Best Samsung Note 2 Screen Repair Tutorial

if you have a question about Samsung note 2 screen repair then this latest information is for you. for Samsung note repair don't need to do a complete teardown for replacing only note 2 screen. we have a case study on a cracked Samsung note 2 screen repair problem in this article with how to replace the screen on note 2 tutorial.
replacing screen on note 2
Samsung note 2 screen repair

Case Study:

I have a Sprint New new Samsung Galaxy Notice II and I lately have broken the display but not the digitizer, could you individuals please if you can put up a specific film or details in the long run for this mobile phone.
You can't. I just tried buying the top part cup, getting apart from the mobile phone, removing the cup, and modifying it. The problem is that the top part cup is trapped in the display as a selection. It's nearly challenging to take the top part cup off without splitting the display. It was very relaxing but still broken. Also, there are several lace relationships that are trapped in the returning of the cup which makes it even more complex.
If you don't want to buy a whole new mobile phone, buy the cup and display selection rather than just the cup. But that's still several $ 100.
I cut my problems and bought a substitute. I'm still grieving but wish I hadn't of missing more cash on the cup.

Samsung Note 2 Screen Disassembly Tutorial

follow Samsung Note 2 Screen Disassembly Tutorial step by step to disassemble the note 2 screen. I'd have to don't believe the simple reality with Bob. If you implement appropriate heating you can easily remove the broken cup from the OLED, with no harm. An appropriate hot gun is needed Google around there are some excellent videos showing how to add a new cup.

I have tested that Heat Gun can work well on the phone back cover areas without causing any harm to the phone screen and with high-quality results! so read the whole article on The Complete Guide to Heat Gun for Cell Phone Repair

how to fix a galaxy note 2 screen
cracked Samsung note 2 screen repair

I believe in the simple reality as well. but I don't use a heated gun as it can produce an out-of-management heated and is not used similarly across the external coating place. I use a heat range handled heated plate at 70 Celsius and progressively and effectively remove the cup. then re-apply the new cup and reheat.

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Samsung Note 2 Screen Repair

Replacing the cup only on the iPhone 4/4s was difficult enough. The observe II is much more complex. It's covered in a different way than the styles in the last and splitting the LCD from the digitizer is much more complex.
You could take on the fix from the details on the internet. Com film but I wouldn't recommend it if it's your first rodeo.
The best option would probably be to provide the broken LCD display to an organization that concentrates on that type of fix or a local auto mechanic that might have the experience.
watch the video and see how do you can replace the Samsung galaxy note ii LCD

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I hope after reading this article you learn about Samsung note 2 screen repair and know how do you change the screen on a Galaxy Note 2

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