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How to hard reset nokia lumia 820

22 Dec 2013
There are three step to hard reset nokia lumia 820
Note : all data will be lost

Step One : power of your phone first then
Step Two : press power button and after phone vibrates once press volume down until you see exclamation sign on the screen
Step There : press in this order :
How to hard reset Nokia Lumia

volume up
volume down
volume down
4 wait until format ends and the phone restarts done.

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آئی فون، بلیک بیری، اسمارٹ فون،ایچ تی سی اور اینڈ ڈراڈ فونزکےسرکٹ میں کیا فرق ہے؟

14 Dec 2013

آئی فون، بلیک بیری، اسمارٹ فون،ایچ تی سی اور اینڈ ڈراڈ فونز جو ابھی موبائل مارکیٹ میں سیل ہورہے ہیں استعمال ہو رہے ہیں اور جن موبائل فونز کی موبائل مارکیٹ اور موبائل شوپز میں ریپرنگ کی جاتی ہے ان سب کا سرکٹ فائبر کا بنا ہوا ہے جس میں کاپر کی لیرز ہوتی ہیں سب موبائل کے سرکٹ پلاسٹک فائبر کے بنے ہوتے ہیں فرق صرف آئی سی اور کمپونینٹ میں ہوتا ہے۔

آئی فون
آئی فون
ایچ تی سی
ایچ تی سی

اینڈ ڈراڈ فونز
 اینڈ ڈراڈ فونز
 بلیک بیری
 بلیک بیری
اسمارٹ فون
اسمارٹ فون
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موبائل سافٹ ویرریپیررکرنےکےٹولزکون سےہوتے ہیں وضاحت فرما دیں ؟

30 Nov 2013
.موبائل سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ ڈیوائس سے کی جاتی ہے.موبائل سافٹ ویرریپیرنگ کرنے کے لیے مندرجہ ذیل ڈیوائس ہوتی ہیں

china qmobile سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
 سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس china,qmobile

موبائل  فون نائیٹروسوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
موبائل  فون نائیٹروسوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس

موبائل اسمارٹ فون سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
موبائل اسمارٹ فون سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس 

موبائل یٹییف سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس
موبائل یٹییف سوفٹ ویر ڈیوائس 

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موبائل ہارڈویرفالٹ ریپیررکرنےکےلیےکون سےٹولزچاہیے ہوتے ہیں؟

24 Nov 2013
ویسے تو موبائل ہارڈ ویرریپیررکرنے کے بہت سے ٹولز ہیں پر چند اہم ٹولز کے نام یہ ہیں۔
   ملٹی میٹر بززار کے ساتھ
موبائل ملٹی میٹر بززار کے ساتھ
 موبائل ملٹی میٹر بززار

 موبائل ہیٹ گن/ہاٹ ایئر سٹیشن سولڈرنگ آئرن کے ساتھ
موبائل ہیٹ گن/ہاٹ ایئر سٹیشن سولڈرنگ آئرن کے ساتھ
موبائل ہیٹ گن/ہاٹ ایئر سٹیشن سولڈرنگ آئرن کے ساتھ
سی ٹی سی کلینر ٹوتھ برش کے ساتھ
موبائل سرکٹ سی ٹی سی کلینر ٹوتھ برش کے ساتھ
موبائل سرکٹ سی ٹی سی کلینر ٹوتھ برش کے ساتھ
ٹول بوکس
موبائل فون ٹول بوکس
موبائل فون ٹول بوکس 
موبائل فون سکریو ڈرایور
موبائل فون سکریو ڈرایور
موبائل سکریو ڈرایور
موبائل فون پاور سپلائی
موبائل فون پاور سپلائی
موبائل پاور سپلائی 
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موبائل ہارڈویراورسوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ میں کیا فرق ہے؟ وضاحت کردیں

20 Nov 2013
موبائل کر سرکٹ یا کسی پرزہ یا آسی میں فالٹ اجانے پہ اسے ٹھیک کرنا  ہارڈویر ریپیرنگ ہے
 ہارڈویر سے مراد موبائل کے اندر سرکٹ میں فالٹ اجانے اور ان کی ریپیرنگ سے ہے۔
 .ہارڈویر فالٹ  ریپیرر کرنے کے لیے ٹولز چاہیے ہوتے ہیں
موبائل ہارڈویرریپیرنگ
موبائل ہارڈویرفالٹ ریپیرنگ

  سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ سے مراد موبائل میں چلنے والا سوفٹ ویر اور اس میں انے والے فالٹ سے ہے
 موبائل سوفٹ ویر میں خرابی انا اور اسے ٹھیک کردینا  سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ ہے۔
 .موبائل سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ ڈیوائس سے کی جاتی ہے
 موبائل سوفٹ ویرریپیرنگ
 موبائل سوفٹ ویر فالٹ ریپیرنگ

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موبائل ریپیرنگ کیا ہے؟اور کس طرح کی جاتی ہے ؟

14 Nov 2013
موبائل میں کوئی بھی خرابی آنے پہ ایسے ٹھیک کرنا موبائل ریپیرر کرنا ہے موبائل ریپیرنگ کر نے کہ دو طریقے ہیں

  •  ہارڈویر
موبائل ہارڈویر ریپیرنگ
موبائل ہارڈویر ریپیرنگ 

  • سوفٹ ویر 
 موبائل سوفٹ ویرٹولز
موبائل سوفٹ ویر ریپیرنگ

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How to fix iphone 5 jailbreaking activation error ?

12 Nov 2013
Update iTunes Download iOS 7.0.2 firmware
Update iTune iso application
We’re seeing a number of our visitors confirming initial mistake, it is most probably because you had set up iOS 7 try out 6, which ends on Oct 6, which means it has probably terminated or will soon expiration based on your timezone.
To fix the initial mistake you need to upgrade your iOS system to iOS 7.0.2, the newest iOS application upgrade.
Please observe it is not possible todowngrade returning to iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.4 as The apple company has ceased deciding upon the firmware pc file (except if you have an iPhone 4).
Here are some simple guidelines to fix the initial error:
Update to iTunes 11.1:
Before we start, make sure that you have iTunes 11.1 set up on your pc. You can acquire it from here or Simply just click iTunes in the selection bar and then click  on “Check for up-dates.” This is a necessary phase as iTunes 11.1 contributes assistance for iOS 7, so please do not miss it.
Back up your device:
If you are still able to availability your program, then it is a wise decision to returning up your system using iTunes or iCloud.
  • iTunes is all squared, it’s time to turn your attention to your iOS system and adhere to these guidelines.
  • Connect your iOS system to your pc using an USB wire. Delay  iTunes  open get connected to your system.
  • Simply just click program key of the iTunes Shop key in the top right area in iTunes.
Download the iOS 7.0.2 firmware pc file using the hyperlinks offered below, then keep down on the option key (Mac) or the move key (Windows) and choose the “Check for Update” key in the Conclusion en aning. Browse to the .ipsw pc computer file you had downloadable previously and choose it. On  other hand, choose the “Check for Update” straight without using having down on the Option key or the Shift key. It will obtain the iOS 7.0.2 application upgrade and upgrade your system to iOS 7.0.2.
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iphone 5 jailbreak ios linux update

10 Nov 2013
iphone 5 ios linux jailbreaking
iphone 5 ios linux jailbreak update
In 2007, The apple company Inc. presented the unique iPhone, one of the first cell mobile phones to use a multi-touchinterface. The iPhone was significant for its use of a large touchscreen display for direct hand feedback as its main means of connections, instead of a stylus pen, key pad, and/or key pad as common for cell mobile phones at enough time. It originally was missing the ability to set up local programs, significance some did not respect it as a smart phone.[28] However in This summer 2007 The apple company declared that the iPhone would assistance third-party "web 2.0 applications" running in its web web browser that share the look and feel of the iPhone interface.[29] A process called jailbreaking appeared quickly to provide unofficial third-party local programs to substitute the built-in functions (such as a GPS unit, kitchen clock, stereo, map book, schedule, note pad, and many others).[30]
In This summer 2008, The apple company presented its second generation iPhone with a much lower retail price and 3G assistance. Simultaneously, they presented the App Shop, which permitted any iPhone to set up third celebration local programs (both free and paid) over a Wi-Fi or cellular network, without demanding a PC for set up. Applications could additionally be searched through and downloadable directly via the iTunes software customer. Presenting over 500 programs at launch,[31] the App Shop was very popular,[32] and obtained over one billion dollars downloading in the first year, and 15 billion dollars by 2011.[33][34]
In This summer 2010, The apple company presented iOS 4, which involved APIs to allow third-party programs to multi-task,[35] and the iPhone 4, with an improved display and back-facing digicam, a front-facing digicam for video conferencing, and other developments.[36] In early 2011 the iPhone 4 permitted customers to use the handset's 3G connection as a wireless Wi-Fi hot spot.[37]
jailbreak iphone 5 ios linux
jailbreaking iphone 5 ios linux update 

