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Scan and Edit Your Documents Using Your Android Device

28 Oct 2016
Have you ever been in a situation that you needed to scan your personal documents and edit them immediately? And you couldn't make it and maybe you missed something important  to you? Well, don't lose your hope. There should be a solution and there will be no regrets.

Sometimes in under particular circumstances, you have to deal with a problem immediately following or you'll lose an opportunity. And maybe it affects whole your life and you regret it so much in your life. The circumstance, mentioned in the first paragraph of the formal letter is one of them. So there should be a solution and we are going to solve it together.

So if you were in this situation, you wished that there were portable scanners for photos and documents. I can tell you that there are portable scanners for photos and documents that you can carry in your pocket. Actually, they are not fingerprinted literally scanners but they can do the same thing. You can simply name them smartphones.
scan Documents
for photos and documents

Since the invention of android phones, they have been a great help to people and professionals. the smartphone can be used as the portable radio, music and video player, weather forecaster and the android phone can help you in taking care of your pets... So, they have become very common in societies.

In modern life, almost everyone has mobile phones and a lot of people use Android tablets and smartphones. There are a lot of apps for android operating system applications which come in handy in different situations. The mentioned situation is one of them. So there is a solution.

You can extract texts from image or photos taken by your android phone's camera or the images already existing in your android device's gallery. The process is very simple. You just need to follow some easy steps using some android applications that are known as OCR text recognition apps.

OCR Optical Character Recognition

OCR text recognition free
image or photo

OCR Optical character recognition text recognition is a method of extracting the texts from an image or photo and turning it into an editable document. When a document page is scanned, it is generally saved as a bit-mapped file in TIF format. When the image or photo is displayed on the screen, we can make out the print. But to the product, it is just a series of black and white dots. The device does not recognize any "words" on the image or photo.

This is what OCR text recognition free does. text recognition OCR looks at each line of the picture and tries to find out if the black and white dots represent a particular letter or number.text recognition OCR was actually developed originally to assist sight-impaired individuals to gain access to printed information.

Anyway, these OCR Optical character recognition free apps are really useful for extracting text from image or photo.You can edit your personal documents after your text is extracted from image or picture.

So here are the top free apps you can use on Android for OCR text recognition

camscanner phone to scanner android

ocr instantly free apk

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Smartphone Repairing Tutorial

15 Oct 2016

Start Your Own Business

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SmartPhone Repair in the US Market Research Report

3 Oct 2016

What is the SmartPhone Repair Industry?

smartphone Industry Performance
Current Performance Reviews 2016
This business industry primarily repairs and maintains smartphones. Some Service operators may also repair Android and Apple tablets such as iPads or other electronic android operating system  devices as secondary businesses, which are also included in industry revenue growth rates. Industry operators include brick-and-mortar stores, which allow customers to bring in their smartphones for repairing. Some stores also allow Android customers to mail in devices that need repairs.

  • Industry Activities
  • Repairing mobile phones
  • Repairing android phones
  • Repairing iPads and iPod tablets

  • About this Industry
  • Industry Definition Geography
  • Main Activities and Responsibilities
  • Similar Business Industries
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  • Cell Phone Industry at a Glance
  • Industry Performance 2016
  • Executive Summary 2016
  • Key External Drivers Environment
  • Current Performance Reviews
  • Industry Shipping Outlook
  • Industry Life Cycle Stages

  • Products & Markets Nab
  • Supply Chain Cycle
  • Products Services and Technological Trends
  • Major Markets around the world

  • Globalisation & Trade unions
  • Business Locations for repair
  • Competitive Landscape slide
  • Market Share Concentration index
  • Key Success Factors marketing
  • Cost Structure Benchmarks
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  • Major Smartphone Companies
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  • Key Statistics on the NHS
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  • Key Ratios industry

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