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mobile repairing notes are based on mobile phone hardware repair technician questions. Mobile repairing notes PDF is the best way to get free access to helpful tips and free mobile phone hardware problems and solutions PDF tutorials to download.

Mobile Repair Tips

the best information on mobile Hardware and Software Faults
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The phone gets moisture during too much calling and develops a fault. when you clean your phone on time and give your phone proper maintenance you can avoid or prolong the repair service requirements to some extent. you can perform your phone cleaning by reading some mobile repairing tips and tricks pdf

The different types of faults which usually occur in all Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Motorola, BlackBerry, Lenovo, Sony, and other brand mobile phones are categorized into two major categories
  1. Hardware faults
  2. Software Faults
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Hardware Faults

The faults come from physical damage to your phone by you or some other resin is called Hardware fault. The common hardware faults are listed below:
  1. Battery problem
  2. Dead set condition
  3. Charging problems
  4. SIM reading problem
  5. Touch problem
  6. backlight problem
  7. Vibrator problem
  8. Screen repair
  9. Backlight problem
  10. Signal connectivity problem
  11. Auto Charging problem 
  12. Auto turn off problem
  13. Camera problem
  14. Display Problem
  15. Speaker Problem
Some of these hardware faults related to Feature Phone Spare Parts and some problems are related to the main Integrated Circuit ICs on Mobile Phone PCB. if you are a computer technician or want to become a mobile phone technician it is important for you to know the basic part of a smartphone, feature phone, and their functions. lots of Spare Parts are the same on these phones. let me tell you a list of parts you should know:
  • Mobile Phone LCD Screen (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Mobile Battery NiCd or NiMH
  • Phone Earpiece Speaker
  • Camera Modules
  • Vibrate Motor
  • Phone Mouthpiece(Mic)
  • SIM connector
  • Mobile Switches
if you are interested in to identify and know more about these parts function to understand the mobile phone faults? then read Identify Feature Phone Parts and Their Faults Page

when you know smartphone parts functions and their faults now its time for you to know Integrated Circuits on a mobile phone PCB. if you know mobile phone ic identification, mobile phone ic details and about how do integrated circuits work? you will clever enough to know the faults. it decreases the time of finding a fault on phones. and you knowledge how mobile phone works. let me tell you a list of integrated circuits you should know:
  1. Antenna Points
  2. Antenna Switch
  3. Booster IC
  4. VCO IC
  5. RF IC
  6. RX filter IC
  7. TX filter IC
  8. Audio IC
  9. Power IC
  10. RTC (Simple Silicon Crystal)
  11. Crystal Oscillator IC
  12. Charging IC
  13. ROM IC
  14. RAM IC
  15. CPU IC
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Before I explain these ICs Problem one by one in details you know this post is about Phone Repair PDF Notes that's why I can't give you in-depth knowledge here. if you are interested in to know more about these ICs function to understanding the mobile phone faults? then read Important Tips For Phone Repair 2022 it will explain how do these integrated circuits work. you can download PDF below.

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if you are a mobile business owner this updated PDF Document also helps you increase your customers. Now Let’s begin Integrated Circuits and their problems:

Antenna Points Problem: If any antenna gets disconnect or carbon on their prints, then, there will be no network on the mobile phone.

Antenna Switch IC Problem: If the phone Antenna Switch IC has carbon on its prints or faulty then there will be no signal on the mobile phone.

Booster IC Problem: If PF(power frequency) or PA(power amplifier) Booster IC is faulty, then you see a weak network signal in the mobile. sometime feature phones may be dead by the booter IC. if this IC is short.

VCO IC Problem: If VCO IC gets damage, there will be no network signal in feature phone during calls. “Call ended” or “Call failed” message display on a phone screen.

RF IC Problem: If the RF IC of feature phone gets damaged, then there will be no network signal on the mobile phone

RX filter IC problem: If the RX filter IC gets damage, the incoming calls signal problem appears during calls on the phone.

TX filter IC problem: If the TX filter IC gets damage, the outgoing calls signal problem appears during calls on the phone. there will be no outgoing calls.

Audio IC problem: If Audio IC gets faulty then the Ear Speaker sound is disabled and sometimes Mic of a mobile phone will not work

Power IC Problem: If Power IC gets damage due to any capacitor's short circuit in the mobile phone PCB then the mobile phone gets completely dead.

