Learn Recovery Mode on HTC New Phone Boomsound and Disassembling HTC Mobile in 4 Easy Steps

The information in this article covers the following topics:
  • Award winning top quality boomsound best phones from HTC review
  • The advice and the Best guide on HTC new phones
  • How to disassembling new HTC phones complete guide
  • What is Recovery mode on HTC and how to enter into Recovery mode on your HTC phone

HTC New Phone Boomsound

You've all had that experience when someone plays a song or movie on their cellphone, but you have to strain to hear the thin sound. The award-winning best phones from the HTC family introduce BoomSound permanently changing the cellular sound.

HTC New Phone
htc boomsound settings

Most mobile phones cure sound by tucking a small speaker into the back or base. Right away, when you pick up an HTC boom sound Phone, you will notice the center of the Booming Sound experience.

In fact, the market-research company GFK on U.S cellphone customers found 74 %  “delighted” with the presenter high company's HTC One, defeating the closest opponent, the iPhone 5, by 34 amount factors.

boom sound HTC brings together complicated top-quality elements style exclusive application design and the best audio processor chip by HTC Taiwan technicians.

htc boom sound
best phones from htc

Now with the new best smartphone battery technology, it is possible HTC phones can produce big sounds.

when you examine HTC One sound level in comparison to iPhone 5 sound levels you experience powerful beats and audio htc boomsound settings.

The outcome of all this working together is that BoomSound on the HTC One gives you sound that is several times stronger than what you get on competitive cellphones.

Highly effective BoomSound on best phones from HTC modify the way people love the cellular sound.

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HTC Mobiles Advice

For smartphones powered by Android OS, it is highly recommended. The HTC mobile phones are extremely popular among youngsters around the world in mobile malls and mobile markets. HTC phones built their popularity as the behind-the-scenes designer and producer of many of the most well-known OEM-branded cellular phones. There are many different HTC smartphones based on HTC Desire, HTC Feeling, Traveler, and others.

Apple Company vs HTC Company

Taiwanese organization HTC, Asia's second-largest tablet manufacturer, was charged with infringing the Apple Company's patents in a case that may prevent US imports of its handsets and tablets. HTC is allegedly infringing on five patents related to software structures, user connections, touch displays, and activity receptors, according to an issue filed this summer 8 with the US Worldwide Business Percentage in California. 

Apple Company vs HTC Company
HTC Mobiles Advice

With the filing of the complaint against HTC, as well as the complaint filed against Samsung Gadgets this summer, the Apple company is stepping up its fight against tablets that compete with iPad's market position. As HTC has already done this year, it will continue to secure and protect its own IP, as it has already done so." HTC emphatically refuses Apple's past and current statements against it. A tablet competitor to Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, HTC introduced the Leaflet in Goal.

There are always jobs in mobile manufacturing companies and learning opportunities for fresh, trainees and experienced workers read the article to know the complete job description, salary details, education, training, courses, and skills you learn when you join the company.

Disassembling HTC Mobile

There are a number of reasons to want to disassemble your HTC Mobile, the most common being to fix an HTC Mobile damaged or broken LCD panel is to disassemble it. you don't have to go to a local cell phone shop. try disassembling your HTC Mobile and do it your self can save your phone to recycle your phone panel.
Disassembling HTC Mobile
HTC disassembly tear down

To disassemble the HTC new phone, you will need:
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Nylon Spudger
  • Fine-Tipped Curved Tweezers
  • Screwdriver Kit
  • Plastic Triangle Opening Tool
There is a wide variety of phone screen replacement tools for you depending on which HTC phone you are disassembling. The blog post guide provides you with information on the must-have phone repair tool.

Follow the information below to take everything apart on your best phones from HTC using Mobile Phone Curved LCD Screen Opening Pry Tools:
  • First, remove the battery.
  • Next, sim card one and sim card two
  • Then, all the screws
  • Finally, take everything apart.
  • A bank card can be used to Disassemble the HTC phone battery from the back frame.
  • Carefully remove the ribbons connections from the HTC phone PCB and the LCD panel and back of the frame of the HTC mobile.
  • Now Disassemble the front and the back Cameras from the connectors on the Phone PCB. 
  • Now remove the power button and the volume buttons from the phone frame
  • Now you can able to remove the phone's PCB from the frame.
In case your newly purchased HTC best phones drop in the water, you can use this blog post information to disassemble and service your phone with an Anti Static Cleaning Brush, Elma liquid, and a heat gun.

if you don't know how to use Elma liquid and the heat gun to dry your phone PCB read the heat gun temperature for phone repair and shorting problem in the PCB of the phone blog post

The HTC new phone assembly should be assembled by carefully moving backward through the steps above.

in this paragraph of this article, We bring on another useful information about HTC phone's Recovery Mode and hard reset to solve your HTC phones software problem on your own

Recovery Mode on your HTC phone

let's start to learn how to enter Recovery Mode on your HTC phone using the power and volume buttons. Recovery Mode on your HTC phone work just like computer or laptop windows Safe Mode is a partition that can be bootable on your Android operating OS to execute Bootloader, Apply update on ADB, Apply update on the SD card, Mount/system, Wipe cache partition and View recovery logs.

Entering into Recovery mode on Your HTC Phone Use Buttons

  • first Turn off the Fastboot option on your phone by going to Settings>Battery>Uncheck the Fastboot key
  • Power off the phone and wait for it to turn off completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button, then press the Power button to switch on your phone and release it quickly but keep holding the Volume Down button.
  • This will boot your HTC phone into bootloader mode
  • You’ll see an on your phone screen with the option to boot into Recovery mode press Volume down once to navigate to the Recovery option then press the Power button to select it and boot into Recovery mode on your HTC mobile.
recovery mode on HTC phone
HTC phone recovery mode option

What does recovery mode do on Android Samsung read the article on android recovery mode What are some of the most common problems that can be fixed with recovery mode

hard reset HTC phones

You might need to hard reset HTC phones before upgrading to a new android version. This will erase bugs and errors on your phone and your HTC phone's new Android version will operate effectively, especially when you use the latest Android app on it.

How to Hard Reset HTC Phone
HTC phone hard reset keys

Wipe Data/Factory Reset

By wiping data/resetting your phone to factory settings, you can fully restore your phone to its default settings. Be sure to make a backup of your data before using this option, since it deletes all the pre-loaded data and apps on your phone.

Learn more about What Is a Hard Reset? What are the benefits of hard resetting HTC phones? For step-by-step instructions on how to hard reset your HTC phone, read How to Hard Reset HTC

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