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Mobile Repairing Tools

6 Dec 2019

All Mobile Repairing Tools

When selecting equipment for repairing mobile phones, it is important to choose the best tools. cheap or inexpensive equipment may not be handy when repairing a mobile phone. on the other hand, best top quality little expensive equipment will help you to fix a mobile phone easily and comfortable.

I am personally trained in mobile phone repairing and my personal expertise says that we must always choose and buy the best tools available in the marketplace or online. these high top quality tools may cost a little more but in the long run, you will be happy that you bought the best tools. if you are searching mobile repairing tools list, mobile repairing tools name list, mobile servicing tools, list of mobile repairing tools, mobile tools name list, mobile repairing equipment list and mobile repairing tools list pdf you are on a right web page. there are hundreds of tools for mobile phone repairing available in the marketplace. It is important to choose the best brand. Below all mobile repairing tools name:

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. GOOT Replaceable Soldering Iron Tip
  3. Solder Wire
  4. Cleaning Sponges for Soldering Iron
  5. Use of Soldering Flux 
  6. Digital Multimeter
  7. Screwdriver Set Removal Tool
  8. PCB Cleaner
  9. Analog Multimeter
  10. Battery Booster USB Cable
  11. DC Power Supply
  12. Linear Variable DC Power Supply
  13. Anti Static ESD Brush for Cleaning Smartphones
  14. Mobile Phone Current Test Cable 
  15. Tweezers
  16. Anti Static Cleaning Brush
  17. Analog Hot Air Station
  18. Handle
  19. Nozzle
  20. Hot Air Blower Heater
  21. PCB Holder
  22. Heat Resistant Tape
  23. BGA Reballing Kit
  24. UV Professional paste
  25. Universal BGA Reballing Stencil
  26. BGA Reballing Paste with Scrape
  27. Jumper Wire
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Soldering Iron
to know the soldering iron details and today price click here
Soldering Iron for cellphone repairing
resistor, diode, transistor, regulator, presenter, mic, show etc. A 50 watts soldering metal is good enough for most cell cellphone fixing job. When purchasing a soldering metal, choose the one that is easy to keep and does not get rid of your hand. The soldering metal must have the choice to choose and choose different types and forms of soldering guidelines or pieces. These guidelines or pieces must be exchangeable. It must also be ESD-Safe (Antistatic) because most digital elements in a cell cellphone are very delicate and can get broken due to fixed cost or fixed power.Hakko and Weller are two well-known manufacturers who produce, offer and trade outstanding soldering clubs and other soldering resources and accessories. to know the soldering iron today price click here

GOOT Replaceable Soldering Iron Tip
best soldering iron tip information for students of mobile repairing
also known as the bit
The best soldering iron tip is GOOT made in Japan. if you already have soldering iron and its tip is not working well so you need to replace it. this tip is best for using on laptop or smartphone circuit boards to do soldering. for check the today buy price visit now

Solder Wire

Tin lead Solder Wire Rosin Core Soldering Flux Reel Tube
best for phone repairing jobs

used to solder electronic components. Tin-lead solder wire with soldering 2% flux is good for doing mobile phone repairing jobs. to know affordable solder wire click here

Mobile Repairing Tools Name List PDF

Get A Free PDF Version Of Mobile Repairing Tools name list pdf on Phone Repair Tools
mobile repairing tools list
Download mobile repairing tools name list pdf on Phone Repair Tools Top Selected Products and Reviews Here. in this Mobile Repairing Tools Name Review PDF you can look at the entire Mobile Repairing Tools names list free of cost

Cleaning Sponges for Soldering Iron
Cleaning Sponge is used to clean the tip of soldering iron while soldering
cheap cleaning sponge
This is used to the fresh tip of soldering metal while soldering. Cleaning Sponge or cloth to Clean Tip of Soldering Iron. if your tip of soldering iron is not tining proper, the soldering wire did not get melt when you touch it on the iron tip. for buy cheap cleaning sponge visit here

nokia mobile repairing picture help in PDF document, visit and download this mobile repairing course material free

