The Signal in Qmobile Not Working

The Signal in Qmobile Not Working Updated information Available Here
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The signal in Qmobile Not, Signal Not Available, Week Signal or Call Drops are some of the very common problems faced by many Qmobile Users, Qmobile s8 and so on to other models. in this blog post, I try to explain to you guys how to solve and fix this problem. Sometimes we observe that there is no Network in Qmobile or Qmobile s8 Smartphone even after inserting a new SIM card or SIM card is there but Signal is Not Available or it is too Week.  Sometimes it also happens that the Network keep fluctuating.

The Signal in Qmobile Not Working Problem and Solution

Here I will explain some possible reasons and their solution to Qmobile Signal Not Working.

  1. Check the sim card Verizon. See if the SIM Card is not Ok. to see sim card Insert the SIM Card on another smartphone and see if the signal Problem and Call Drop fault is still there or not.
  2. I have personally seen in many case studies of smartphones that sometimes the sim card Verizon or sim card itself gets faulty for some reason and needs to be replaced with your another sim card.
  3. Also, try to insert a checked SIM Card in the Same Phone which is giving you a problem.
  4. If there is a fault in your SIM Card then contact the service provider and tell them to replace it with a new one.
  5. If the problem is still not solved then upgrade the Software version of your Qmobile with the latest version.
  6. if problem dont solve then Also, try to flash and Rewrite the IMEI Number of your Qmobile. if you are the owner of your Qmobile then Qmobile service center can do this job for you.
  7. If the problem is not solved and you are from Pakistan then contact PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to Verify your Mobile Device IMEI Number
  8. if you have android phone then visit and download pdf on to learn how to upgrade the Software version in smartphones.

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How to Fix Mobile Data Issues on Qmobile

is your Qmobile internet not working or slow? I'll give you some steps to do if the first step doesn't work you may try the second one and so on the check. Here are some possible reasons and their solution to fix Qmobile mobile data issues:
  1. if you have enough balance make sure your Wi-Fi is off and mobile data is on flight mode on then off restart your phone remove and reinsert your SIM card the following steps are three settings.
  2. if your Android is 7.0 or later you can use the search field to find any settings easily any move the right network mode search for network select LTE
  3. if your phone has it reset APN settings search for access point click on this button reset to default for dual SIM phones go to SIM card manager and make sure that the mobile data is enabled for the rights in reset your network settings
  4. select network manually clear cache partition to do this your phone should be in the recovery mode this is different on each phone remember.
To perform a factory reset on your smartphone form recovery mode visit to know your phone recovery mode buttons

5. Go into recovery mode switch off the phone then press your Qmobile Hardreset keys at the same time till you see the logo
6. Then wait for about a minute until you see this menu scroll by using the volume button and select by using the power button then reboot system back to reset your Qmobile but backup your data first!
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