Analog Hot Air Station 2021

In this blog post, I am about to explain What are some common uses of a rework station in mobile
phone repairing? to do that let us start form analog rework station overview

Analog Hot Air Station for Mobile Phone Repairing

Now in analog hot air station, there are two knob Air and heater.
hot gun for mobile repairing
best hot air rework station

Heater element exists in Handle that is directly controlled by this knob. If you'd turn it on the button, this red light gets on also, you turn this button as per need.

hot air rework station vs heat gun
station power button

when this light blinks.
hot air rework station
This light blinks

It means you Heater element Get warm. Besides,

best hot air rework station
rework station handle

there is a Heater inside the Handle and it gets it red when the heat gun is continuously on Means is now is too much hot.
Besides a heat gun, you’ll need a few more mobile hardware repairing tools like soldering flux, heat resistant tape, biological knife, screwdriver, Tweezer, BGA reballing paste, and BGA stencils.
you can read and watch those tools one by one here :
If you already have digital rework station and dont know how to do soldering work on smartphone circuits and technical details read this blog post

Some Common Uses of Analog Hot Air Station in Cell Phone Repair

in this part of this article, we discuss hot air gun for mobile repair secrets
how hot gun for mobile repairing benefits you in repairing mobile phone PCB stay tune

Now how to resolder the components

to work on small components. moved up the knob of heater option to number two.

Analog Hot Air Station knobs
set on 200

You can also move it to three if you need. one thing very important that the numbers you'll see around the knobs are actually 100, 200, and 300 so you should very careful via using this. If you move the knob to Number two it means 200 and a midpoint is 250. for big components, You turn it on to three and keep air mini. what is mini?

rework station air position
set on 250

mini means that you keep air position on the analog hot air station between two and three.

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20 Awesome Photos of Hot Air Station
hot air gun mobile repairing

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Now Doing Soldering Practical on Mobile Phone Circuit

Unsolder the component
p sign is the component

Apply solder flux on the components to be unsoldered.

Flux soldering paste use

flux soldering paste use
Soldering flux

soldering flux is a liquid paste which is applied at the edges of all IC integrated circuits before resoldering or moving. smd hot air rework station heating and hot air help melt solder paste into the IC beneath.

Solder Flux Preparation
Solder Flux Demonstration

Then you close it to your component for heating as well as touch the device to absolves the components works or not and keep giving heat.
Solder Component Demonstration
Heating Component Demonstration

Watch Solder Component Demonstration GIF here. when it gets too much hot Then leave it from the tweezer slowly.

using tweezer on phone circuit
tweezer demonstration

Watch using tweezer on phone circuit video here. As you can see in the image hold the component from the tweezer and move it very slowly by using a finger while giving heat by SMD hot air gun continuously the component will separate when silver shine comes as you see in the image.

component silver shine corner
it gets separate

The same process you can do for adjustment

how to re-solder
resoldering demonstration

Watch resoldering demonstration GIF here. put the component on the place and give heat gives silver shine.

re soldering process
resolder component

in this image, there are too many components but don't use the heat gun in complicated areas As you can see, these parts that are fixed on the side can easily move or separate by the Heat gun

Samsung S6 circuit
complicated area is highlighted red in color

but using a heat gun in a complicated area are not allowed.

Now Doing Soldering Practical on All Mobile Phone IC circuits

to solder IC You keep your heat gun heater knob on and keep Air Normal in this picture these ICs

phone IC soldering
IC is highlighted in red

can easily be removed so set your heat gun on 350 and keep Air Normal If you have too much

desoldering gun tips
heat can set on 350

wait for heating that as per need heat can be little increased

Heat Resistant Tape

3m high temperature adhesive tape
High Temperature Adhesive Tape

heat resistant tape is easily available in markets. this tape absolves heat.

save phone components
apply tape like this

Means if you apply on a specific component, those components do not get hot.

Now Doing Soldering Practical on Microchips

Usually, nowadays microchips are not used in a smartphone.

Microchip Expert Solution
this is microchip

In the picture, you'll see it. It can be called the microchips. to remove microchips.

soldering and unsoldering Microchip
Drag soldering

Your heater should be on 4.5 and air would be in normal like med. Remember that you will have to revolve your heat gun while working.

solder station demonstration
demonstration of revolving
Watch solder station revolving demonstration GIF here. revolving means do not use a heat gun
in one position at a time. It must be move or evolve.

Now Doing Soldering Practical on BGA IC Integrated Circuits

Rework Station also called BGA Rework Station. Rework Station also called BGA Rework Station.
To work on balls grid array IC you have to use some additional mobile repair tools and components
to give heat from the bottom on the IC.

BGA ICs means dose ICs that are punched by machines on a circuit and fixed the corners

BGA IC pasted
pasted IC image

with any kind of glue. To remove this IC. Take a knife that is used in a biological laboratory and feed it
until unless it gets red from the front. remember one thing that paste must use in fixing chips, so take the
hated knife and place it slowly, slowly

as you'll see in the video in this process hated a knife easily move into the chip. This BGA chip, similarly
remove as previous you're a

BGA IC removing
for unsolder BGA IC

hater should be on 4.5 and air would be a normal like med use paste and remove the chip but if you place
this BGA chip to another circuit, then you will have to make balls.

Desoldering BGA Chip
the Balls have gone

Ball making work is very expensive and demandable.

reballing tools
phone BGA kit

in the image, This is called BGA Kit.

bga reballing stencil template
bga stencil kit

the black paper you'll see is that different Stencil. now Put down the IC under that stencil,

IC holder
use screwdriver

then you will do it. It becomes balls for pasting the IC.
emmc reballing kit
BGA Reballing Paste

This liquid is the best.

plumbe bob paste
tool to fill the holes

This paste works perfectly and this is strong also as you are watching the process

UV Professional paste
Professional Soldering Paste

to remove the IC is the same as you have already seen, but this is very fragile so the heat it lightly

BGA reballing chip
heating BGA with rework station

Method heating BGA
use low air pressure

in this process Keep the air in mad then move it on 3 while working and heat must be in between
3 to 4 when
ready BGA IC
IC Balls ready

You'll see the little bubbles while heating apply this paste

it means the IC is resoldering Now Stop the heat gun and wait for IC to get Cool.

balls on the BGA
hold with tweezer

IC view by magnifying glass
BGA IC balls magnifying glass view  

To know the reasons for ICs getting dry soldered read this blog post

Now Doing Soldering Practical on Filter IC

Voltage Controlled Oscillator
also called VCO IC

These filter ICs. to remove These move heater point
on 4.5 and if needed, move to 5 and air always normal.

Filter IC resoldering
for removing filter ic 

When IC is removed it looks like this as an image

crystal clock oscillator
when remove

As you can see these walls are clean by using the soldering iron.

IC print cleaning
solder wire to clean

Then it places under that kind of net.

resoldering PCO IC
apply the heat by hot air station

As these silver prints can be seen then pays the pump bob that is available in the market hold
the circuit by using a screwdriver and then apply the heat by the heat gun.

if you want to know more about soldering iron, solder station and new mobile repairing tools special price
like desoldering tweezers How to Use Them read this article on Micro Soldering Repair Training

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