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layout diagram of motorola mobile phones

6 Dec 2011
motorola cell phones diagram
picture help

motorola l7 diagram

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bga reballing paste

22 Nov 2011
bga i c reballing paste
bag i c re balling paste

Yeh paste b g a i c ko reball karna k kaam karta hai.is paste ko i c k uper laga k heat gun say heat dy ty hai tu paste i c k nechay ja k balls ko reslod kar dy ta hai
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china dual Sim layout diagram

20 Sep 2011
china dual Sim layout diagram

china dual sim cell phones
china dual Sim diagram

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china 3110c memory card solution

6 Sep 2011
Chinese memory card
trick in Hindi Urdu

china k mobile my memory card nahi utaiy tu diagram my jo i c hai isay resold kary gay ya phr i c nikal k in 2 prints ko direct kardy gay
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china mobile solution

29 Aug 2011
china  n95 diagram
china mobile solution

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china repairing solution

11 Aug 2011
china mobile repairing solution free download
china 3110c layout

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mobile repairing lesson 4 in urdu

1 Aug 2011
Nokia 2630 charging connector changing solution by sir asif azeemi.mobile repairing lesson 4 in Urdu

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mobile repairing lesson 3 in urdu

16 Jul 2011

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Nokia 2600c 2630c Sim Problem

16 Jul 2011
nokia 2600c 2630c sim solution
insert sim solution

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nokia 5130 pcb layout diagram

14 Jul 2011
nokia 5130 pcb layout diagram
nokia 5130 layout diagram
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Mobile Phones Casing

11 Jul 2011
mobile phone casing material
n95 casing malaysia

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mobile phone repairing lesson in Urdu 2

25 Jun 2011
Basic Electronic in mobile phone printed circuit broad explain in urdu one by one.
mobile phone circuit my chay Basic Electronic hu thy hai is vedio my urdu my bataya gaya hai

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multimeter analog sanwa

7 Jun 2011
multimeter analog sanwa
Analog multimeter operating

mobile repairing my analog multimeter bht ziada istimal hu ta hai.ziada tar mobile phone repair karna waly yeh meter used karty hai.
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5310xpress china insert sim solution

7 Jun 2011
5310xpress china insert sim solution

5310xpress china insert sim solution

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2 Best Multimeters see 2018 top picks for cell phone repairing

5 Jun 2011

Introducing the best accuracy & convenience measure the continuity, transistor or diode continuity buzzer multimeter easy to use
ElecTech Easy, Reliable Measurements
An amprobe multimeter actions current, level of resistance, and AC or DC current. It is common not only in home electric setups but for maintenance and repair of various technology. The analog multimeter is a useful device when you manage battery power, power resources, engines, changes and incorporated tour. An auto range best multimeter is actually a three-in-one device: It functions as a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter to effectively identify any commercial electric problem.
The beginner analog multimeter has the missing reputation as today's technology has come up with an electronic which make it easy to effectively study the various dimensions on a show. Early designs of electrical multimeters are expensive and are only used in large organizations or large sectors, but the electronic multimeter is now the recommended calculating device of choice when it comes to things concerning the circulation of power. The electronic kind often still costs more than a fluke electronics type, but beginners find the analog multimeter easier to study and use than the electrical multimeters.

Best Multimeters Display and Accuracy

the top accurate, easy to use electric current, voltage and resistance detector accurately diagnose, measure, assemble and repair circuitry and wiring
fluke digital multimeter

A digital multimeter function uses variety numbers to show dimensions on the display. A beginner analog multimeter uses a hook on a rotate to indicate statistic against a printed background with variety printed machines. It is easy to miscalculate a range or two in an analogue gauge. With a digital voltmeter display, all you have to do is look at the display to indicate the statistic or variety. More expensive electronic models are more precise and can evaluate up to five decimal places.

which multimeter is the best get 9 top multimeter principle for cell phone repairing here unlimited guide

Best Multimeter Quantity Changes

The flow of power can sometimes go up and down, and a digital voltmeter gauge would be incorrect when it comes to studying changing shows. The numbers will appear irregular, and it will be difficult to figure out the proper variety. An analog multimeter gauge will immediately show you the general studying, and the hook will move in minor amounts to indicate any changes or fluctuations

Scale Range Switch

An analog multimeter gauge needs you to set the range. A minor mistake will indicate an incorrect studying immediately. The electronic multi gauge will instantly figure out the range and even indicate the range on the show.