The iPhone 4S was declared on Oct 4, 2011, enhancing upon the iPhone 4 with a dual-core A5 processer, an 8-megapixel digicam capable of documenting 1080p video at 30 supports per second, World phone ability allowing it to work on both GSM & CDMA systems, and the Siri computerized voice associate.[38] On Oct 10, The apple company declared that over one million iPhone 4Ss had been pre-ordered within the first 24 hours of it being on sale, defeating the 600,000 system history set by the iPhone 4.[39][40] Along with the iPhone 4S The apple company also launched iOS 5 and iCloud, untethered system initial, back-up, and synchronization,[41] along with extra functions.[42]
On Sept 11, 2013, The apple company launched the IPhone 5S that operates on the new IOS 7 os. During the discharge in Cupertino, Florida, US, a sequence of IOS7 functions was exposed that includes a reformatted notice center, the incorporation of Microsoft’s Google online search engine (in place of Google), a new Photo app, and iTunes Radio.[43] In an article released on Sept 19, 2013, the technology writer for the Quarta movement news website stated that the iPhone 5s "is easily the most powerful smart phone ever exposed."[43]
Apple set a history for starting few days revenue of a device with the discharge of its iPhone 5C and 5S cell mobile phones in Sept 2013. Chinese suppliers was involved in the record of markets for the first efforts and this provided to the revenue results.[45]
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Android sim card reader repair solution

4 Nov 2013
samsung galaxy sim card reader
samsung galaxy sim card reader
I just purchased a used New samsung Universe S GT-I9250. Everything performs excellent except of the SIM-card audience. When I brought out the Microsimcardadapter I broken two of the hooks (contacts).
My question: How fix that? Is there a way to fix it without modifying the simcardreader? Do I have to buy a new simcardreader? Where could I buy a simcardreader?

iphone sim card reader
iphone sim card reader

Some expert answers

Exact same factor occurred to me, I took it to a store but New samsung UK basically rejected to deliver the aspect to a store I took it to here in Florida. Instead they delivered a store a samsung galaxy sII increase HD sim audience, which they said was the same aspect as the one in the Universe Nexus HSPA+ GSM but when they set up it, the aspect was too extensive and basically does not perform. BTW the simreader is soldered so you would have to get a solder device if you did get the aspect. I have e-mailed and known as New samsung UK and this indicates that the aspect is not typical here in the US and that it is a filter kind sim audience. I'm still in procedure for them to let me deliver the whole cellphone to the UK and have it fixed, but they have informed me that they do not deliver returning Worldwide, so Im in stop a combine... If anyone out there can help us get the aspect please tell us...

Android sim card reader
Android sim card reader

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Fixing android phone damaged USB charging port ?

29 Oct 2013
Fixing android phone damaged USB charging port
Fixing android phone USB charging port

I think it most likely is a technical issue (the cellphone seems respond on USB wire movement; what creates it not so simple to figure out is that sometimes shifting wire doesn't help until restarting the phone)After some research I discovered that there are recommendations to substitute the asking for slot I think I am responding to my own query already, but in that situation it might be useful , especially it seems that it's one of the most typical problems. Actually I would like to have an guidance whether my analysis is right and supposing it is, maybe some who already did such process could create information how to do it? 

some expert answers

It looks like a simple modify, but I'm a complete beginner.I have the same issue. Looks like my usb plug is broken.Wondering how this went...I just requested a identical product and will begin this sometime next 7 days. System expenses *some* of enough time but is not identified by pc. I'd welcome any guidelines from anyone who has finished this alternative. Thanks !

