Convert Your Android As PC Webcam

If you want to transform your mobile phone into a PC, there are several methods and tools available. One popular option is Samsung DeX, which allows you to connect your smartphone to an HDMI-ready wireless display, and access Android productivity apps in a desktop-like environment. Another method involves managing desktop mode settings in Google Chrome on your Android device, which enables a desktop site view.

Use Android smartphone as a Desktop Computer

Did you know that you can use your Android smartphone as a desktop computer? All you need to do is connect it to an active USB hub along with a keyboard, mouse, and display. This allows you to utilize your smartphone's processors and display screens, which are often comparable to entry-level desktop PCs.

For remote access to a computer using your Android device, you can employ the Chrome Remote Desktop app. This allows you to control a computer remotely, providing a virtual trackpad for navigation.

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Convert Your Android phone As Pc Webcam
How to Convert Android As PC Webcam

If you want to link your buddies' family associates via movie contact, you must have a movie cam.
Also, you can use your Android operating system as a webcam for your PC.
For using the Android OS as a mobile web camera on a PC, you should have a USB wire.
For establishing your Android OS as a Webcam on a PC, do as instructed below.

How to convert your Android phone to a PC webcam

• First, you need to set up your Android phone on your PC to get in touch with your Computer.

how to use Your Android phone As Pc Webcam
How to use your Android phone as a PC webcam

• Download the USB webcam app and then set up it on your Android OS mobile.
• Now obtain a USB webcam desktop PC Client and then set it up.
• Connect your phone and PC with a USB wire.
• Open the Desktop client.
• Now just start the USB web camera app on your Android OS phone
• You are done!! you have efficiently made your Android phone as a web camera on a PC.

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Now you say goodbye to awkward video calls!  by knowing everything to transform your Android into a PC webcam. You can use both methods. Connect through Samsung DeX or Google Chrome for a desktop-like experience.

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