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If for any reason that your phone is damaged there are many steps you can take to have it fixed. It makes no difference if you have a drained battery of cell phone, damaged screen, charging problems or inundating many periods there are things you can do to have it fixed as opposed to buying a costly new mobile cellphone. if you are a beginner read the last paragraph of this article to download the guide. if you are a beginner in the mobile phone repair field then read the last paragraph of this blog post article How to Repair Cell Phone Drain Batteries. and if a professional then read down this full information and get updated in the year 2020.

I came across quite a number of questions about schematic diagram of mobile PCB and smartphone  diagrams

The Two Commonly Asked Questions:
  1. Do we really need a schematic diagram of mobile PCB in order to repair any mobile phone circuit and its electronics?
  2. Are we have to depend on a smartphone diagram to repair new smartphones 2020?
Well, the answers are as below:

Repair Any Mobile Circuit & it's Basic Electronics

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Example Schematic Diagram
example schematic diagram
In Mobile Phone Repairing Theoretically yes, Practically not necessary, it all depends on how good you are in basic electronic repair knowledge. For a beginner, it is a 'must' for you to understand about the Layout schematic diagram, as you gradually gained more knowledge you will automatically depend on less on the schematic diagram of mobile PCB. You will definitely need a SmartPhone schematic diagram when you come across a new designer or technology. For example, schematic diagram, when comes to Cell Phone Repair I seldom see schematic because I already understood most of the circuitry and section in a Cell Phone. The new technology such as SmartPhone or Android Phone makes me have to temporarily relies on the schematic diagram example

Do we depend on smartphone diagram to repair new smartphones 2020

As my knowledge of Android Phone Repair grows, I will gradually depend on less on the circuit schematics. Maybe my situation is different from yours because I'm concentrating on some types of smartphones and Android devices. I've seen quite a lot of repairers in my country Pakistan that repair many types of Smartphone brands such as iPhone, blackberry, htc, Samsung, Nokia, Sony XperiaMotorola, LG, China, Qmobile, Huawei and so forth. Most probably they need the schematic diagram of mobile PCB to keep them up to date on each of the Smartphone brands technology.
As for how to read the schematic diagram, I'm unable to show you through the article because you do need a real schematic and diagram symbols in order to make you understand. Reading a schematic diagram is not that difficult, provided you have some mobile phone basic electronic knowledge.

How to Repair Cell Phone Drain Battery

People usually buy a new cell phone battery when their cell phone batteries get drained. Before buying costly new cell phone Battery Download the pdf guide below on How to Check Cell phone Battery With Multimeter and repair it with a battery booster
ultimate pdf guide on Cell Phone Battery Repairing
Click Here to Download
Download Cell Phone Drain Battery Repair Guide Get Updated in the year 2020

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