How to Fix Update Issues Samsung

How to Fix Most Common Android Update Marshmallow 6.0 Issues in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Fix WiFi Problems
Samsung Smartphones Galaxy S7 edge users were delighted to receive the Samsung Android update marshmallow, but their happiness did not last for long. Many Samsung Galaxy S7 users have reported problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, decreased battery life, after upgrading to android update marshmallow 6.0. Let's look at some potential fixes that can resolve the issues faced by Samsung Galaxy S7 edge users.

Fix Wi-Fi Problems in Samsung Firmware Update apk

Some of the Wi-Fi problems faced by Samsung Galaxy S7 edge users after updating to android update marshmallow 6.0 are slow connections and drop-out in the Wi-Fi connection. The potential solutions to resolve this issue are:

Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and also reboot your router. You can also try switching off the modem for a while and then be returning it on. If your router manufacturer has provided an update for firmware, go ahead and upgrade it. If none of these alternatives take care of the problem, you need to make changes to settings on your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and see if it helps.
Solution to Fix Wi-Fi Problems in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Running Android Firmware Update apk
potential solutions to resolve this issue
Go to Settings- > Wi-Fi
Select your Wi-Fi network and tap on Forget network
Now your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will scan for Wi-Fi networks and present you with a list of Wi-Fi network available to connect
Select the Wi-Fi network of your choice
Enter the password and tap on Connect
The solution to fix Bluetooth problems in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running android update marshmallow 6.0

Samsung users report broken Bluetooth Relationships with devices

To settle this issue follow the steps given below
Go to Settings -> Bluetooth
Toggle the Bluetooth switch few times
Go to Paired Devices and select the paired device with which your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is having the connectivity issue.
Tap the Settings icon beside the problematic paired device.
On the next screen, tap on unpair.
Tap on Menu icon followed by tapping on Refresh. Your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will now search for available Android Smartphone devices.
Once the device is listed in available Android Smartphone devices, tap on its name to initiate pairing.
Follow the instructions and type in the pass rule when persuaded. You need to accept the pairing on both Android Smartphone devices in order to successfully pair the Android Smartphone devices.
The solution to reduced life of the battery problems in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running android update marshmallow 6.0

There can be several reasons for the decreased battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Before proceeding to the solution, you need to make sure that you have not installed potential battery hungry apps like Live wallpaper. Uninstall battery hungry applications and then follow the steps given below.

Switch Off the device.
Press the Power button and Volume down key simultaneously and continue to hold it for some time
The phone will boot up and you can release the power button but continue holding the volume down button.
You will get a popup that will ask whether you want to reboot the device in Safe mode. Tap on OK
Booting your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in Safe mode will clear out the cache and kill the apps and applications processes that might be draining your battery pretty fast.

You should also uninstall unwanted apps and also update apps and applications you frequently use and see if it helps. Many times common fixes will not work to resolve the problem but a crucial app update might resolve the issue.

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