Best BGA IC Reballing Paste Guide

This best ic reballing paste guide teach you what is ic reball paste and how to use it for reballing BGA IC. where you can buy mobile ic reballing paste and BGA Reballing Kit.

ic reballing paste
mobile ic reballing paste

What is BGA Reballing of IC?

BGA Reballing IC is a process that uses solder paste along with BGA reballing paste and a dedicated stencil printer to place solder paste onto all of the BGA IC pads on the Phone Printed circuit board. 

bga i c reballing paste
bag i c re balling paste

Yeh paste b g a i c ko reball karna k kaam karta paste ko i c k uper laga k heat gun say heat dy ty hai tu paste i c k nechay ja k balls ko reslod kar dy ta hai

BGA IC Reballing Paste with BGA Reballing Kit

ic reballing paste is a kind of rework technique uesd by mobile techincation, mostly used to repair faulty intigrated circuit such as BGA ICs on the mobile phone PCB. BGA IC Reballing with the use of BGA Reballing Kit involves changing every soldered ball on a grid array circuit. on the mobile phone PCB there are many reasons and faults thats why a chip will need to be reballed

BGA kit for mobile
BGA Reballing Kit

here is the list of things we used to Reball mobile Ball Grid Array IC.
  1. BGA Professional Paste
  2. Reballing BGA Stencil
  3. Reballing Paste with Scrape
bga i.c ko reball karna k liye yeh 2 paste market my aam milty hai.i.c nikal k white wala paste jali may barty hai aur phir heat gun say heat dy ty hai tu balls baan jaty hai.her i.c ki jali alag hu ty hai.

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An Introduction About BGA Reballing Station - BGA IC Soldering and Repairing

A new BGA reballing station is used to place the new BGA IC on the Mobile PCB using a BGA reballing paste, solder paste, and stencil. Most mobile repairing professionals generally start with a starter Reballing paste and gradually shift to latest BGA Reballing kits and stations.

bga reballing station
bga reballing machine

Buy BGA kit for mobile at Factory Price. Get Live Quotes Now! Most Popular reballing kit. BGA Reballing Kit used for solder balls on a mobile PCB BGA IC Ball Grid Array. review best reballing BGA ic kit here.

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I am sure the article teach you the A to Z way and guideline on ic reballing paste and rework technique used on BGA IC to repair a fault on the mobile phone PCB. how to buy BGA IC Reballing Kit if you don't have one.

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