The Top 7 Cell Phone Repair Mistakes to Avoid

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Consequently, numerous mobile phone technicians have been working in this field since the invention of smartphones. These technicians have become proficient and proficient in repairing mobile phones.

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How to Avoid the Most Common Cell Phone Repair Mistakes

Nonetheless, even the most proficient experts can make mistakes. To aid in this matter, we have compiled a list of commonly occurring and easily avoidable mistakes made by smartphone repair technicians.

Not repair and deliver a cell phone in the estimated time

This is one of the biggest problems with most cell phone technicians. There can be several reasons for the delay. It could be due to a delay in troubleshooting the problem. Sometimes the problem in the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile is hard to detect and it may take a very long time to rectify the problem. One other reason for the delay could be the unavailability of the scrap phone circuit or spare parts. But delay due to mere laziness is a definite no-no. Repairing the phone and completing the job on time sends a strong message to the customers about how particular as well as punctual you are.

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Not replacing all screws with mobile phone bolts and nuts

Fixing when a mobile phone is dismantled, some cell phone technicians are very careless, and they just go about placing the screws and nuts on the workbench. Now, while fixing the smartphone, they misplace the screws and bolts. When they reassemble the smartphone, they fall short of these screws and nuts. Some cell phone technicians just leave these slots empty, while some of them use other unmatching bolts, nuts, and screws which are bound to damage the original threads in the slots.

The best way to overcome this common mistake is to keep all the screws and other small parts in a small tray. This way it will ensure you that you have replaced all the parts and screws back in place and you have by no means left out anything that has to be replaced. Using different trays for different models of opened smartphones will also help you to dismantle many smartphones simultaneously.
3. Not asking the customer about the problem and history of the smartphone.

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Learning from Mistakes of Cell Phone Repair Technicians

When a customer brings in their smartphone for repairs, some phone technicians may neglect to ask for information regarding the reason or cause of the problem. Nevertheless, it is worth taking the time to inquire about the issue, as it can aid in pinpointing the exact fault and allow for efficient repairs. Furthermore, it is crucial to ask about the smartphone's history, including whether it has been previously repaired or if the customer has sought assistance from another technician for similar or different problems. This approach can assist in determining if the device has been opened before.

Not searching the internet for smartphone repair solutions

Many cell phone technicians try to fix smartphones with trial-and-error methods and do not take the pains of searching the internet for solutions, thus wasting a lot of time. Remember that in today's world, if you are not using the internet or Google for solutions to your problems, you are missing out on a great source of useful information and images. So it would be advisable that you look up solutions on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and most of the time you are bound to be lucky to get the solutions for the trickiest of problems. You can also look for solutions videos on YouTube Dailymotion.

Not following the cell phone safety rules

The basic safety rules for mobile phone repair should be followed so as not to damage the smartphone or hurt oneself while carrying on the repair work.

Not repairing the cell phone in a professional way

Many cell phone technicians are very careless while repairing a smartphone. The job that they do is shoddy and also looks awful if watched closely. All procedures and phone techniques should be carried out in a professional manner. Soldering work done by many cell phone technicians is very amateurish. The solder flux applied all over should be cleaned up by the CTC cleaner after the work is completed. It is of utmost importance that a professional smartphone technician does a clean job that gets a feeling whether it is factory-fitted or if it is fixed at a mobile service center.

Not following the problem-finding troubleshooting steps

As the smartphone comes in for repairs, many phone technicians do not go step by step in troubleshooting and problem-finding. Instead, they just go about dismantling the cell phone and carrying out the hardware rectification. It is of utmost importance that repair work of a basic electronic gadget should go as per the professional repair methods.

Unnecessarily working on cell phone motherboard chips

Some phone technicians unnecessarily start working on the PCB motherboard without any reason. They fiddle with the mobile motherboard as well as the chips applying heat or just reflowing. Working on the motherboard should be the last step while fixing any hardware problem on any cell phone circuit.

You can also learn how to repair cell phones by joining a mobile repair online institute. The training starts with basics and goes up to troubleshooting of faults.

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