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Mobile Repairing Tools

26 Feb 2018

Cellular Cellphone Fixing Resources & Devices Resources to Fix Cellular Mobile Phone

When selecting equipment for repairing mobile phones, it is important to choose the best tools. Cheap or inexpensive equipment may not be handy when repairing a mobile phone. On the other hand, best top quality little expensive equipment will help you to fix a mobile phone easily and comfortable. I am personally trained in mobile phone repairing and my personal expertise says that we must always choose and buy the best tools available in the marketplace or online. These high top quality tools may cost a little more but in the long run, you will be happy that you bought the best tools.
There are hundreds of tools for mobile phone repairing available in the marketplace. It is important to choose the best brand. Below all the device for mobile phone repairing

Soldering Iron for cellphone repairing
Soldering Iron for cellphone repairing

Soldering Iron

resistor, diode, transistor, regulator, presenter, mic, show etc. A 50 watts soldering metal is good enough for most cell cellphone fixing job. When purchasing a soldering metal, choose the one that is easy to keep and does not get rid of your hand. The soldering metal must have the choice to choose and choose different types and forms of soldering guidelines or pieces. These guidelines or pieces must be exchangeable. It must also be ESD-Safe (Antistatic) because most digital elements in a cell cellphone are very delicate and can get broken due to fixed cost or fixed power.Hakko and Weller are two well-known manufacturers who produce, offer and trade outstanding soldering clubs and other soldering resources and accessories.

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Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book
cell phone screen
The book Phones Repairing Solutions Guide is available online for beginners and experienced technician of mobile and Cell phone repairing.You can get this book from MobileRepairingOnline today in Hindi and also in English

PCB Holder

mobile circuit holder
cell phone circuit catcher

the stand is used to hold the PCB of a cell cellphone while soldering or fixing. It keeps the PCB very highly and does not allow it to shift thus assisting in fixing. Again, it is essential and sensible to decide on a high top quality PCB owner rather than a less expensive and affordable one.
Solder Wire: Solder cable is used to solder digital elements, ICs

Schematic Circuit Diagram of Mobile Phones

free mobile maintenance books
 mobile circuit diagram book free download

Get your best step by step Apple iPhone schematics diagram here it's free to download today

Cell phones strip change tools

cell phones strip change tools
cell phones strip change tools

Fast step by step logic circuit board troubleshooting and simple iPhone Information guide right now

Samsung Mobile Circuit Diagram iPhonee Mobile Circuit

iPhonee Mobile Circuit
pdf download
Now Repair Any Android Phone Circuit and its Basic Electronic Components with Free Schematic Circuit Diagram Online Smartphone Block and Schematic Diagram

cell phone circuit board cleaner
cell phone circuit cleaner



jumper wire for cellphone repairing
jumper wire for cellphone repairing

This is a slim laminated or covered birdwatcher cable used to a bouncer from one point to another on the a record of a cell cellphone while fixing. Most people doing the work of cellular fixing do bouncer to fix many issues.

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Screwdriver for Cellular Cellphone Repairing

Screw driver for Cellular Cellphone Repairing
Screwdriver for Cellular Cellphone Repairing


cell phone tweezer

These are needed to hold digital elements, ICs, bouncer cable etc while soldering and Desoldering.

free Apple iPhone book
ebook help 
free Apple iPhone Hardware and Software Solutions ebook help you in troubleshooting Get trained today for build your career in iPhone and Samsung repairing https://goo.gl/zBma0B


mobile cell phone cleaning brush
cell phones cleaning brush

These are used for washing the PCB of a mobile phone while fixing. It is important to buy only ESD-Safe washing styling brushes.


cell phones multimeter analog digital
cell phones multimeter analog digital

The flow of power can sometimes go up and down, and an electronic multi-gauge would be incorrect when it comes to studying changing shows. The numbers will appear irregular, and it will be difficult to figure out the proper variety read more

BGA ic re-balling sink

Hot Air station for cellphone repairing

Hot Air station rework SMD Blower

Hot Air Blower: It is also called SMD (Surface Install Device) remodel program and SMD fix program. It has control to control or manage temperature and flow or hot air. Always buy a high top quality ESD-Safe hot air motorized inflator.

Touch replace tools

touch replace tools
cell phone touch replaces tool

cell phone Battery Booster

cell phones Battery Booster

 It is used to boost the energy of battery power of a mobile phone.

Magnifying Lamp

lamp magnifying glass
magnifying glass lamp with light

It is used to see the amplified view of the PCB of a mobile phone. Most magnifier lights also have light. Magnifying lights are available in different zoom such as 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 50x etc.

Mobile Cellphone Opener

DC Power Supply for Cellphone Repairing

DC Power Supply for Cellular Cellphone Repairing

Controlled DC (Direct Current) energy source is used to provide DC present to a mobile phone. Most fix people used DC energy source to switch ON a mobile phone without battery power.

Liquid Flux

It is used to fresh PCB track and legs or hooks of digital elements while soldering. Fluid flux improves the high top quality of soldering. Kester flux is well-known for high top quality.

Cleaning Sponge

cleaning sponges for soldering iron
cleaning sponges for soldering iron

This is used to the fresh tip of soldering metal while soldering.Cleaning Sponge or cloth to Clean Tip of Soldering Iron

Screwdriver Kit


It has several tools of different designs to disassemble and set up a mobile phone. Aven Tools is a well-known producer, exporter, and provider of all kinds of tools and tool packages.

i c re ball
BGA paste is used to re-ball and resold I C integrated circuit

mobile repairing
fault diagnosing

Uses of Sanwa Analog Multimeter in Mobile Repairing is common and easy to fault diagnosing

phone tool

The mobile phone opening tool cell phone repair phone toolkit

Android Device ic reballing kit in india

Phone Troubleshooting Diagrams
Learn free
Learn Phone Troubleshooting using Fault Diagrams and Update Yourself in mobile phone repairing Get free online ebook here

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