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How to Design Your Own SmartPhone

31 Dec 2016
smartphone design and development online
Linux based machine
There are many people around the world who are just not satisfied with whatever is offered to them by communication products. They always need more than what is put on offer and are not too keen to accept any mass communication produced stuff. Well, with cell phones they can have their way. They need not compromise with the android phones that are readily available in the market these days. They can design their smartphones all by themselves. There are certain hassles though and certain questions that have to be asked to yourself before you can actually get down to building your own smartphone.

Are you a geek?

Can you shell out a 500$ for starters?

Can you tell one printed circuit broad from another?

how to design a smartphone the answer to the questions

If the answer to the questions above is a 'YES', then you are suited to building your own smartphone, but the very next question poses 'HOW'. There are certain things that one has to keep with him like a microprocessor CPU and certain other modules; last but not the least, a fair amount of knowledge of Linux based machine or computers comes handy.
What actually happens is certain parts are added as per requirement to the Linux-based Phone computers, which give the smartphones its in-demand features, for instance, a camera, a voice recorder, a GPS system and so on. The major hassle is to connect all the parts of the phone together and activate it and bring it to a life working condition. Here comes into the play the knowledge of the schematic circuit diagrams. However, the wiring techniques and other such information are readily available on the internet search engines.
'No one can stop a geek' is what they say. So go on get your own unique personalized smartphone right away.

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Activities and Functions of Smartphone Repairing Institutes in Karachi pakistan

27 Dec 2016
You are aware that cell phones and android phones are sold in large numbers in Pakistan as the usage of the same has increased a lot among working communities. These mobile phones often go out of order within the warranty period or after the expiry of this period. The tendency of the people is to get repaired their Phones devices as far as possible. The android repairing industry requires the large staff and it is, therefore, essential for the aspirants to learn smartphone repairing and servicing of Phones.

Best Android Repairing Institute in Karachi and Islamabad 

As far as the android repairing institute in Karachi is concerned, there are many institutes offering the course on mobile repairing and one among best institutes is "Mobile Repairing Online repairing and training centre", which provide all types of repairing courses in respect of Phones, Smartphones, android phones,iPhone and tablets and the like. Such institutes provide job oriented Phones hardware, software and chip level repairing of all types of electronic items.

Students Can Become Professionals Smartphone Technician 

Not only the students, who dream of starting their own industry in the field of Phones repairing, the owners of smartphones also can attend such courses. Students can become professionals, but the people working with Phones all the time can at least attend to some minor repairs that bother their android phones.
Phone repairing institute in Islamabad
Professionals Smartphone Technician

An Android Phone is nothing but a portable personal computer and easily carried to places of work. Further, cell phones are small, cheaper and more powerful and therefore a smartphone is preferred than an old mobile phone. Any Phone repairing institute in Karachi and Islamabad offers courses on android repairing, chip level android repairing, phone hardware and software, and mobile maintenance.

During the training, the mobile trainees taught about the I c and circuit functions of android smartphones

online institutes offer classes
provide job oriented training
During the training, the trainees are taught the following namely details about all parts of a Phones, the touch screen controller circuit, power management ic and circuit, NAND flash ic, Ram I c, battery charging circuit, RF module circuit, charging USB circuit, audio amplifier I c and more. They are also taught about the parts and functions of printed circuit board, schematic diagram, using of BGA I c, CPU I c, DC supply machine, etc.

Prior to going into the above details, the students are taught about the basic electronics, how to deal and use the phone repairing tools, printed circuit board, how to identify the defects and solutions to rectify them, printed circuit diagram and other basics. They are also made familiar with assembling and disassembling of smartphones and for this purpose, the students are given practical training in the labs of the phone institutes, which has all latest facilities and technologies.

Most of the institutes help students in placing them in good employments or setting up of their own phone service centers. For those trainees, who come away from long distance places, the phone repairing institute in Karachi provide hostel facilities for their comfortable stay. Mobile repairing online institutes offer full-time regular classes or part time classes in the evening or online course and through video classes.

It is a fact that a phone repairer or a service engineer will earn his/her highest salary and therefore, students and other interested people are invited to join the course and learn the art of repairing smartphones and other electronic machines to earn for their livelihood or to repair their android phone on their own.

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)
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Chinese Mobile Phone Repair Guide Free Download

17 Dec 2016

Chinese phone warranty period

Many kinds of Chinese Phone may dead after warranty period or before warranty in some different damage reason. All Chinese Phone are not like that. Chinese Phone has also good quality. Sometimes weak Chinese mobile takes the long time to be damage. In a different kind of situation of Chinese Phone, board Tries the solution as the image your mobile can alive again.

