Guide To Test Phone Battery with Multimeter and Repair It with Easy Way

This guide shows you how to test your phone battery with a multimeter and repair it the quick and easy way. we know battery consumption has become a very common problem in today's cell phones and smartphones. It's easy to test voltage on any phone battery with the help of analog and digital multimeters. in electronics, the symbol V is the unit of voltage. The method of checking a phone battery is the same for all brands and models Micromax mobile, iPod classic, iPhone, Sony Xperia, Huawei Smartphone, HTC new phone, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, ZTE Nubia,  BlackBerry, Nokia 6, etc.

How To Test Phone Battery with Multimeter Digital

How to check phone battery with multimeter
How do you test a phone battery

Carefully remove the battery from the phone. you can read the battery voltage on the label of the battery. Most feature phones and smartphone batteries are 3.7V or 3.8Volts. Now test the battery with a multimeter and finds the digital multimeter DC Volt setting on the meter measurement scale. It may be indicated with DCV. In DCV (DC Voltage) there will be many settings like 2V, 20V, 200V, and 1000V. Test the cell phone battery with a multimeter and keep the setting on 10V or 20V in a multimeter. Now follow the picture below to touch the probe of the multimeter on the terminal for testing the battery with the multimeter.
How do I know when my phone needs a new battery
how to test a battery with a multimeter

Remember, Keep probes touched until you see a stable reading on the reading scale of the meter. If the reading scale on the meter shows more than 3.70 then the battery is fully charged. And if it is less than 3.70 you will have to charge the battery with a charger. after charging for a long time with the phone's original charger, if the battery still shows the same volt on the meter, then the battery is faulty. your phone will not switch on. You will need to buy a new battery because it is not repairable.
Note: If the battery is drained and showing 0 voltage or say less than 2.9, you can repair it with the battery booster.

Learn how to use a Uni-T Multimeter by testing cables, fuses, AC current. Reading the article Cable Testing and Measurement Reading can help you diagnose phone problems faster.

Lithium-ion and Ni-MH battery on Phones 

Lithium-ion battery is the most common type used on smartphones. It provides a high energy density, and longer battery life and can be rechargeable. Nickel-Metal Hydride called a Ni-MH battery. It is also a rechargeable battery occur used in mobile phones.

cell phone battery
best battery cells

Nickel-Metal Hydride Chemistry 

Three parts, an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte, make up a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery. These parts work together to produce the electrical energy needed for power devices. 

Phone Battery Charging Process 

When the battery is charging, the anode releases hydrogen gas, and the cathode absorbs it. This process creates an electric current that flows through the battery and powers the device. When the battery is discharging, the opposite process happens. The anode absorbs hydrogen gas and the cathode releases it. This process creates an electric current that flows through the battery and powers the device. NiMH batteries can charge using a compatible charger specifically designed for NiMH chemistry. using a charger designed for NiMH batteries is important because other types of chargers can damage the battery.

Sometimes charging does not install to the battery due to the charger. to check the charger and its pinout we have a blog post for you. read the article on mobile charger pin connection diagram to check your phone charger before repairing your phone battery

if you want to know how to check a phone battery with an analog multimeter and get updated this year 2023 then the blog post on how to use analog multimeter in mobile repairing help you lots

What is the battery booster for mobile repair?

battery eliminator 12v
battery eliminator power supply

A mobile battery boosting machine is used to Boost a Dead Battery of any Feature Phone, Smartphone, or Apple iPhone. if you have a battery booster it's ok and if not I have the Best Advice for You. I list down the two best battery booster names it full fills your phone battery repair needs.
  1. Universal AC DC Adapter
  2. Battery Eliminator
Now, a battery booster is mainly used when you need to boost a dead battery. Many times when I get phones for repairing they might be no battery left out in it and I may need to have a little bit of charge. you may need a little bit of charge in the battery to be able to test or check it out. So at that moment, we use the battery booster to ensure that they are able to jumpstart the battery a little- similar to what you do in four-wheelers when you have to jumpstart your car batteries when it's dead or very low. So, that is where we used this booster.

How To Use Battery Activation Board

Android Battery Activation Board
Mobile Battery Activation Board

To charge the nonremovable battery on the new smartphone you need  Android Battery Activation Board. mobile technicians on the mobile repair shop near you call it the universal charge activation board. For non-removable battery repair without the charger, you can use a mobile Battery Activation Board. here's a short video for testing and repairing your phone battery using a battery activation board and an easy technique. Click the YouTube short video link below. 

I am sure the steps shown in the video you just watched will help you is an easy way to test your phone battery with a Battery Activation Board and fix it. To know the Battery Activation Board price click here
phone battery repair
Phone Battery Repair Guide

Download a Free PDF copy of this article on your mobile and computer. read it at your convenient time. Click here to download How to Repair Cell Phone Drain Battery in a PDF document.

How many amps should a battery booster have?

battery booster gives a standard output of 500 milli ampere and it's a fixed output booster gives that can be used to temporarily boost the battery of the phone.

Phone technicians need to understand the voltage and current requirements of smartphones. My new blog post can help you learn the best ampere readings. If you are involved in mobile phone repairs, it is crucial to understand the JDI Power Supply in Smartphone Diagnostics.

How long does it take to charge a battery with a battery booster?

We typically switch the battery booster on and once you switch it on you have the power output coming out. if you are using a DC Power supply to boost the battery you can change the voltage output that is given by the Power supply, depending on the device or depending on the phone and smartphone battery you can choose the voltage, adjust the voltage and boost the battery.
How can you tell when your phone battery is bad answer
boost phone battery

You can see in the picture a plus and minus point you can place the black probe and the red probe here, which basically can be connected to a phone battery and boost the battery. So, using this you will be able to boost the battery of any phone, and a traditional battery booster is a very effective tool that might be required for battery boosting. if you boost your battery with a battery booster and the battery is still draining very fast even after fully charging it, you will have to check it on another same model phone. In such a case an analog and a digital multimeter will not help because the multimeter just shows you how much your battery is charged. remember if your phone battery’s inside chemical has become weak or worn out, the battery will discharge quickly. if you check your battery on the same model phone and it's discharged fast in it too, the battery is faulty. buy a new battery for your phone and check. If the problem is not solved your phone is still discharging? Then there is some short-circuit fault in your mobile phone PCB. visit How To Check Short Circuit in Mobile Phone to know how to check and repair short circuit mobile phone PCB

Now reading this guide you know the easy steps to test a phone battery with a multimeter and repair it with a Battery Activation Board and battery booster for mobile repairing


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