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With the increasing number of cell phones in the world, the industry of smartphone repair shows a lot of opportunities. as already businessman in this field shopkeeper can gain more than a cell phone repair technician would. But, it isn’t easy to start your own phone repair store? The first step to start your own cell phone repair business is to learn cell phone repairing step by step basic to advance. In this blog post, I will only be telling you how to learn cell phone repairing free of cost from the websites:


The easiest way to learn such a practical skill is to learn by doing. in the beginning, it is important to try to repair your own mobile phones first. Try to identify the problem and use the above blog and website to find the solution. As you repair more and more mobile phones, you will able to get the basic skills to know phone repairing. So, don't wait around too long to fix your faulty phone first. A step by step training under the mobile phone technician plus instructor is the best way to learn a cell phone repairing because phone technician plus instructor not only covers the technical education it also teaches you everything about managing the mobile repair shop as well. we have compiled this blog post for do-it-yourselfers who want to do basic repairs as well as beginners who wish to increase their knowledge.

If you wish to learn smartphone repairing professionally and be an expert technician in the field, you can join our paid smartphone repairing course. we well come everyone to entering in this field to try gain knowledge to get enrolled in a course for more expertise and confidence.
We suggest you start with a home-based business before expanding into a complete mobile repairing store if you don't know the field of phone repairing. It helps you get the good experience which will result in fewer mistakes when you are planning to do big in the future.

Starting Your First Cell Phone Repairing Workshop

how to start a cell phone repair business from home
guide to starting repairing
in the beginning, you need to find a place in your home for doing cell phone repairing jobs concentrate without being disturbed and in starting you need a laptop and internet. in your home workstation, you have to arrange all the necessary cell phone repairing tools that are needed to repair hardware and software faults of smartphones. for a full-fledged mobile repairing store, you will need shop furniture, staff, and money in the starting. at home, you already have these facilities or at starting you don't need any staff and your expenditure will cut down half. If you are busy in the daytime with your job you can choose evening hours for working mobile repairing.working from home leads you to limited customers access as compared to the cell phone repair shop to solve this problem you can use google or bing local listing program. in starting you could collect the faulty smartphones from the customers, or they could deliver it to you at your home it will increase your home base cell phone repair business in days. for repair phone from home you need cell phone spare parts you can ask different wholesale shops and online spare part suppliers to supply you genuine parts at you home. you can distribute flyers to your office friends and your neighborhood and rely on them for word of mouth publicity remember, starting your cell phone maintenance business from your home is always a good idea to minimize costs after a few years, you will able to move to a cell phone repair store of your own

How to Start A Cell Phone Repairing Shop In Asia

For starting a cell phone repairing on the commercial level first, you have to find a shop on renting, then you have to arrange some smartphone brand accessories, and figure out how repairs are carried out. in many countries and cities in Asia, cell phone repair business has become very common. So you can open a cell phone repair shop in any famous cities easily. mobile repairing business in a mobile mall is very good and profitable. If you chose a proper location in your city, you can earn a monthly amount.

Nowadays, however, people believe in getting their new phones repaired instead of replacing them. because the price of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Nokia, Motorola, ZTE, Vivo, Qmobile, Oppo, Infinix Mobile, Sony Mobile, LG, and HTC smartphones is comparatively higher now. this proves profitable to the smartphone repair industry. to repair today's smartphones. you need a proper understanding of all the internal components and chips of a smartphone. to expand your smartphone repairing business you have to work with other mobile repairing shops or phone repair store part-time on the commission basis to gain money and practical experience about how phone repairing work is done. By working under a senior cell phone technician, you will be able to diagnose faults faster in smartphones and can fix them in a reasonable price form the others shopkeeper. with this experience and knowledge cell phone repairing shop can lead toward to success in a few days. using those phone repair store contacts you will be able to get mobile accessories and spare parts at wholesale price in the market. the cost of starting a cell phone repairing shop in new mobile malls is quite low nowadays. at first, you can begin with a few feature phone common brands repairing for a few models and then start repairing smartphones and tablet. you have to buy all the necessary tools to repair hardware and software faults to meet with the requests of your shop customers. remember the location of your cell phone repair shop is most important to get fruitful results so you need a location that can attract new customers easily.

