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How to check repair mobile short circuit board

18 Jan 2014

Mobile printed circuit broad

mobile short repair circuit board
Mobile Short circuit repair
An electrical network that has a closed loop giving a return path for the current Printed Circuit broad is made up with Fiber.
Circuit has prints and a  wires in copper. If copper prints is broken, It may be repair with a jumper wire If Circuit is burned or damage, no way to recover it.

Short circuit Checking method

Set multi-meter on CONTINUITY
Scenior1: Connect Black probe to Circuit's +VE print.  and Red probe to Circuit's -VE print shows some reading.
Mobile repair short circuit repair
Mobile short circuit repair
Scenior2: Connect Black probe to Circuit's -VE print and Red probe to Circuit's +VE print shows no reading.

Note: IF reading shows in BOTH scenarios it means circuit has Shortage.
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