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Solve your iPhone 7 Speaker issues with our detailed diagram solution. Resolve ear speaker glitches and headphone mode hiccups effortlessly. Check out the case study below in this article from expert guidance.
Handsfree and speaker location

iPhone 7 Plus Ringer Ways

To address issues with the iPhone 7 Plus ringer, you can follow the solutions provided below by mobile repair experts. There are jumper solutions and ways to fix the ringer problem by cleaning and addressing water damage on the base plate. One common problem is related to the audio IC, and you can find instructional videos on YouTube demonstrating the replacement of the small audio IC (338S00220) responsible for the ringer function.

iPhone Ear Speaker Ways Case Study

My iPhone 4 experienced inundation where it sat in a mess of rainfall h2o for a time. I dry it thoroughly in grain for 7 days but when it was dry, the display and speaker were eliminated.
I changed both the display (LCD + Digitizer) and changed the whole docking station slot setup (Port, ribbons, plug, Wi-Fi Aerial, Noisy Speaker) and the display now performs, but the loud presenter still does not. Initially, I converted it on, loud the presenter did create some altered disturbance if I converted the quantity up at least 50 percent way, but it has ceased creating any audio since that preliminary time.

The loudspeaker does not work. How can I troubleshoot further? 

So as it currently seems to be, I have EVERYTHING operating except for the loud presenter. I tried getting it returned to make sure the loud presenter was sitting effectively and that all the fasteners were limited and everything seemed to be set up properly. I just have no concept how to continue further and am expecting some of you might have an encounter with an identical issue. 

Mobile Repair Experts Answer

So here are the facts:
The cell phone is definitely dry. That whole rainfall factor occurred about monthly ago and I examined everything when it was apart and there is no wetness in the cellphone.
iPhone Loud speaker change diagram
iPhone Loudspeaker  

The two plug dishes that the loud presenter devices relax on to create a relationship seem to have volts across them if I contact a voltage gauge to them when songs are enjoyed. EDIT: The volts here seem quite low in comparison to calculating the volts that come across the earphone slot when outputting to headsets.
iphone speaker not working during calls

-I've examined the earphone slot and vicinity indicator to make sure they are both operating effectively and they seem okay.
How should I continue from here? are there further factors I can do to repair this? Is it possible that another aspect of the cellphone needs to be changed other than the loud presenter (which I already tried replacing)
Any concepts or concepts would be significantly valued. Thank you so much for your time!
Update: I have found that if I convert the quantity up ALL the way and media the mobile phone's presenter into my ear and sit in a basic space I can listen to the cellphone... BARELY... like, it's so weak that you would never know audio was arriving out of it... I wish these details allow in some way.

Update 2: I took my speaker out connected an earphone cable to the earphone slot and moved the loud sound system results to the other end of the cable it created amazing audio that way, so it's not the speaker.
Thanks, everyone!
Here's another strange factor. In regards to being able to listen to the speaker BARELY if I media it against my ear... I can listen to it regardless of whether the cellphone is turned to the silent method or not. The silent method seems to perform effectively though. It creates the cellphone shake as it should and everything so I'm not sure if that is relevant to the issue or not... Could the speaker be trapped in a basic method quantity stage while the relaxed cellphone is recognizing the silent method toggles correctly?
iphone Loud speaker problem solution diagram

iPhone Loudspeaker problem solution diagram

Gave you a thorough publication, hopefully, someone can offer you excellent information!
iv the same issue, and iv also done the same assessments as you self, I wish we get them and were looking for
Let's make sure to keep all the details we understand here so everyone can advantage of what we find out. I have searched the world wide web and there are generally no details about this kind of issue at all out there. (Or if there is, it's hidden under a large number of content from individuals stressing that their second "speaker" microphone doesn't perform and such...) Or, most of the situations that audio near to this end with the individual arriving returning the cellphone to the Apple company, which will never perform in this scenario. I have re-confirmed that the presenter on my iPhone began performing up BEFORE the h2o occurrence, so I don't believe it is relevant to that. I'm even considering difficult cabling in some brings from the earphone slot straight down to the loud presenter just to get some audio out of the factor. The issue is, that not all the mobile phones seem to come through the earphone slot. Some have ONLY come through the loud presenter. Plus there are other issues that occur with that kind of installation, but it might be my last anxious activity if I can't take care of this.
have you examined the encompassing combines etc? I'm not the Apple company iPhone professional but in the 3g there are disturbance reducers/inductors/fuses? near the dock(on the motherboard side) that the presenter is in that can strike and cause these kinds of issues..just a concept.  

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