RTC IC Problem: If RTC Real Time Clock IC gets damaged by any issue in the mobile phone hardware then there will be no time and date shown on a mobile screen. sometimes the mobile phone dont gets switches on.

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Crystal Clock Oscillator IC problem: If Crystal Clock Oscillator gets faulty, mobile shows power on  problem when pressing the power button. phone dont gets on immediately. There will be a problem in mobile phone network signals during outgoing calls.

Charging IC problem: If Charging IC gets faulty, mobile shows Bad connecting charging message while charging on a mobile screen. Mobile phones get hot while charging. Mobile stops charging

ROM IC Problem: If the flash IC gets faulty, Mobile phone software gets hang while using. hang on a specific menu for example inbox, camera, etc. sometimes mobile phone gets completely dead by the software fault in the ROM IC. if you have depth knowledge of how to mobile software repair then you can do mobile repairing software these phone notes help you out.

mobile repairing software free download full version is a helpful mobile phone repairing pdf. you can download and read it by visiting hard reset nokia lumia 820

RAM IC problem: If RAM IC Gets faulty then there will be an auto-restart problem on the mobile phone. sometime mobile display gets hang due to the RAM IC issue.

CPU IC problem: If the CPU IC gets damage Your mobile phone gets completely dead

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Software Faults

The faults come from mobile operating system file (firmware) or downloading the unfamiliar app to your mobile phone software file cause damage by you is called software fault. if you want to know more about android firmware you have to watch cell phone repair tutorial pdf. for now, on the common software faults are listed below:
  1. Not syncing in properly
  2. app Crashing
  3. wifi Signal Connectivity issue
  4. Freezing / Hanging Problem
  5. Dead Pixel
  6. Blank or Graying of Screen
  7. Contact service Issues 
  8. Overheating
Many times the repairs in mobile phones and smartphone are caused due to both hardware as well as software issues. some times the mobile phone screen or PCB liquid damages and overheating may lead to both types of faults. 
Usually, the hardware issues are resolved by repairing or resoldering, replacing the damaged part of a mobile phone. if you know how to disassemble and assemble your mobile phone and trace the PCB fault with the use of a multimeter and DC power supply and changing the faulty parts with the help of a hot air station you can repair your own phone.
if you want to learn how to use a multimeter in mobile repairing read digital multimeter step by step principle and also visit How to use DC Power Supply in Mobile Repairing? page to learn these both tools to repair mobile phones. for learning soldering resoldering visit for learning soldering resoldering on mobile phone PCB with Hot Air Station tool visit Analog Hot Air Station for Mobile Phone Repairing page
in some cases of the mobile phone, the software faults are repaired by the user itself. Normally, software updating, hard reset and rebooting procedures help in fixing software issues on your mobile phones. in today's Android phones software issues are common. you have to know software issues that you can solve by yourself. the problems you can solve without losing your money and time. Read 22 Common Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions updated blog post to know Android phone software problem list and problem of mobile smartphone that you can solve by yourself.
in this new era, the smartphones are delicate devices, any small fault or malfunction if left un-repaired by you then can lead to other major problems as all internal devices are interconnected and interdependent on each other, which leads to the lower performance of any mobile phone.
so all hardware and software repairing of mobile phones should always be done by following a reliable cell phone repair pdf

Cell Phone Repair PDF

For more details on various types of mobile phone and smartphone repair procedures for all brands. Get your Online Free cell phone repair pdf today. watch this video complete. Learn Less Theory, More Practicals with Mobile Repairing Online! If you would like to explore free eBooks pdf, please follow the link below. Take a personal tour of ebooks amazon Click Here now Mobile Phone Repair Manual PDF Download and get free eBooks you like Get instant access to mobile repairing online free course materials. Do it Yourself and save your time and money.

for people's convenience, all types of mobile repairing done here in  repair my mobile lab. you know nowadays people are using their mobile phone and smartphones continuously for communicating and internet suffering that's why phone gets overheated especially in summer weather and our research said people have problems in their phone more than in winter season. so that's why I create this article on Mobile repairing notes to provide information before requiring phone repair services and after to help people and mobile phone hardware repair technicians.

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