Best Analog Hot Air Station For Mobile Phone

In this blog post, I am about to explain What are some common uses of an Analog hot air station in mobile
phone repair? to do that let us start with analog rework station overview

Analog Hot Air Station for Mobile Phone Repairing

The Analog Hot Air Station is a technologically advanced equipment soldering device for the soldering of electronic components. The hot air station is perfect for soldering and disordering ICs such as a capacitor, resistance, diode, transistor, coil or inductors, QFP, PLCC, SOP, and BGA, as well as other surface-mounted components.

Analog hot air station
Analog Hot Air Station For Mobile Phone

Besides an Analog hot air station, you’ll need a few more mobile hardware repairing tools like soldering flux, heat resistant tape, biological knife, screwdriver, Tweezer, BGA reballing paste, and BGA stencils.
you can read and watch those tools one by one here :
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