What Android Operating System

what android operating system is and who made it
what is android
Today I am going to tell you about "what android operating system is"  and who made it? "Android operating system" is being used by 80% of people "worldwide". Android mobile phones were launched in the year 2003 and it is hugely used till the year 2008.
Nowadays, this is not only used in mobile phones but also in television smartwatches and cameras. It has more than 80% of shares in the global market

How was Android OS created?

The android operating system was developed in the year 2002 by four programmers:

  1. Andy Robin, 
  2. Rich Minar, 
  3. Nick Seras and 
  4. Chris White
These four scientists aimed to make an operating system for the camera but soon changed their minds to mobile due to less market value of the camera. It was only 5 months working on the Android operating system, they got an offer from Google to join.

who made the first android phone

In the year 2007, they launched the 1st android phone while it was a testing product to get the market and public value. The result was "positive" public liked the set very much and they get "huge feedback" At the time there were only two gigantic mobile companies windows and Nokia. Soon after Google launched android HTC. In 2011, the android operating system has used for television games as well as all the mobile phones. It's popularity grown-up from time to time. According to the Google survey, there are more than 2 billion people worldwide are using the android operating system. Android's logo was designed by graphic designer Elina Bloch. As you know all the android versions have always been launched on a specific desert name, the reason behind is very simple that all the version must be added sweetness in your life.

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