Use of Soldering Flux
Flux is a very important part of soldering. Flux is necessary to reduce the oxides that tend to form whenever you have hot metals in contact with the air
this is flux
Soldering flux is a liquid paste which is applied at the edges of all mobile phone basic electronic components before resoldering or moving. many fluxes are available in the mobile market but this flux is the best to know the price click here

understanding Feature Phone Spare Parts and Their Faults
feature phone parts description

if you want to learn Identifying feature phone parts! this blog post and PDF Document on understanding Feature Phone Spare Parts and Their Faults help you visit feature phone parts description

Digital Multimeter
digital multimeter measure cell phone circuit electronic resistance, voltage, and current components of a smartphone
digital multimeter
Digital Multimeter an electronic measuring device that has the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance. It is used to test and check the readings of various parts and components of a cell phone. to know affordable multimeter price click here

how to use a multimeter to test a smartphone motherboard digital multimeter step by step principle

Screwdriver Set Removal Tool
Pry screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6, and forehead are good for most cell phone repairing job
Multi function Screwdriver Tool Sets 
It is used to remove and tighten screws while assembling and dissembling a cell phone and smartphone. Pry screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6, and forehead are good for most cell phone repairing job. you can buy all these Screwdrivers in one Tool Kit for open call mobile phones. view the Tool Kit price here

PCB Cleaner
it's great for cleaning printed circuit boards electronic components with the toothbrush
cleaning circuit boards 

PCB Cleaner for Mobile Phone Repairing is used to clean the circuit and its components of a cell phone. The most common PCB cleaner used in smartphone repairing is Isopropyl Alcohol Liquid Cleaner. for mobile servicing it is the best. some other mobile service tools I explain to you next time in my blog post. click here to know the Isopropyl Alcohol Liquid Cleaner today price in online stores

Anti Static ESD Brush for Cleaning Mobile Phone Smartphone Tablet PCB
Anti static brush is best for cleaning all components and FPC connector with safely removes any liquid from the surface of iPhone and Samsung mobile phone PCB
Cleaning Mobile Tablet PCB

Anti-static brushes are best for cleaning all Dusting and Dirt form sensitive components and FPC connector on iPhone and Samsung mobile phone PCB with safely. The brush cleaning those areas which are hard to reach in PCB. for buy, those brushes on affordable price click here 

Analog Multimeter

Introducing the best accuracy & convenience measure the continuity, transistor or diode continuity buzzer multimeter easy to use
ElecTech Easy, Reliable Measurements

Using a Sanwa Analog Multimeter in the class of mobile repairing by mobile phone repairing institutes is common. It is used to test and check the readings of various phone circuit section as well as external parts of cell phones. if you dont have an analog multimeter yet find the complete range of price list and buying information here which suits for your price range

Battery Booster USB Cable
USB Boost Cable 5V Step Up to 9V 12V Adjustable Voltage Converter 1A Volt Transformer to DC Power Regulator with Switch and LED Voltmeter Display
USB Transformer DC Power

It is used to boost the ampere power of mobile phone dead batteries. when the phone doesn't switch on technician use this USB cable to boot the battery cells. you can buy this Adjustable Voltage Converter USB at cheap price click here

DC Power Supply
Here are some examples of substituting DC Power Supply Ampere on working mobile phones repair tracing faults
digital dc power supply
DC (Direct Current) is used to provide DC present to a mobile phone. the most mobile technician used DC Digital DC Power Supply to switch ON a mobile phone without battery power. if you have DC Power Supply already that's good or if not! visit this link to Review Best Power Supply and find one which suits your price range

Phone Current Test Cables with Power Supply Output

Buy DC Power Supply connecting Cables Repair Tool to read Mobile Phones
Mobile Phone Current Test Cable with USB Output
Buy DC Power Supply Testing Cable Repair Tool dedicated wire to read mobile phone circuit. these cables allow you to plug smartphones into the best DC power supply. see the best price here

Linear Variable DC Power Supply
Variable DC Power Supply for smartphone and iPhone testing
if you have  Linear Power Supply that's good or if not! visit this link to Review Best Variable DC Power Supply and find one which suits your price range

how to use dc power supply in mobile repairing A Complete Step by Step Guide to Know the Testing Principle

Tweezers hold components, jumper wire, and  ICS. tweezers reach the difficult areas in mobile phone circuit
Anti ESD Tweezers
These are needed to hold SMD basic electronic components, ICs, soldering wire, copper jumper wire etc while soldering and desoldering work on mobile phone circuit board. the best tweezers for cell phone repair work is Anti-Magnetic ESD Tweezers. to buy these ESD Tweezers today click here