Use our Video Review! we have Reviewed thousands of Multimeters for you to Choose the Best‎

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cell phone schematic circuit diagram free download

30 May 2011
Search all the best sites for Cell Phone Schematics, layout, and troubleshooting diagrams here

nokia 6300 solution diagram
Nokia 6300 layout diagram

for Nokia cell phone htc dream iPhone 3g blackberry layout Schematics block Components diagram manual guide

nokia diagram layout n72
nokia n72 layout diagram

nokia diagram n72 layout
nokia n72 diagram

Now Repair Any Android Phone Circuit and its Basic Electronic Components with Free Schematic Circuit Diagram Online Smartphone Block and Schematic Diagram

nokia diagram solution
nokia 1110 layout diagram

cell phone repair training book free to read online download pdf
nokia n71 layout schematic circuit diagram
nokia n71 layout diagram

nokia n71 schematic circuit diagram solution
nokia n71 block diagram

iPhone blackberry diagram free download

cell phone repair training book free download
online manual
If you would like to explore how an online repair manual solution can benefit your smartphone repair business, please follow the link below. Take a personal tour of the biggest smartphone repair manual online Click Here now Mobile Repairing Download Cell Phone Repair Training Book Free mobile phone circuit diagram pdf Over 3 thousand smartphone technician use it, now you can too. Do it Yourself and save time and money.

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Cell Phone Android Images

30 May 2011
Samsung,Sony Ericsson,Panasonic,Nokia

black berry red

black berry silver

Learn Phone Troubleshooting using Fault Diagrams and Update Yourself in mobile phone repairing Get free online ebook here

android china mobile
china phone

nokia 3310 phone
Nokia 3310

android mobile

Get Online Free Android Repair Book for beginners and experienced technicians of cell phones and tablets.So hurry up avail this offer now visit download books android here or Call on Whats app +92-312-2906096

iPhone apple
i phone

Nokia models
Nokia 7610

Nokia cell phones
Nokia 1112

Phone Repair PDF Notes Get trained today for build your career in mobile phones and tablets repairing  Download here
advance mobile phone
Nokia amps

Nokia old models
Nokia 3250

Nokia Camera

Nokia i mate

led sensor
touch phone

Cdma smartphones
CDMA phone

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Mobile Phone Repairing Course

30 May 2011
mobile repair course
mobile repairing courses
mobile repair Institute conducts online mobile phone repairing training for people who are unable to attend classes at the Institute. This course is conducted with the help of home study video lessons and pdf handbooks. There are online video lectures via video chat software is in this program. All theory lessons are explained in the pdf books, while practical explained in the mobile phone repairing course video tutorials.

Course Objective:

To make a student that can able to assembly-dis-assembly, Service & checking components of latest mobile Phones PCB (printed circuit broad) with using proper tools. On completion of this course he/she will be able to diagnose & repair any kind of latest mobile phones software & hardware faults and can easily Read mobile phone block & layout Diagrams diagnose problems and repair it by using proper tips and techniques.

free download video to repair phone Start Your Own Business

Course Content:

  • Introduction To Mobile Technologies (theory practical)
  • Mobile phone communication system 
  • Mobile repairing tools
  • Mobile phone hardware (theory practical)
  • Basic electronics in all mobile phones (theory practical)
  • Rx & TX voice bands in mobile phones (theory practical)
  • Base band module mobile phones data processing system (theory practical)
  • Mobile phones assembling DE-assembling
  • Soldering re-soldering (practical)
  • Hardware faults &troubles shooting (theory practical)
  • Software installations & troubles shooting (theory practical)

Career Options:

On the successful completion of this course, the student can join as a customer support executive in any existing mobile service center & be repairing Center. Or establish his/her own business of mobile phones.

