (simple just click USB debugging)
    latest android operating system
  3. Now what to do is that obtain and set up the Wondershare 100 % free (trial version) or any other restoration software/ device, now link your android operating system product or smartphone to your computer
  4. Follow the encourages in the restoration program to recognize your smartphone and evaluate or check out your android’s storage.
    backup and restore
  5. Once the procedure is finish you can surf and review both the information which is removed and undeleted information on your latest android operating system smartphone gadgets. As lengthy as the free aspect of storage on which your details was initially stored has not been stored over, you can still recover it. This is why it’s essential to take a stride easily if you’ve suddenly removed an SMS.
  6. Next, open the concept directory which is situated at left-hand lite, choose that information which you want to get better-removed SMS information and click restore at the bottom right to put that removed written text messaged back to your android operating system gadgets or save them to your computer.
  1. Note: if you want to finish the same procedure to carry removed SMS information without PC, you will need main accessibility on your system and more than likely, a compensated restoration latest android app. You can do it that way if you like, but serious it’s simpler and able to just use a computer

How to Never Lose a Text Message Again

Maybe now you have discovered your session or maybe you haven’t. If you want to prevent anxiety of dropping your information and using a computer to get better them, the best thing is to back up your information on the consistent foundation. The great information is that it will take only 5 moments.

I use a free which is known as SMS Back-up & Restore. It looks awesome and works completely, in the simple terms its simple app.

Once you have downloadable and set up SMS Back-up and Restore, start the app and tap the Back-up.
sms backup in
android phone

The next step is to select what exactly you want to produce an SMS backup and restore off, then regional backup restore and publish if you want to deliver your backup to Search engines generate or current e-mail deal with or Dropbox .
text message backup

Make your choice from the record seems and then tap ok.

To recover Secured SMS, tap recover on the app’s desktop, then on the text message backup recovery website, now what you to do to recover, you can just tap the text message backup name on the record to recover it.
If your text message backup is the shop in reasoning so you should choose the other one, tap the food selection at the top right, Regional from and choose whatever reasoning support it’s saved on.
text messages on android
 without computer

There are also a lot of many additional choices which mean that app is very much personalized, such as planned text message back-ups and security password security. You can discover these by pushing the flood at the top-right of the app’s desktop and then at last hit the choices.
text messages apps android


This helps you to return with the removed sms information. Every device you would use you will get the same phase and you will get the removed sms information. If any other technique you people know then present to us.
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