China Mobile Repairing Diagrams All Chinese Mobile Hardware Repair

china mobile repairing jumper
Chinese repair china
All Chinese Phone is now easy to recover from the dead position. But if have any critical situation in the circuit then it will be more complex. Chinese Mobile Phone is now available to the maximum user. Chinese Phone also covered Smart Phone for Maximum user. So there are different solution provides by Chinese solution tips. Let us see visit the links for more to realize Chinese phone repairing solutions

The Method of Jumper in Chinese Smartphones

Cpr cell phone repair resources cheap Chinese customer mobile phone fixing

Double Sim Solution in Chinese Smartphones Through Diagram

Solution of The Jumper of China Cell Phones

China Repairing Solution for Chinese Mobile Phones Repairing

Chinese Cell Phones Memory Card Solution for Smartphone China Repairing

You can get more tips from mobile repairing online by visiting regularly

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Phone Repair Training Online Free Tips Tomorrow

13 Dec 2016

Good Study Habits for Phone Repairing School Maintain Regular Notes and Update Yourself

Maintain Regular Notes and Update Yourself
Phone Repair Training Online Free Tips Tomorrow
In Android repairing training, do not forget to maintain regular notes.pdf Books and diagrams will also help you to remember phone repairing techniques, but self-made notes are best for self-mobile repairing study. Also, keep yourself updated with new news trends on google, technology, innovations all related with phone repairing.

Learn Phone Troubleshooting using Fault Diagrams

You should know how to read smartphone schematic diagram or the android find fault using the flowchart or making a step by step phone repairing diagram yourself. By learning this technique in phone repair training, you do not have to depend on others.

Keep Yourself Familiar with Phone Repair Tools

Phone Repair Tools
Identify Your Phone Repair Expertise
In the world of technology, you must know the modern ways of repairing Samsung with Samsung mobile circuit diagram, LG,Nokia, Motorola and other mobiles. For this, keep yourself familiar with the latest Phone repairing tools used in the practical labs. Repair mobile phones on SMD rework station, use hot air gun machine the different types of hot air blower, DC power supply pdf, digital multimeter and much more.

Identify Your Phone Repair Expertise

The second last tip is to identify your mobile phone repair expertise so that you can decide your future. At times, some students are good in Smartphone and android repairing while others are good in Chinese phone repairing and all types of  new mobile phone model.Learn everything about phone repairing but try to focus on one area in achieving expertise.

Last but not the least

follow your dream and motivate yourself during mobile phone repair training. You need to have faith in yourself so that you can learn everything taught in smartphone repairing institute in Karachi Pakistan. I hope with the above tips you will get help in your Phone training process.
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Smartphone Repair Training Online Free Tips Today

3 Dec 2016
There are varieties of newly android phone launched frequently by the brands like Blackberry, Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Sony and much more. These smartphones encounter one or the other error and demand quick repairing response. Hence, if you are soon going to enroll your name in iPhone institute then follow the quick tips for android repair training.

Mobile Engineering Institute Selection

hardware and software troubleshooting
search online reputation

Select the mobile phone institute carefully after conducting a proper research. The institute must be the pioneer in the smartphone technology along with cell phone repair training. Consult your family, friends and other important online sources for help. In addition, you can search online since the online reputation of any mobile hardware engineering institute cannot be ignored in this digital age.

Introduction of Mobile Software & Hardware

phone's hardware and software part
knowledge about

Once you decide the cell phone engineering institute, try to grab maximum knowledge about a phone's hardware and software part. A majority of phone faults happens due to failure in hardware or software of a smartphone. Have a look at the course highlights of the cell phone engineering institute for more information.
Introduction of smartphone Software
software parts

Special Focus on Chinese Phone Repair hardware

Chinese Phone Repair
Special Focus on
There is no doubt that the Chinese Android phone market is increasing its share in the global smartphone industry. Today, we have a number of Chinese phones popular in Asian countries including India. Therefore, in smartphone repair training, it is important to focus on repairing Chinese phones. The major issue covered in the same is taking a file backup, formatting, flashing, unlocking/locking, hardware, and software troubleshooting etc.

Clear Your Smartphone Basic Electronics Concept
Basic Electronics Concept training
for electronics

Being a smartphone repairing student, you must understand the basic electronics since everything related to charging, power supply, and phone working depends on this concept only. Hence, while receiving smartphone repair training clear all your concepts for electronics like types of current, voltage, power, read smartphone schematic diagram, etc.

Understand Advanced Mobile Phone Repairing

It does not matter whether you have opted for a basic or an advanced iPhone and Samsung galaxy mobile repairing training, practicing on advance android troubleshooting is a must. Advance signifies the Android Smartphone that is widely used all over the globe. It is necessary to know they're working, difference, assembling and disassembling of tablets process, etc.

Follow your Dream in Smartphone Repairing Training

Last but not the least, follow your dream and motivate yourself during iPhone, Samsung Galaxy mobile, and smartphone repair training. You need to have faith in yourself so that you can learn everything taught in mobile engineering institute in Karachi Pakistan and UK. I hope with the above tips you will get help in your training process.

We have four courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)
Mobile Software Repairing Course all mobile repairing software
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