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when you search google play store for your Android device app you find many apps. a new user doesn't know which app is good for his/her android phone. That's why I update this blog post to help you guys.
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Are you searching google with this Keywords? if the answer is yes so you are on the right blog post

Best Android Apps 2020 for Your Android Device

if you are a new android user first see this year 2019 Best Android Apps suggested by the Android experts read Updated this July

Best Paid Android Apps 2019

you should Consider on Buying some App also. If you are looking to buy in the Google Play store, here are the best paid Android apps to put on you with a 14-day trial before buying. We hope that the best paid android apps list prepared by us will satisfy you. So let's have a roundup read more

If you've just purchased an Android device, all of the news and views surrounding Android Os might be frustrating. Is your Android device more vulnerable to viruses than other smartphone platforms? Will battery power be a problem, as it is for many Android device users? Should I root my Android phone, and what does that even mean?
In the answer of all these questions, I have something to share here with you guys

Rooting Unrooting Android Device pdf guide
Rooting Android pdf guide

I came across quite a number of questions about Rooting Unrooting Android Device so that's why I publish this Free PDF Document along with this blog post. if you like this PDF! Share it with others

8 Tips to Stay Safe on Your Android Device

Your Android Device first time users android tricks
Android Phones info gram
Every phone--whether an iPhone, an Android Os or an old-school flip phone--has its issues. Fortunately there several applications you can obtain to increase your cell phone's performance and steps you can take to create sure it stays secure.

Improving Battery Lifestyle of Your Android Device

The number one cause of battery power strain for Android Os is procedures operating in the background while you don't need them, or while you are not even using your cellphone at all. A few of the most common applications and procedures that unnecessarily eat battery power are:
Bluetooth and WiFi--turn them off if you are not using them
Your Screen--reduce display lighting via the display menu
Adobe flash--disable via Configurations > Enable Plug-Ins, or switch to on-demand only
Apps that upgrade frequently--Twitter, Facebook and E-mail all examine for up-dates regularly. Set each app to manual upgrading (polling) so they only run when started out.
There are also some applications you can obtain to handle battery power on your Android Device. They instantly handle what is operating on your cellphone and prevent other applications from operating unnecessarily. Some of these applications include Easy Battery Saving and Juice Defensive player.

your Android Device Protection

Android is the most popular smartphone os globally, so it seems sensible that online hackers single out the system in their efforts to create an unlawful profit.
There are a few factors you can do to avoid installing viruses onto your Android Device. Always examine the authorizations an app is inquiring before you obtain it. If they seem needless, it is probably best to find an alternative. You can also search "app name + malware" and see if other customers have reported about the app in the past. Downloading applications only from the Google Play store is another good safety measure.
Be sure to obtain updates for Android Os and your current applications as soon as they become available, as updates are often released to fight security faults that have been discovered in the software.

General Maintenance

Just like a pc, there are a few factors you can do per month or every week to keep your Android Device operating properly. Clean out your SMS messages data source and email data source per month to totally release area. You can trade important messages first to save them. Cleaning out your app storage cache every week can also totally release 5-10 MB of area.
Follow all of these tips and you'll get the most out of your Android Device or smartphone!

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