I am awaiting my panel to appear, I purchased on auction web sites but the traditions on South america are veeery slowly. As soon as it comes I will try to substitute the broken one.Ok, keep us modified...Mine should appear sometime next 7 days as well. If I can't relock my device with the one thats on here now I'm going to try and substitute it with the new one.

Fixing android phone USB charging port fault
repair android phone USB charging port fault

After looking at the alternative areas, I discovered that there are at least 3 kinds of the USB fold, and they seem to even have many modifications. The one that I connected to was for the GSM design and won't perform with LTE one for example. I was incapable to discover the actual modification my cellphone and I don't want to crack my cellphone further by setting up possibly mismatched one, so I made the decision to just support it instead. The nearest that I seen on eBay were LF-A G 1143 and LF-A G 1144. My own is LF-A G 1149.

Derek Kulinski, yes, you did response your own query :) and discovered the right aspect. You could try a different USB wire and see if it does matter. Most likely, the USB plug got dislodged or a little bit fold so that it does not create excellent get in touch with. It would be very challenging to solder it returning on, so you will need to he aspect you discovered, to substitute it. As for a information, since you are going to perform on yours, why not create the information for everyone else. Just simply simply select the "Make a Guide" tab on the right part of this display and take a look. Use  teardown from here to see what you are up against. Good Fortune.

soldering damaged USB charging port
soldering USB charging port plug
 What modification of the USB flax did you have initially in your cellphone and what was the modification that you installed? It is too delayed, but value to know when eliminating the presenter, you can do it securely by rotating it reverse clockwise.Updated information with modification. Old one was 1145, new one is 1150 23-3.What an excellent information. Thanks Sam! In the end I was able to get my device identified by my pc for lengthy enough to relock it so I'll be delivering it returning to verizon for support. Thanks for the fix information, I'm sure it'll be a large help for anyone else who has this issue later on.

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How to find android nexus processor on circuit ?

25 Oct 2013
Samsung S3 i9300 Lcd solution
Samsung S3 i9300 Lcd solution

To begin from the beginning: Using flash light switched on for about 30 seconds on my nexus I decreased it from 1 gauge size, the backcover and battery power came apart. No visible damage to the screen or body at all. After arranging it the cellphone never switched on. No sign of charge when linked via USB wire to a battery charger or computer. No effect when eliminating and placing battery power with linked USB wire. The serviceman informed me the electric contact between the processer soccer ball lines range and the mainboard outlet might be damaged due to such a fall. He also informed me he has no appropriate stencil to re-attach the processer. I requested him where the processer is located and his answer was - on the motherboard's back side and the only way to get it work is to get him a damaged cellphone or a operating mother board to set up a operating cellphone. But I did not identify the processer there using your images in Step-by-step solution. What would i advise?

android nexus processor samsung
android nexus processor samsung

Take it all apart using the books and then reassemble. It's probably just a relationship, but may be a damaged BGA in action. Your excellent display is value a lot, so try to buy a SGN from eBay with a damaged display. Substitute it with your excellent one.
I don't think it's the BGA because it's organised in position fairly well and there are plenty more factors to don't succeed first. Evaluate images of yours to the take apart. best of fortune.

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How to fix android cell phone won't restart after it got wet

22 Oct 2013
android cell phone won't restart after it got wet
android cell phone won't restart after it got wet

The top 1" of the cell phone got java on it and originally it seemed to restore but now it reboots only partly and doesn't go the complete pattern so will not convert on. What aspect do I need to repair?

android blackberry cell phone won't restart after it got wet
android blackberry cell phone won't restart after it got wet
some expert answers

I'd take her apart as best you can. Fresh her out substitute anything that has been impacted by the java shower and put returning together. If its not operating afterwards getting to the service provider to see if they will fix or assurance substitute the cell phone.
Good luck

after you have washed your cell phone and examined it I think you'll be able to see if anything is broken or requiring to be changed. Could be presenter, ear piece, digicam, Sims lot, mother board.
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how to fix android phone's volume is now poor ?

19 Oct 2013
Dropped phone onto road now volume adjusted to full is not loud enough ?

how to fix android phone's volume is now poor
how to fix android phone's volume is now poor 

I really hate to say this but it sounds like you'll need to take it back to the store and get a new one. There are probably ways to fix it, but probably cheaper and quicker to get a new one. If you didn't buy insurance on it, I'd suggest doing so on the next one.

