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The first step to entering in the business of cell phone repairing is to learn to repair cell phones. but the question is how? There are different ways to learn cell phone repairing: in this article, we are introducing the Offline Course of self-teaching by the book, as we know offline cell phone repair course is not a new option to learn cell phone repairing but its primarily because the self-teaching by book offers real hands-on repair experience and direct interaction with the instructor. Offline Study with the book is also focused and fast, covering the most important learning topics about the cell phone repairing over a specific period of days. and another benefit of Offline Learning is the validation by own, without wasting too much time for searching for a person who can teach you on his cell phone repairing store, which often comes in the form of a self-made that proves your expertise. It's one thing to say you're a cell phone repair technician. on hand practices on the cell phones according to book practical activities can bolster your reputation and help you land more, better, and higher-paying work to you in cell phone repairing business. even though most books offer the robust training. Books are Convenient, not expensive and can provide training for self-study. you can learn at your own pace and it can be good instruction. Books with troubleshooting, layout, block, and schematic training diagrams represent cell phone repair training alternatives for self-motivators who want to learn on their own. Though cell phone repair books you get provide instruction, there is no need of the instructor, and no certificate to be earned. if the author explains each topic in the book in depth.
The best part about cell phone repair book is that if they're good, they can serve as references for years to come; if they're bad, you've invested very little money and you can give your used books to help the peoples how cannot afford to pay for learning cell phone repairing in there country because it is so expensive for them.

Learn Cell Phone Repairing Offline

A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Troubleshooting and Repairing Cell phones

Learn Cell Phone Repairing Book
Learn Mobile Phone Repairing

We all use mobile phones and we all have problems with it. Don’t get frustrated… and don’t waste money on support calls or costly repair! Solve the problems yourself, with this Learn Cell Phone Repairing book. Using easy-to-use flowcharts, handy “symptom tables,” and clear pictures.

Learn Cell Phone Repair ebook
some of the book pages

This updated book contains the detailed content and out-of-the-box ideas to repair your own Cell Phone successful. this book provides you the information needed to become Cell Phone Repairing technician on your own. 

activity page of the book
activity page of ebook

The fill-in-the-blank activities format makes it very easy to test your self after reading and doing cell phone repair jobs. writing the experience that you get after repair your own cell phone with the help of this book will put you on the road to success. it features in-depth it also contains Helpful Resources, Best Practices to exploit knowledge and education about cell phone repairing to improve your chances for success in a Cell Phone Repair business.

Muhammad Asif Azeemi walks you step-by-step through identifying, solving, and preventing hundreds of 2022 most aggravating cell phones problems. Azeemi covers all your major platforms:

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hardware, software, and more. He even helps you fix the weird problems that happen when you use multiple apps together on your smartphone! help you with his knowledge about cell phones

Urdu version of this book is available in printed hardcopy. Those who are looking to earn money by repairing mobile phones in the year 2022 and know the Urdu language can buy reading the article Affordable Mobile Repairing Course Book right now

identify and replace faulty memory chips prevent overheating that can damage your cell phone. make you sensibly decide whether to upgrade, repair, or replace your smartphone. in this Book on cell phone repairing by the end of reading and doing you should be able to disassemble and assemble a cell phone, use the correct cell phone repair tool to diagnose the problem, know the conventional parts of modern cell phones, learn cold testing, hot testing, jumper setting checking, identify cell phone faults and repair them with the help of proper tools.
Learn Cell Phone Repair book is provided through distance learning and we trust that you will find the material useful both for studying and for future reference.

21 Outcomes of Reading (Learn Cell Phone Repairing) Book in 2022

Upon completion of this book reading you will be able to:
  1. Identify different types of cell phones
  2. Difference between Feature Phone and Smartphone
  3. Recognise Potential Hazards Associated with Cell Phone Repair
  4. What is a hazard?
  5. Cell Phone Repair Tools
  6. Factors to Consider When Choosing Cell Phone Repair tools included cost, suitability, and quality of the tools
  7. Use the correct hardware tools to repair cell phones
  8. Assembly and disassembly of a cell phone
  9. Identify the parts of cell phones
  10. Parts of a Conventional Cell Phone
  11. Learn the Skills Needed to Diagnose and Repair a Cell Phone like:
  12. Testing using a multimeter
  13. The cold testing method
  14. The hot testing method
  15. Modern Cell Phone Jumper setting
  16. Soldering
  17. Desoldering and also examined the tools used for mobile phone repair
  18.  Diagnosing and Repairing Cell Phone Faults
  19. Hardware Faults
  20. Software Faults
  21. Identify cell phone faults and solve them
We welcome your feedback related to this book and wish you all the best.  Happy Learning!

About the author,

Muhammad Asif Azeemi has spent 18 years as a mobile repairing course instructor and smartphone repair trainer, helping thousands of people work more happily with cell phone repair business. He is the author of Book, Learn Mobile Phone Repairing in Urdu and he is the founder of Mobile Repairing Online. Asif is a Certified cell phone repair technician and also run his own mobile repair store in Karachi Pakistan.

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