if your shop service is precise and respectable then you can add your clients family and friends to your customer base good work is always going to win you an ever-growing clients base. you have to put your maximum efforts in the initial phase of your shop for the steady and successful start. However, it is important to provide the best services to improve further you can take clients feedback. you will know, how they feel when repairing their phones. nowadays everyone wants their smartphone to be repaired as soon as possible, customers aren't willing to wait longer because phone and tablet have all their important data inside, it is difficult for them to arrange the substitute. Hence if you want your shop to grow and earn the best reputation while you’re at it, you have to be quite fast to diagnose the smartphone faults, for doing this you can buy mobile PCB testing machine
In the starting, if you quote a low price the customer might question the repairs quality it might lead to huge losses. However, this is essential to gain vast customers. so you have to decide the repairs pricing according to your customer as well. if you repair a smartphone that could not be repaired by mobile repair shop near you will get new mobile repair customer in the market which will directly be beneficial to your shop because people love the shop where all their phone problems get solved. in many mobile cases studies, clients are willing to pay a big amount to repair their particular handset.
they hate to shift on another phone because they where familiar with it

How To Promote Your Just Start Cell Phone Repair Shop

we have the best publicity ideas for you to start promoting your cell phone repair shop today, and get very good results.to promote cell phone repair shop of any type you can follow these offline and online marketing various methods:
Offline Marketing
In offline marketing, you can make handbills and posters to promote your shop. as you know nowadays, everybody need phone accessorises to enhance the appearance and increase the security of their latest phones. at the shop, you can offer different types of phone accessories like back cover, cases, batteries, chargers, USB cables, etc for increasing the visit of peoples to your shop. you can also increase the visits by offering mobile easy load and mobile scratch card services. the people who can’t afford new smartphones or tablet, usually buy second-hand or used smartphones. selling used phones will bring more customers to your shop. Several people are not aware of the latest technologies and apps. you can expand your visitors by offering mobile downloading services Offering these services will lead to an increase in cell phone repair work and revenue. Moreover, it ensures that person passing by your shop has more than one reason to stop by. a cell phone repair business can be quite profitable and you can earn a lot of money. the best and powerful marketing is your customer satisfaction with your shop services, If you want your phone repair shop to grow, so more customers have to come to you, more people have to know about your shop and repair services to do this, ask you're satisfied customers to told their family member and friends to come to your shop to avail phone repair service. some customers look many things to judge your shop and its services they focus on the entire experience of getting their cell phone repaired. always remember, good behavior give your customers happy and calm. most of the times, the customer get angry it can lead you to lose your multiple customers at the same time. because customers don't know the technical aspects of their smartphone, you can explain them properly. avoid getting the argument with your angry customer. remember: ‘customer mobile is a patient’. and you are the doctor. Treat a patient like a patient until he is satisfied!
Online Marketing
Way to reduce expenditure advertising online rather than offline advertising since it is more effective.
in online marketing, you can make Facebook, Google Plus page to promote your shop on social media. you can offer special discounts or coupons on the cell phone repairing. if you want to give your customers excellent service, used computer software. the computer software manages all your cell phone repair businesses like inventory and profits/losses status. the software has the feature to send text messages to your customers informing them about their phone repairing status. repairshopr and helloclient is given you the free signup to test those all feature. if you like it you can buy it. you can send useful tips about smartphones to your customer so that they don’t forget about your shop service. now its very important to have your business presence on the internet, so submit your shop details to local directories and post ads in your hometown classified websites for increasing your customers form the internet. sometimes you can offer a discount sale on your shop on year occasions if you have feature phone old accessories, you can sale them using discounts offers, the discount sale will help draw more customers. if you are selling phone accessories, you can offer “Buy 1 Get 2 Free”

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You can take help from these useful tips to grow your cell phone repairing work to a great extent. if you have any questions on how to start a phone repair business, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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