free mobile maintenance books read online download free

1 Months
1 hour daily,6 Days a Week
New batches timing are :
mobile phone repairing course morning class timing 10 am to 11 am
mobile phone repairing course afternoon class timing  3 pm to 4 pm
mobile phone repairing course evening class timing 7 pm to 8 pm

For further details
Mobile: 03122906096 WhatsApp

We have three courses of mobile phone repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing (basic level)
Smartphone Repairing (Intermediate Level)
Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions (Advance Level)

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Nokia 1202 1661 display solution

21 May 2011
nokia 1202 1661 display wave
Ways Solution

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mobile unlocking with blue tooth device

16 May 2011

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free training mobile repairing lesson 1 in urdu

10 May 2011

multimeter operating in Hindi
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Nokia 3100 display solution

2 May 2011
Nokia 3100 solution
Nokia 3100 display solution

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How to Find Cheap and Reliable Cell Phone Repair Tools

1 May 2011
iphone repairing tools
learn mobile repairing Tips
The reputation of cellular mobile phones has achieved such levels that one can't live without a cellular cellphone today. More individuals own more than one cellular cellphone these days, some even three! The appearance of smartphones has made these cellular mobile phones highly useful these days, thus, you individuals using mobile phones for so much more than simply making phone calling or delivering short information. Being such essential items that have many small and sensitive parts within it, it is essential to look after your mobile phones well to make sure that they are efficient and can be used at all times.
Regardless of how well you look after your cellular mobile phones, they do still breakdown every now and then. Thus, it is essential for one to be able to fix any problems that have to face a person's cellular cellphone. Fixing your cellular cellphone can be done by delivering it over to a cellphone fix store, or if you have the knowledge to fix them yourselves, why not exercise the option to achieve just that? Not only you save on cost, you would also be able to execute the fix works at the house, thus, there is no need to keep the convenience of your house.
If you are able to fix your cellular cellphone yourself, first and major you would need the proper resources to execute the job. You could either end up individual phone fix resources or acquire a complete cellular cellphone fix device that you could use for every ending that you need to achieve. Let us look at some tips for you to consider if you want to a great and cost-effective cellular cellphone fix kit:
1) the first tip is to look for the kit on the internet, where you would have a wide range of different fix kit options to choose and choose from. If you are looking for cost-effective packages, the Internet is where you might discover them easily. If you are looking for for recognized manufacturers, then you might need to pay a little bit higher costs for the packages. The benefit of buying on the internet is the point that you can acquire a cellphone fix kit from anywhere in the world, especially from a location such as Chinese suppliers and Indian where the costs of these packages are much lower. Scout around and get the best deal for yourself!
2) the second tip declares that you could regular the more recognized and bigger cellular cellphone fix and service shops out there, where you could sometimes discover some cost-effective packages to fix your cell phone. The benefits here is the point that you could actually look at the kit before buying, and the costs aren't too bad as well, as long as you look around!
3) the third tip declares that you should contact your cell phone's producer, and inquiry if they sell cellphone fix packages that are specific for your cell phone product. Being the producers themselves, the company should and would normally have the right resources for any fixed job associated with your cell phone, thus getting in touch with them would be a wise decision as well.
Get the right resources for the job, and the process of fixing your cellular cellphone would be a lot easier!
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Cell Phone Water Damage Repair solution