However, if you do want to fix it, I'd suggest putting the model number of the unit here or Google searching for a "disassemble" guide once you have the model #. Maybe you might get lucky.
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samsung galaxy nexus LCD Digitizer screen repairing solution

14 Oct 2013
samsung galaxy nexus LCD solution
samsung galaxy nexus LCD Digitizer screen problem

Android operating system is an open-source system established in Oct 2003 by Andrew Rubin and supported by Search engines, along with major application and components designers (such as Apple, HTC, ARM, Motorola and New samsung, to name a few), that type the Start Device Partnership.[21][22] The first cellphone to use Android operating system was released in Oct 2008.[23][24] It was called the HTC Dream and was labeled for submission by T-Mobile as the G1. The application package included on the cellphone includes incorporation with Google exclusive programs, such as Charts, Schedule, and Googlemail, and a full HTML web web browser. Android operating system facilitates the performance of native programs and a preemptive multi-tasking capability (in the way of services). Third-party paid and free applications are available via Search engines Play, which released in Oct 2008 as Android operating system Market.
In Jan 2010, Search engines released the Nexus One smart cellphone using its Android operating system OS. Android operating system has multi-touch abilities, but Search engines initially removed that feature from the Nexus One,[25] but it was added through a firmware upgrade on Feb 2, 2010.[26] By Q4 2010, Android operating system became the best selling smart cellphone system after massive benefits throughout the year.
Presenting Android
The globe's most highly effective cellular platform
There's no other software quite like Android operating system. Search engines designed Android operating system, and Google’s own applications run best on it. And with an incredible number of applications, activities, music, and video clips on Search engines Play, Android operating system is great for fun, and for getting things done.

Android gadgets come in all types of dimensions, with all types of features, and at all types of prices. Each edition of Android operating system is known as after a sweet, and the most latest edition of Android operating system is Jam Vegetable. With Android operating system, you are in control of your cellular experience.

mobilerepairing problem solution answers

samsung galaxy nexus cracked lcd
samsung galaxy nexus cracked lcd

Hi, I split the lcd show on new samsung universe nexus (GSM Version). I am purchasing the LCD Digitizer show set up from auction web sites. I have seen the guidelines on taking apart the item. Is it value trying to changing the show without professional help? I like to fix factors myself but don't have any encounter on fixing a cellular phone. From the actions published for the disassembly, this indicates as though the whole mother board needs to be eliminated and constructed onto the new show structure. I wish there won't be any soldering needed as I am not doing anything with the quantity musician. But is there any unique adhesive needed to set up it back? Are there any additional device suggestions other than the one detailed for the split down?

I just changed my LCD + digitizer and I can say it was really simple.
The whole factor is a component so the only factor you need to do is to eliminate the mother board and shift it over to the new show. There is a Little adhesive on the energy and quantity control buttons so be cautious when eliminating those because I unintentionally ripped of the control buttons from the bend wire and need to get a alternative, which I need to solder...
Other than that it was breeze. The show itself is really costly so if you're brief on money professional help will price a bit additional.

I'm no professional and I don't either like fixing cellular phones but this was really simple, just be cautious and everything will go just excellent.
Thanks a lot!! That really allows. I am preparing to do it myself.

where did you get your show and for how much ?

I say sorry for replying so delayed. Somehow I didn't see the opinion. I purchased it from auction web sites for around $280 (from a supplier in HongKong). But I wouldn't suggest it. The aspect that I obtained seemed unique (from Samsung) but faulty (probably manufacturer seconds). The show proved helpful ok but had some problems with the touchscreen technology understanding. So i came returning it. Now that Search engines is promoting the item straight for $400 it doesn't appear sensible to invest that much quantity with the chance of getting a faulty item. Its also quite possible that Samsung itself will be able to offer fix choice now that they have the identical design marketed in the US.

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How to install Ice cream sandwich on the samsung Galaxy S III ?

