How to repair smart phone charging port

A smart phone, or smart phone, is a cell cellphone built on a cellular os, with more advanced processing capability and connection than a function cellphone.[1][2][3] The first mobile phones combined the functions of a smart phone (PDA) with a cell cellphone. Later designs added the performance of portable media players, low-end compact electronic cameras, pocket electronic cameras, and GPS routing units to form one multi-use system. 

How to repair smart phone charging port
How to fix smart phone charging port

Many contemporary mobile phones also consist of high-resolution touchscreens and web internet explorers that display standard web pages as well as optimized mobile sites. High-speed access data is provided by Wi-Fi and special broadband. Recently, the rapid development of cellular app markets and of cellular business has been motorists of smart phone adoption.

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The cellular operating system (OS) used by contemporary mobile phones consists of Google Android operating system, Apple's iOS, The lenders Symbian, Blackberry mobile phones Ltd's BlackBerry OS, Samsung's Bada, Windows Windows Phone, Hewlett-Packard's WebOS, and included Linux system withdrawals such as Maemo and MeeGo. Such operating-system can be installed on many different cellphone designs, and typically each system can receive multiple OS software updates over its lifetime. A few other futures operating-system are Mozilla's Chrome OS, Canonical Ltd.'s Ie8 Phone, and Tizen.

Worldwide revenue of mobile phones surpassed those of function phones in early 2013.[4] As of This summer 18, 2013, 90 percent of global device revenue is linked to the purchase of the Android operating system and iPhone mobile phones.[5]

How to fix remove and replace smart phone charging port?

some expert answers

I've seen its clip and the split-down guidelines. Unfortunately, they don't deal with the elimination of asking for a slot from the panel and alternative.
I've bought the aspect, but the one in position does not shift even when I implement power.
Has someone done this? And what trick is it?
Thank you.

I believe you have to use a warm gun solder thingy to take it off.
I would like to know about this alternative as well. It looks as if the four "mounting tabs" on the USB slot are also soldered the panel. Can confirm?
desolder n there some little nails u av to fold up 1st

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