1 May 2011
iPhone Water Damage Repair
Cell Phone Tips
During the summer, more and more individuals need mobile cellphone inundating fix services. With the weather being hot, and individuals going to the beach, heading up to the river or clinging out by the share, invariably lots of mobile cell phones suffer random inundating. Mobile cellphone inundating requires fast attention! If you wait too long, the destruction may be too much to be fixed.
Cell cellphone inundating of any type can be extremely dangerous to your cellphone. Why is inundating so serious? The water get in touch with of any type can be damaging to your cellphone, as it can brief routine or deteriorate your cell phone's sensitive digital elements and inner technicalities.
Ocean water contains a lot of salt, which creates it extremely harsh. Because of this harsh tendency, harm happens very easily when your cellphone comes into get in touch with with sea water.
Pool water contains swimming share water, which is also extremely harsh. Chlorine and other share substances easily eliminate your cell phone's digital elements and can cause permanent harm if not treated easily.
Household water is also harsh because it contains substances, such as swimming share water, enzymes and other substances that are dangerous to your cell phone's elements. Although family water does not cause harm or deterioration as easily, it can cause permanent inundating to your mobile cellphone if it isn't taken care of easily.
Do not put it in the microwave or try to dry it with a hair dryer! Adding heat to a water broken mobile cellphone can only increase the destruction and deterioration. You need to get it to a inundating fix professional who can easily take the cellphone apart, clean the cell phone's sensitive elements, and evaluate the destruction easily and perfectly.
android phone Water Damage solution

If your cellphone gets wet, follow these steps:
1. Do NOT turn your water broken mobile cellphone on! This will cause it to brief out and could cause permanent harm.
2. Remove the battery instantly.
3. Do NOT use a blow dryer! Although your cellphone may seem to be dry, the inside routine board will still be wet.
4. Use a Zip-Lock Bag. Put the WET cellphone into a Zip-Lock bag and ship it to a mobile cellphone inundating fix professional instantly.
Georgia Mobile Phone Repair provides national mobile cellphone fix on all brands of mobile cell phones. The water harm fix specialists.

For more information about cell phone repair and cell phone water damage,read all posting of this blog !

Muhammad asif

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Find Mobile Phone Repair Tools to Solve My Mobile Phone Problems

1 May 2011
apple iphone 5 solution
iPhone 4 black screen
You can also substitute new LCD screen on your own. You can open up the cell phone quickly with the right resources. All the issues can be set without getting the assistance from the cellphone professionals. For your details, there are many cellular cellphone fix resources in the market. You can get the unique screwdriver to eliminate the faceplate of your cell phone. If you want to test your cellular, you can get analytic resources. If you feel that your earphone is dirty, you can get the unique sweep to clean it up. All these resources can be acquired quickly at very reasonable price. By getting the fix packages, you will be provided with the "know-how" details. You just need to follow simple guidelines to substitute necessary elements.
How can you obtain all these tools?
You can either get them off-line or online.There are many online providers who provide different types of fix resources through online. You are recommended to surf through their sites to discover out more about the items. You can get specific product explanations and the costs from their sites. By studying the features of the items properly, you will be able to know which resources suit your needs. To reduce costs, you are recommended to evaluate the costs of similar items properly. Examine out whether there are great special discounts available for online buy.
mobile repair tool kit
phone tool
If you are not comfortable with online buy, you are recommended to discover the fix packages from cellular cellphone stores. There are many suppliers who provide a wide range of fix packages for cellular customers. You can consult the shop guests for details. They normally suggest the fix resources based on the users' designs. To be able to play safe, you can also consult the producers to discover out whether they provide fix packages for their customers.
If you still don't have confidence on cellular cellphone fix resources, you can read the users' opinions from the world wide web or publications. You can make your final choice after studying the opinions or feedback.

In short, by getting the right fix resources, you can fix all your cellular cellphone issues on your own. Why do you need to waste your cash to get other people to fix your phone? Be a smart cellular cellphone user from now onwards!
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Nokia N80 layout diagram

29 Apr 2011
Nokia N80 Block diagram
N80 diagram solution

Nokia N80 layout diagram solution
 Nokia N80 Block diagram

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blackberry disassembly

27 Apr 2011

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About Mobile repairing Online

16 Apr 2011
Mobile repairing Online
Mobile repairing course
Mobile repairing Online was established by Sir Asif Azeemi in 2011 to apply his rich experience in Mobile Phone repairing education to the newly discovered power of the internet.
Mobile repairing Online has been enrolling students from around the world since its launch in 2011. Mobile repairing Online is the perfect choice for learn mobile phone repairing & repairing solution. Mobile repairing online is 100% browser based, allowing students,parents & any one to connect online & learn Mobile Phone repairing tips & technique anywhere in the world with internet access.
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