13 Oct 2013
Ice cream sandwich samsung Galaxy S III
Install Ice cream sandwich samsung Galaxy S III

I want to set up Ice Lotion Food on my Universe S III HELP?
Correct me if Im incorrect here, but I believed the Universe S III already came pre-installed with ICS? Are you trying to reinstate your phone?

some expert answers

Android Ice cream sandwich
Android Ice cream sandwich

The New samsung Universe S3 comes with Android operating system 4 (aka Ice Lotion Sandwich) preinstalled. You either combined it up with "Jelly Bean" (which is Android operating system 4.1), or you want to set up a inventory Ice Lotion Food.
For Jam Vegetable you should delay a couple of several weeks. New samsung will most probably offer an upgrade for its newest energy equine.
Android  operating system Ice cream sandwich
Android  operating system Ice cream sandwich 

For inventory ICS, you should make reference to XDA Designers community. There you'll discover several tastes for the SGS3.
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How to fix smart phone charging port remove and replace ?

11 Oct 2013
How to repair fix smart phone charging port
How to repair fix smart phone charging port
A smart phone, or smart phone, is a cell cellphone built on a cellular os, with more advanced processing capability and connection than a function cellphone.[1][2][3] The first mobile phones combined the functions of a smart phone (PDA) with a cell cellphone. Later designs added the performance of portable media players, low-end compact electronic cameras, pocket electronic cameras, and GPS routing units to form one multi-use system. Many contemporary mobile phones also consist of high-resolution touchscreens and web internet explorer that display standard web pages as well as optimized mobile-sites. High-speed access data is provided by Wi-Fi and special broadband. Recently, the rapid development of cellular app markets and of cellular business have been motorists of smart phone adopting.
The cellular operating-system (OS) used by contemporary mobile phones consist of Google Android operating system, Apple's iOS, The lenders Symbian, Blackberry mobile phones Ltd's BlackBerry OS, Samsung's Bada, Windows Windows Phone, Hewlett-Packard's webOS, and included Linux system withdrawals such as Maemo and MeeGo. Such operating-system can be installed on many different cellphone designs, and typically each system can receive multiple OS software up-dates over its lifetime. A few other future operating-system are Mozilla's Chrome OS, Canonical Ltd.'s Ie8 Phone, and Tizen.

Worldwide revenue of mobile phones surpassed those of function phones in early 2013.[4] As of This summer 18, 2013, 90 percent of global device revenue are linked to the purchase of Android operating system and iPhone mobile phones.[5]

 How to fix  remove and replace smart phone charging port ?

some expert answers

I've seen it clip and the split down guidelines. Unfortunately, they don't deal with the elimination of the asking for slot from the panel and alternative.
I've bought the aspect, but the one in position does not shift even when I implement power.
Has someone done this? And what trick is?
Thank you.

I believe you have to use a warm gun solder thingy to take it off.
I would like to know about this alternative as well. It looks as if the four "mounting tabs" on the USB slot are also soldered the panel. Can confirm?
desolder n thers some little nails u av to fold up 1st

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note II cracked lcd screen

10 Oct 2013

How do I fix Samsung Galaxy Note II cracked lcd screen ?

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note II cracked lcd screen
How do I fix Samsung Galaxy Note II  lcd screen problem

some expert answers

I have a Sprint New new Samsung Galaxy Notice II and I lately broken the display but not the digitizer, could you individuals please if you can put up a specific film or details in the lengthy run for this mobile phone.
You can't. I just tried by buying the top part cup, getting apart the mobile phone, removing the cup and modifying it. The problem is that the top part cup is trapped to the the display as a selection. It's nearly challenging to take the top part cup off without splitting the display. I was very relaxing but still broken it. Also, there are several lace relationships that are trapped to the returning of the cup which makes it even more complex.
If you don't wan to buy a whole new mobile phone, buy the cup and display selection rather than just the cup. But that's still several $ 100.

I cut my problems and bought a substitute. I'm still grieving but wish I hadn't of missing more cash on the cup.
I'd have to don't believe the simple reality with Bob. If you implement appropriate heating you can easily remove the broken cup from the OLED, with no harm it. A appropriate hot gun is needed Google around there are some excellent videos showing how to add a new cup.

i believe the simple reality as well. but i don't use a heated gun as it can produce a out of management heated and is not used similarly across the external coating place. I use a heat range handled heated plate and at 70 Celsius and progressively and effectively remove off the cup. then re-apply and the new cup and reheat.