Anti Static Cleaning Brush
Anti Static Insulation Brush for Cell Phone PCB BGA Logic Board IC Chip Cleaning Repair Tools
Anti Static Cleaning Brush
These are used for washing the PCB of a mobile phone while fixing. It is important to buy only ESD-Safe washing styling brushes. click here to know the Anti Static Cleaning Brush today wholesale market price

Analog Hot Air Station
buy hot air re work station SMD Blower for resoldering mobile phone PCB
blower machine for mobile repairing price
Analog Hot Air Blower: It is also called mobile repairing blower for cell phone repair and Rework Station SMD Surface Mount Device. It has control to regulate temperature and flow hot air manage by two knobs. It is used to soldered and resoldering IC and components on mobile phone circuits. always buy the best ESD-Safe hot blower machine for mobile repairing. it is available in various models. for check the latest Hot Air Station model and today price list visit here

click here to know what is the safe temperature for desoldering components and IC with the analog hot air station in mobile repairing

the rework station handle used to give heat on a specific area on the cell phone circuit
Hot Air Station Handle

Inside rework station handle there is a heat element. the heat element fire up when you turn the station on after a few minutes the heating element gets red. if you already have a hot air station and your heat element not get red its time to buy a new one. check the price of heat element here.

changeable nozzles are best for focusing on the smaller components on the mobile phone circuits
bigger nozzle
Rework Station has three changeable nozzles. the smaller nozzle is best for heating smaller components on the cell phone PCB. the bigger nozzle uses to change the mobile phone charging affordable nozzles that suit for your rework station here

Hot Air Blower Heater
The metal under the handle on blower machine goes heat up
Heater on handle

This is a hot air blower Heater. if by some problem this heater stop working you dont see light under the hot air blower handle. you can buy it online to know the price click here

PCB Holder
TKDMR Sliver Adjustable Mobile Phone PCB Circuit Board Holder With 5 Kinds Of IC Grooves Repair and Soldering
mobile circuit holder
the stand is used to hold the PCB of a cell cellphone while soldering or fixing. It keeps the PCB very highly and does not allow it to shift thus assisting in fixing. Again, it is essential and sensible to decide on a high top quality PCB owner rather than a less expensive and affordable one. view the today price here

Heat Resistant Tape
This tape is a fantastic insulator, like electrical tape. It also provides good resistance to corrosion and the silicone adhesive holds tight throughout the tape’s rated temperature range
High-Temperature Adhesive Tape
heat resistant tape is easily available in mobile markets now. this tape absolves heat during soldering. you can apply it on the cell phone circuit where you dont want to heat. to know the resistant tape today price in market click here

Download PDF file on Integrated Circuits of mobile phone Best way to get complete information on your cell phone

BGA Reballing Kit

For reballing BGA IC, two paste is easily available in mobile markets now.
It is a necessary material for repairing the mobile phone and other kind electronic's mainboard
Professional Soldering Paste
UV Professional paste is used to resolder the BGA IC. 
these Stencil are use to make balls on BGA IC with black paper templates
Universal BGA Reballing Stencil
when we put down the IC under the stencil and give heat form rework station. 
this reballing paste is used to make balls on BGA IC
BGA Reballing Paste with Scrape
BGA Solder Flux Paste is used to fill the stencil. view UV Professional Paste Universal BGA Reballing Stencil and BGA Reballing Paste with Scrape today price here

Micro soldering basic to advance skills get best step by step mobile repairing picture help for soldering desoldering iPhone logic board repair

Jumper Wire
 PCB Link Jumper Wire for Mobile Phone Computer PCB Welding Repair
jumper wire for cellphone repairing
This is a slim laminated or covered copper soldering wire used to a jump from one point to another on the cell phone PCB while fixing the board prints. the most mobile technician doing the work of smartphone fixing do bouncer to fix many issues. review today price here

In this page, we have discussed the Mobile Repairing Tools hardware including Mobile Repairing Tools Name and Phone Repair Tools Top Selected Products and Reviews with Examples. later on, we discuss mobile repairing tools software.
The next part of this Mobile Repairing Tools page will be published very soon. Keep visiting my blog for the next page To know mobile repairing tools software? mobile repairing tools price list? give this blog page comment and like, share so I can write the other page for you on these topics

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