Mobile Phone Repair with Multimeter

Mobile Phone Repairing with Multimeter to check Continuity Ω Ohms, DC Voltage, Jumper setting, Check Electronic Components like Resistance, Diode, Transistor, Capacitor, Battery, etc.


A multimeter, also known as a multitester, is an instrument that measures AC and DC voltage, current, and resistance. It can also measure the root means square (RMS) values of current and voltage for AC measurements. 

Mobile Phone Repairing with Multimeter PDF

while repairing a mobile phone it is necessary to use a multimeter to detect faults in a mobile phone PCB. In this blog post, I try to explain how to use a multimeter in mobile repair. Discover ideas about Mobile Phone Repair here. Multimeter का Use मोबाइल फोन रिपेयरिंंग मे कैसे करे पूरी जानकारी. አለባዉያነ ምንነነት in pdf

Mobile Phone Repairing with Multimeter 2 free updated pdf documents for downloading
How to Check Basic Electronic Components in Mobile Phone

Download PDF File here

Digital Multimeters

Digital multimeters (DMMs) are measuring equipment that displays measured values on a digital display. They are used for designing, testing, and troubleshooting electrical and electronic circuits.
Here are some electricity-related features that can be checked using a multimeter:
Current: Measured in amperage (ampere), which is usually called amps
AC voltage: Tested in items with electrical plugs
DC voltage: Tested in batteries that hold a bank of electric power
Resistance: Measured in ohms

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