Replacing the cup only on the iPhone 4/4s was difficult enough. The observe II is much more complex. It's covered in a different way than styles in the last and splitting the LCD from the digitizer is much more complex.
You could take on the fix from the details on the internet. Com film but I wouldn't recommend if it's your first rodeo.

The best option would probably be to provide the broken LCD display to a organization that concentrates on that type of fix or a local auto mechanic that might have the experience.

watch video and see how do you can replace samsung galaxy note ii lcd
asif sir
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How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Power on problem solution

8 Oct 2013
How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Power on problem solution
How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Power on problem solution
The New samsung Universe Observe II is an Android operating system phablet smart phone. Revealed on Aug 29, 2012 and launched in late-2012, the Universe Observe II is a heir to the unique Universe Observe, integrating enhanced stylus pen performance, a bigger 5.55-inch (141 mm) display, and an modified components design based off that of the Universe S III.
The Observe II was published to positive crucial wedding celebration for its developments over the unique Universe Observe, and marketed over 5 thousand models within only its first two months of accessibility. New samsung declared a heir to the Universe Observe II, the Universe Observe 3, on Sept 4, 2013
The Universe Observe II functions a 5.55-inch HD Extremely AMOLED S-Stripe RGB (3 subpixels/pixel) (non-PenTile) display with 1280×720 quality, a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 2 GiB RAM, an 8 MP back digicam and 1.9 MP front digicam, and a 3,100 mAh battery power. It is a little bit slimmer than its forerunner at 9.4 mm (0.37 inches), at the same time also being a little bit bulkier by 2 grms (0.071 oz). Based on the particular design, the phone functions HSPA+ 21 Mbit/s along with 4G LTE(42.2 Mbit/s DC-HSPA+ for LTE Version).[15][16][17] The Universe Observe II is prepared with Broadcom BCM4334 chipset for the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connection in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band with highest possible rate up to 150 Mbit/s, FM stereo receiver and Wireless 4.0 + HS assistance.[18]
The Universe Observe II will apparently be available in 16 GiB, 32 GiB and 64 GiB storage space potential editions, each extended by up to an additional 64 GiB with a microSD card. However, as of 8 Jan 2013, only the 16 GiB and 32 GiB editions are available and there has been no launch time frame for or any sign of a 64 GiB edition of the Observe II to be provided.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Power on problem solution ?

fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Power on problem
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 solution

some expert answers

There might be "JUST ENOUGH" deterioration in it to create it act this way. My Universe S2 Increase also does this but my own only fights sometimes. I decreased my own in a dish of cereals (please don't ask) and have it's had some difficult landings at perform onto some big exercises without a situation on. Sometimes if I give my cellphone a slap on the returning it'll perform again normally. Not too difficult, but it allows.

I lately knowledgeable the same problem after getting captured in the rainfall. A few drops must have joined the covering, because soon my energy key began performing up.
At first, it would perform sometimes. Sometimes I would even see the cellphone display blinking on and off, as if the energy key was consistently short-circuiting. Gradually it eliminate completely.

This wasn't much of a problem because I could convert on the display by pushing the House key, and convert it off using a gadget I downloadable and placed on my desltop.
But like an fool, a couple weeks ago I closed down the cellphone for whatever purpose. Now I can't convert it returning on... because the energy key doesn't perform. Ridiculous.
I began out up the cellphone and as soon as I moved the energy key (the aspect that actually goes click-click), it basically decreased off of the ribbons. I think the relationships must have rusty through.

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how to find solution on iphone schematics

6 Oct 2013
Damaged iPhone? Need Help? You've discovered the right position. Whether your looking for guidelines and alternative areas for fixing your iPhone yourself, or looking for the job for someone to,we can help!
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6 solution
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6 solution

Sales promotion for iPhone 5 color screen solution
Sales promotion for iPhone 5 color screen problem
Liquid Damged iPhone? Try out our iPhone Fluid Damge Fix Support . If we can't fix it, you don't pay!

The iPhone is Apple's trip into the smart phone industry. 
Samsung S3 i9300 Digitizer solution
Samsung S3 i9300 Digitizer

The iPhone took the globe by surprise in 2007 and became the "must-own" device that season. Each season delivers a new modification that only enhances on the success of one of the best technology in record.

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Blackberry unlocking solution

29 Sep 2013
blackberry unlocking solution
blackberry unlocking solution
Blackberry Opening solutions in karachi or any where in pakistan. Some place are  provide complete unlocking solutions for all Blackberry mobile mobile phones cellular mobile phones, be it old designs like 8300 or latest designs like Q10 or Z10.
Unblocking your Blackberry phones can open up a whole new world for you where you get to use your favorite cellphone and don't have to stay linked with one system.

Important Positiveadvantages by Un-Locking a Blackberry

unlocking any blackberry solution
unlocking any blackberry solution
Network Choice
After the cellular cellphone have been un-locked you can change carrier's networks at his/her very own will and never having to purchase anew cellular cellphone each time. Thus giving you the benefit of selecting the support offer
Affordable Call Charges
Eliminating the lock on a Blackberry mobile mobile phones cellular mobile phones provides you the freedom to decide on your support. In contrast to being dedicated to a predetermined plan you can change to cheaper competition companies. This can preserve significantly on sms messages and calls.
Absolutely not Wandering Fees
If you're a recurring guest then a cellphone cost can go up a lot as a result of roaming prices.However, with an revealed smart phone you don't really need to pay such fees as you possibly can easily change over to the local support.
Improved Resell Worth
One of the main advantages of unlocking a Blackberry mobile mobile phones cellular phonesis that it increases their sell assessment.
Opening aBlackBerry also can enable selected features of the cellular cellphone that have been normally not allowed.
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charge iphone faster Speed Up USB Charges Battery Maintenance

21 Sep 2013
charge iphone faster
charge iphone faster
Stressing about your smartphones short battery energy or how long it requires to cost up are traditional illustrations of the first world problems that can outcome in eagerness and light depression.
While we've formerly considered methods in which you can enhance your iPhone's battery energy, we're now taking a look at how you can make the awful thing cost a bit quicker.
SEE ALSO: 10 Best iPhone Chargers
There's no key marinade, unfortunately, but there are a few guidelines and techniques you can implement to get your cell's battery energy from smooth to complete in smaller interval. Have a research of our suggestions below.
Turn It Off
If you want your iPhone to cost quicker, historical proof indicates switching it off — so it's not using any energy while it's juicing up — will cut down cost times.
If you don't want to hit the energy key, then placing your system in "Airplane Mode" (from the "Settings" menu) will quit your cellphone looking for mobile and Wi-Fi alerts and can rate up the procedure.
At the very least, try not to use your cellphone while it's on cost. Secure the display by reaching the sleep/wake key on the top right of your system to give it a crack while it restores.
Use a Walls Charger
Use a Walls Charger
Use a Walls Charger
Your iPhone will cost quickest from energy, rather than via a USB slot. Apple's formal guidance "for the quickest charge" is to "connect the product to energy using the USB wire that came with the product and an The apple company USB energy adaptor."
Keep It Cool
Did you know that a battery's capability to keep a cost is considerably deteriorated by excessive temperatures?
Apple declares that "heat will crack down your battery's performance the most" and indicates that you "keep your iPhone out of the sun or a hot car (including the handwear cover box)."
Certain situations and includes that snare warm can also be challenging. If your iPhone gets hot while you cost it in a case, then you should observe a distinction if you eliminate it before asking for.
The formal guidance is to keep your iPhone as near 70 degrees (22 levels C or 72 levels Farenheit) as possible.
Speed Up USB Charges
Speed Up USB Charges

Speed Up USB Charges
If USB asking for is your only choice, there are methods to rate this procedure up.
If you're looking for a quick cost, don't synchronize your iPhone simultaneously. It's also recommended to eliminate all other USB gadgets that might be illustrating energy.
Don't let your computer go into stand by or hibernation method while you're trying to juice up your cellphone. This might actually strain your handset's energy, and could quit the asking for procedure, in some cases
Battery Maintenance
Finally, The apple company provides some guidance about how to effectively sustain your iPhone's battery energy.

"For appropriate servicing of a lithium-based battery energy, it’s important to keep the electrons in it shifting sometimes. Be sure to go through at least one cost pattern monthly (charging battery energy to 100% and then absolutely operating it down)."
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